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Florida, USA

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Hello. I've been creating game script pages for the older games, as well as collecting and correcting information on said games.

Currently, I'm working on whatever pet project I can think up.

My sandbox, sort orders

Games I've played

Main series


To do:

A short to-do list of various things.

To do:
Item Game
Get more extensive notes for certain games Gaiden and Mystery of the Emblem
Get behavioral notes on Jeorge and Astram as enemies, and what happens in later chapters when they are killed. Mystery of the Emblem Book II
Add Shadows of Valentia DLC data to Base conversation Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
Get remaining events and endings for the script Genealogy of the Holy War
Get more extensive notes on the following chapters:

The Gautier Inheritance
War for the Weak
Sword and Shield of Seiros

Three Houses

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