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Feel free to edit any of these sandboxes if want to add anything

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox (alternate WIP Heroes character page; not worked on rn)

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox 2 (random Awakening growth rate tests)

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox 3 (Art of FE13 tests; not used rn)

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox 4 (random Project X Zone 2 page with minor edits)

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox 5 (member lists for the "main protagonist armies" like the Archanean League)

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox 6 (identical to sandbox 3)

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox 7 (alternate Heroes skill template)

User:Eyacorkett/Sandbox 8 (page for Disturbance of Bern that got moved)

Note to self: The battle sprite of Bishops in DSFE do show hair colors

Wiki projects so I don't forget about them

  • Upload and write articles for TCG
  • Upload the FE9 link cable FE6 FE7 character art
  • Finish writing that gameplay section in the Fire Emblem franchise page
  • Upload FEH map sprites (I'll either just take them from the official website or from the FEH wiki)
  • Maybe some Cipher stuff idk
  • FE4 Fujimori Manga


I was trying to make a holy blood template but I couldn't figure out how to code the damn thing so I'm just storing it here hhhhhh

[[File:SNESHolyBlood{{{1}}}.png|Minor {{{1}}} Holy Blood|link=Holy Blood#{{{1}}}]]