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Hans is the best FE character of all time



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Feel free to edit or fork any of these sandboxes if want to add or change anything

(Please don't just move the page to mainspace if it's unfinished though)

Do NOT ever visit User:Shiningpikablu252/Heroes Character Imagelist unless you want your browser to crash for some reason

Wiki projects so I don't forget about them

Starter of 50 projects, ender of n one two.5 one TWO three I stopped counting

General stuff

These either have no or extremely-difficult to reach end goals:

  • Add reclassed growth rates, obtainable skills and portraits for all 120 Awakening bonus characters
Character Growth rates Obtainable skills DLC enemy stats Normal stats Hard stats Lunatic stats

  • General gallery reorganization

High priority

  • Get some sleep
  • Edit Rally skills to include a link to the Rally page
  • FEWA2 class sprites

Low priority

  • The Last Promise wiki
  • Add info on miscellaneous Three Houses stuff
    • Characters need tea time and academy item information added
    • Many supports and quotes sections are incomplete
      • Some dialogue may have optional dialogue triggers missing which means I have to check all of them fuahdsiughdsihgsdi
    • Chapters need exploration scripts added
    • There is a severe lack of data on the academy items such as seeds, tea and meals
    • Use; it has most, if not all data needed
  • FE4 Fujimori Manga (peak kino) coverage
  • Find ways to use most, if not all the unused files that we have

Semi-finished projects

  • Add music redirects for all games
Music redirect list

  • Add a weapons page for all games (Missing Engage and the Warriors games)
Choose Your Legends rant archive

Idea: Convert the tables in the CYL results pages such as Choose Your Legends/2017 results into a template with table functionality like Template:FEH skill set

Then for the character pages, create a template that uses cargo to get the stats directly from the results pages

This would automate much of the process and make the stats easier to manage since it's all from the same source

i hate coding

screw this im learning lua

i can probably do all of this with scribunto and modules and it might be a fun learning experience

i'm gonna finish this godforsaken template before the next cyl


  • Currently thinking of how to approach changes in a character's placement and votes starting from 2018
    • The most "efficient" solution would be to use cargo to import the previous year's stats and have it calculate changes itself, but that would probably make any computer crash and explode from having to calculate over 1500 changes in a single page

REMINDER: Need to bother get a mod to update the cargo table to support the nameextra, placementchange, voteschange, and game3, mirage, and name2extra values

Need to change nameextra and namesrticle from "None" to nil

Finished projects

  • Finish sprite galleries for all DSFE characters (Done)
Redirect list from Squad Ace BW - BX
  • Add a classes page for all games (Done)
  • Add endings for all FE4 gen 1 characters (Done)
Genealogy Gen 1 Endings
  • Quan, the prince of Leonster... (Done)
  • Ethlyn, his wife... (Done)
  • And Sigurd, the young heir of Chalphy... (Done)
  • Naoise, a knight of Chalphy... (Done)
  • Alec, a knight of Chalphy... (Done)
  • Arden, a knight of Chalphy... (Done)
  • Lex, a nobleman of Dozel... (Done)
  • Azelle, a nobleman of Velthomer... (Done)
  • Ayra, the princess of Isaach... (Done)
  • Edain, a noblewoman of Yngvi... (Done)
  • Midir, a knight of Yngvi... (Done)
  • Jamke, the prince of Verdane... (Done)
  • Lachesis, a noblewoman of Nordion... (Done)
  • Beowolf, a free-roaming knight... (Done)
  • Chulainn, a gladiator... (Done)
  • Dew, a thief... (Done)
  • Lewyn, the prince of Silesse... (Done)
  • Erinys,a pegasus knight of Silesse... (Done)
  • Silvia, a wandering dancer... (Done)
  • Claud, a priest of Edda... (Done)
  • Tailtiu, a noblewoman of Friege... (Done)
  • Brigid, a noblewoman of Yngvi... (Done)
One Hundred Songs of Heroes cards

No priority

  • Upload FEH map sprites (I'll either just take them from the official website or from the FEH wiki)
  • Redo data all FEH chapters to be up to snuff with modern formatting (Don't forget the tactics drills and event maps)
    • I don't even like FEH
  • Redo Project Characters
    • I forgot what I meant by this :(



  • I was trying to make a holy blood template but I couldn't figure out how to code the damn thing so I'm just storing it here
[[File:SNESHolyBlood{{{1}}}.{{#if:{{{2|}}}|gif|png}}|{{#if:{{{2|}}}|Major|Minor}} {{{1}}} Holy Blood|link=Holy Blood#{{{1}}}]]
  • Cipher has Risen Clerics and female Dark Mages, both of which do not exist in Awakening
  • The battle sprite of Bishops in DSFE do show hair colors

Archanea Valentia Jugdral calander

The Valentia Accordion artbook has a Valentia timeline that also provides Archanean years to sync with the Valentian calander, however the synchronization between the two is borderline incoherent

In some cases 1 Archanea year = 1 Valentia year

In another case 12 Archanea years = 7 Valentia years

I have no idea how to resolve this

TLP gallery

Top 10 most epic Fire Emblem quotes

Dimitri: Must you continue to conquer? Continue to kill?
Edelgard: Et vous, devez-vous toujours reconquérir ? Continuer à tuer en réponse ? Ich werde nicht aufhören. Es gibt nichts, was ich nicht bereit wäre, für Fódlans neue Zukunft zu opfern. 희생도 마다하지 않겠어!
Dimitri: Enough of this madness! This future of yours is built on a foundation of corpses and tears!
Barst: Do you mind if I axe you a question?
Darros: No. Go ahead.
Barst: Oh, you, you actually responded. Wasn't really prepared for that.
Darros: We can do it again, if you want.
Barst: No, it's cool. I think it'll still work if I hit you.

— Didja Redo's playthrough is timeless
L'Arachel: Good day to you, Princess. What a funny thing that we should meet here! It is providence, I tell you!
Eirika: L'Arachel, it is NOT providence. It is not even a coincidence. We agreed to meet here when we planned out our battle strategy.
Nah: What do you like about her, anyway? You're so serious and responsible, and she runs around like a headless chicken! I have no idea what you see in her... rushed into marriage for some reason? Like you got her—
— This was voted as the ninth most memorable quote in The Art of Fire Emblem Awakening
Holmes: My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don't know.
I only upload high quality video game rips.

Other userpages with cool/neat stuff

Random userboxes

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Portrait eirika fe08.png This user's favorite Fire Emblem game is Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

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