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If I'd had more time, I'd have written a shorter quote.
— A lot of people

Hello. I edit a wide variety of pages with no particular overall focus.

Games I've played

Main series


To do

A to-do list of various things, in vague order of my intention of working on them.

  • Add stats and behavior notes for chapter pages that lack it; Xamad has a list of unfinished stuff.
  • Improve plot summaries—primarily by shortening them—for chapters pages of The Binding Blade and Fates.
  • Get dumps of data (including DLC) and all language text for 13–15, 17 to fill out name charts, item lists, etc.
  • Make pages for collections of minor characters (i.e. those with only enough information to justify having a lead section).
  • Work on {{tab}} to maybe make it more efficient
    • The main source of extra template include size is that all content passes through two templates, increasing the effect of any templates in the content fields on the include size by roughly triple. The easiest way, I think, to reduce this would be to split it into component templates: I think a header, middle, and footer template, and tab and content templates; the latter two technically exist in {{Tab/Tab}} and {{Tab/Content}}, but new templates would need to be made or the existing ones modified to be more efficient outside of {{tab}}. Having a separate content template that is not nested in another template would reduce the include size, as any templates in content would only count for roughly twice their size, rather than thrice.
      • Additionally, separate tab and content templates would allow more than 15 tabs to exist at once, though anything already approaching that is probably excessive.
  • Improve Gaiden and Shadows of Valentia strategy sections
  • Maybe check Smash Bros. for more names
  • Document areas that are blocked off in Genealogy.
  • Make, finish, or improve the following templates:
    • The parser functions in {{SupportData3DS02}}
    • Split templates with numbered rows into hdr/cell/ftr templates
    • A single shop template, more visually similar to {{ChapItems}}
    • Something for Three Houses learnsets
    • Holy Blood, similar to {{Crest}}
      • Related: find solution for conflict between tooltips and page previews
    • {{SpriteGalleryTable}} and {{SpriteGalleryCell}}
    • Potentially, FE4 G2 character stats to reflect min/mean/max with less space than '~'
    • {{FEH skill}}; does not need names for the name and type fields, level is unnecessary, and skillarticle and skillimage should just be article and image.
    • Equipment stats
    • Potential template to collapse forge data into main weapon data section
    • Potentially merge the support list templates into one header, cell, and footer template each
  • Record pronunciations for things in Shadows of Valentia and Heroes.
    • Potentially, rip sound bites for pronunciation samples to be used here.
  • Things that will require hacking in Three Houses:
    • Get Immaculate One's missing HP for SS finale. It may be possible to see the third bar by breaking the Immaculate One's barrier in at least one tile with indirect attacks from gambits to negate the 70% damage reduction; it may be theoretically possible that she can be reduced to enough HP with indirect gambits that the Golems can defeat her first bar with Light-Lance Barrage and the next two bars can then be defeated and the fourth made temporarily visible—however, such a scenario is probably not realistically possible in any difficulty, let alone every.
  • Make better format for family trees than 45-column tables mostly comprised of empty space; improved to make lines less finicky, but it is still a table of mostly empty cells.
  • Create remaining stats pages for Morgan and Fates children.
  • Maybe Kaga Saga stuff one day

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