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If I'd had more time, I'd have written a shorter quote.
— A lot of people

Hello. I edit a wide variety of pages with no particular overall focus.

My sandbox, sort orders, Switch games terrain data

Games I've played

Main series


To do:

A to-do list of various things, in vague order of my intention of working on them.

  • Work on potential CSS classes to simplify formatting:
    • "col-list", to remove top margin in column lists (may also make into template to avoid interacting excessively with <div>)
    • Calculations/item locations
    • "stat-table" for {{CharStats FE16}} and such
    • "unused", for the table used in unused content pages
  • Check what happens if house leader does not have enough authority to equip unique battalion at Ch 13
  • Get enemy stats for Three Houses chapters (CF left)
  • Work on {{tab}} to maybe make it more efficient
  • Add help text to all Heroes skills
  • Fill out etymology and help text sections of Heroes items
  • Finish Awakening, Fates, and Three Houses character epithets for Heroes name chart
  • Put other language names from Heroes website on relevant etymology sections
    • Maybe check Smash for more names as well
  • Get more extensive notes for Gaiden and Mystery of the Emblem
    • Get precise notes on Jeorge and Astram as enemies, and what happens in later chapters when they are killed for Mystery of the Emblem Book II.
  • Get remaining events and endings for the script for Genealogy of the Holy War
  • Make, finish, or improve the following templates:
    • A template specifically for Heroes weapon skills so there aren't 5 empty columns on every page; could potentially work with Warriors weapons as it shares every column it uses, but I'm hesitant to make a de facto "spin-off template" because of what future spin-offs may require.
    • Something for Three Houses learnsets
    • Holy Blood, similar to {{Crest}}
      • Related: find solution for conflict between tooltips and page previews
    • {{SpriteGalleryTable}} and {{SpriteGalleryCell}}
    • Calculations
    • Potentially, FE4 G2 character stats to reflect min/mean/max with less space than '~'
    • {{FEH skill}}; does not need names for the name and type fields, level is unnecessary, and skillarticle and skillimage should just be article and image.
    • Equipment stats
    • Potential template to collapse forge data into main weapon data section
    • Potentially merge the support list templates into one header, cell, and footer template each
  • Things that will require hacking in Three Houses:
    • Finish Three Houses terrain data. Will likely be time consuming; may move into main space as stub.
    • Get Immaculate One's missing HP for SS finale. It is not possible to reach the required attack on even Normal mode to one-round the first two HP bars; Normal and Maddening follow HP bar patterns of 1/1/1.5/2 so those can be calculated, but the pattern for Hard is not clear and may vary by class.
  • Make better format for Jugdral family trees than 45-column tables mostly comprised of empty space
  • Add Shadows of Valentia DLC data to Base conversation
  • Create remaining stats pages for Morgan and Fates children.
  • Maybe Kaga Saga stuff one day

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