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Hans is the best FE character of all time



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Feel free to edit any of these sandboxes if want to add anything

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox (alternate WIP Heroes character page; not worked on rn)

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox 2 (random stuff (im stuff)(😳))

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox 3 (Infobox for manga chapters; see Sandbox 10 for more)

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox 4 (Meet some of the Heroes stuff)

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox 5 (member lists for the "main protagonist armies" like the Archanean League)

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox 6 (redirect for The Last Promise Wiki)

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox 7 (alternate Heroes skill template)

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox 8 (random notes made when playing FE Warriors Three Hopes)

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox 9 (WIP page of the Deliverance in the Valley of Torment map from Three Hopes)

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox 10 (WIP page of Chapter 1 of Hasha no Tsurugi)

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox 11 (not used right now)

User:Eyacorkett/TLP (The Last Promise Wiki)

Note to self: The battle sprite of Bishops in DSFE do show hair colors

Wiki projects so I don't forget about them

Starter of 50 projects, ender of none

High priority

  • Upload the FE9 link cable FE6 FE7 character art
    • This project has now shifted into a general gallery reorganization project for all characters
  • Finish writing that gameplay section in the Fire Emblem franchise page
  • Redo data all FEH chapters to be up to snuff with modern formatting
    • Don't forget the tactics drills and event maps
  • Add a classes and weapons page for all games
    • Maybe reorganize navboxes to accommodate for these pages?
  • Add reclassed growth rates, obtainable skills and portraits for all FatesAwakening bonus characters
  • Finish sprite galleries for all DSFE characters
  • Add music redirects for all games
  • Finish. Disturbance. Of. Bern. Page.
  • Redo Project Characters

Low priority

  • The Last Promise wiki
  • Add info on miscellaneous Three Houses stuff
    • Characters need tea time and academy item information added
    • Many supports and quotes sections are incomplete
      • Some dialogue may have optional dialogue triggers missing which means I have to check all of them fuahdsiughdsihgsdi
    • Chapters need exploration scripts added
    • There is a severe lack of data on the academy items such as seeds, tea and meals
    • Use; it has most, if not all data needed
  • Upload FEH map sprites (I'll either just take them from the official website or from the FEH wiki)
    • On hold for now because right now they are only used on a single sandbox page
  • FE4 Fujimori Manga (peak kino) coverage
  • Find ways to use most, if not all the unused files that we have


I was trying to make a holy blood template but I couldn't figure out how to code the damn thing so I'm just storing it here

[[File:SNESHolyBlood{{{1}}}.png|Minor {{{1}}} Holy Blood|link=Holy Blood#{{{1}}}]]


  • Cipher has Risen Clerics and female Dark Mages, both of which do not exist in Awakening

TLP gallery