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Rumors of a Reaper/Script (Blue Lions)

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

White Clouds
Horsebow Moon

Rumors of a Reaper

Opening Narration FETH Blue Lions symbol.png

Ss fe16 chapter 6 mural.png
As cold air begins to creep in from the north of Faerghus, Fódlan welcomes the riches of fall. The women spend their days reaping the golden fields, gratefully embracing the bounty the goddess has once again provided. The men venture into the wild with horsebows and empty sacks ready to be filled with game.
— Chapter 6 opening narration

Event - Vanished

Date: 9/6
Audience Chamber

(Byleth reports to Rhea.)
Rhea: As I believe you are already aware, Seteth's younger sister, Flayn, has gone missing. At present, all we know for certain is that she has not left Garreg Mach.
Seteth: Flayn is not the type of person to just wander off on her own without telling me where she is going! We have searched the monastery thoroughly, but have found nothing. I am now mobilizing the knights to begin searching the town. Troubling rumors have been running rampant lately. I do not wish to consider the worst, but...

Choice 1 Choice 2
Troubling rumors? What is it you're afraid of?

Rhea: There are rumors of someone prowling the streets and attacking innocents, night after night. The knights have investigated the matter. They have not discovered any remains, nor have they found any concrete evidence.
Seteth: The people are panicked! They all insist someone called the Death Knight is coming to claim their souls with his blade. There is no way she could have escaped unscathed if she were captured by such a fiend! Where is she?!
Rhea: Seteth, recall that impatience begets error. Please do your best to calm yourself. I think of your...sister as family as well. You know that. You have my support. We will devote ourselves fully—mind, body, and soul—to recovering her.
(Rhea directs to Byleth.)
Rhea: Professor. Your mission for this month is to help find Flayn. The knights have the town covered, so I ask that you focus your efforts on searching the monastery again. We do not have time to waste. You have your orders.

Blue Lion Classroom

(Byleth has finished telling the Blue Lions their mission.)
Dimitri: Flayn has disappeared? Seteth must be beside himself.
Sylvain: So finding little Flayn is our mission for this moon? Leave it to me, Professor. Chasing after girls is my specialty.
Ingrid: Sylvain... Even you must agree that now isn't the time for jokes.
Annette: I hope Flayn is OK. I've heard rumors about some Death Knight running around town...
Felix: Sounds intriguing. I had been hoping to cross blades with him.
Ingrid: Felix! Please consider how Seteth must be feeling right now.
Dimitri: In any case, we must start our search at once. Every moment matters. On your order, Professor, let's try to collect as much information as we can.
(Everyone nods. They're ready to search for Flayn.)

Event - Suspicious Behavior

Late Night

(At night, Byleth is looking for clues at night when they find Dedue. Upon noticing their teacher...)
Dedue: I'm on the lookout for suspicious individuals. The only place I've yet to check is the library.

Choice 1 Choice 2
We'll go together. Get some rest.
Dedue: As you wish. (Support points with Dedue go up.)
Dedue: As you wish. After I check the library.

Late Night

(Upon entering the library, Dedue notices something.)
Dedue: Candlelight... And who is that?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Is it Flayn? Is it the Death Knight?

Dedue: No, it isn't.
(Dedue then recognizes the familiar shadow...)
Dedue: Impossible...

Dimitri: Professor. Dedue. What are you up to at this hour?
(Dimitri approaches their professor and Dedue. Was was he...?)
Dedue: Your Highness! My apologies.
Dimitri: Oh, none necessary. I'm sorry for startling you. I was just doing some research.
Dimitri: But I'm just about finished. I didn't realize how late it had gotten. We'd better head back to our quarters, Dedue. Until tomorrow, Professor.
(Dimitri and Dedue then quietly leave the library.)

Sothis: A most unusual man! Whatever could he have been looking for so late at night?
(Shortly after making her presence known, Sothis notices something...)
Sothis: Hm? That book is quite askew... He must have rushed to put it back upon the shelf.
(Byleth then checks the book Dimitri had just been reading.)
Byleth: ...

FETH brown book open.png

Sothis: It seems to be a record of donations from nobility. Arundel... That's not a name I know.
Sothis: But look at that! This Arundel gave quite a sum each year... That is, until the year 1174. He must have died or fallen to financial woe. Hmm... I can't imagine what this has to do with Flayn.

Exploration: Rumors of a Reaper

Potential Dates: 9/7, 9/14, 9/21 and 9/28

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Event - Investigation

Note: The scene in the Blue Lion Classroom only happens if the player never goes into Jeritza's room while exploring Garreg Mach.
Date: 9/30
Blue Lion Classroom

Dimitri: We still don't know where Flayn is... But we can't give up. Not until she's found.
(Ingrid pops up. Seems she's got news.)
Ingrid: Professor! Your Highness! I just heard a scream! In Professor Jeritza's quarters!
Sothis: Jeritza... Ah! The combat professor with the mask. He has always been rather suspicious. We must hurry!

Potential Dates: 9/7, 9/14, 9/21, 9/28 and 9/30
Jeritza's Room*

(Byleth, Dimitri, Dedue, Annette, Mercedes and Ashe enter Jeritza's room...)
(The crew finds Manuela collapsed on the flor, with one of her hands seemingly pointing at something...)

Cg fe16 collapsed manuela.png

Dimitri: Isn't that... Professor Manuela!
Annette: Professor Manuela! Please wake up! Professor Manuela!

Choice 1 Choice 2
Is she injured? Is she...dead?
Dimitri: She's still breathing...but she needs medical attention immediately! Dimitri: No, I believe she's just unconscious. But this wound requires immediate attention!

(Byleth is in shock as well.)
Annette: Look! Do you see Professor Manuela's hand? It's like she's pointing at something...
(The crew notices what seems to be a hole leading to a passageway.)

Cg fe16 secret passage.png

Dimitri: I see it! Behind that shelf! Could it be a secret passage?
(Hanneman suddenly arrives after hearing all the commotion.)
Hanneman: What is the meaning of... Wait, is that Manuela? What happened here? We must take her to the infirmary immediately. You! Don't just stand there! Help me carry her.
Dimitri: Of course. I'll return shortly, Professor.
(Edelgard and Hanneman leave, carrying Manuela unconscious as the screen goes to black.)
Annette: Do you think this is related to Flayn's disappearance?
Dedue: What should we do, Professor?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Let's investigate. We should call for the knights.
Annette: It looks dark...uh...dark in there. Annette: You're right. We should call for help.

Mercedes: Aw, you've always been scared of dark places, haven't you, Annie? But don't worry! The professor and I will protect you.
Dedue: There are sounds coming from within. If we're going to investigate, now is the time.
Mercedes: We'll be OK, I'm sure of it. Are you ready, Professor?

Event - Discovery

Underground Passage

(Felix, Annette, Byleth, Ingrid and Dedue now stand in the secret passageway. They're looking around.)
Annette: What is this place? It's so...BAH! I see someone! I think...they're unconscious.
(The camera then shows what seems to be a sleeping Flayn and someone else...?)

Cg fe16 unconscious flayn and monica.png

Choice 1 Choice 2
Is it Flayn? Is it Jeritza?
Ingrid: Yes, I see Flayn! But...who is this other person? Felix: Are you blind? They're obviously female. And there are two of them.

(Annette identifies someone from afar...)
Annette: Professor! Someone's coming from farther in! That scythe... Is that the knight who attacked the Holy Mausoleum?
(The Death Knight arrives.)
Death Knight: That sword. You must be...
Death Knight: One of us will die, the other will live. I will enjoy this dance of damnation.

Battle: The Underground Chamber

Monastery (Underground Chamber)

Before Battle

Dedue: That knight looks like death itself. We must rescue Flayn immediately.

Player Phase 1

Dedue: There's something strange about the flooring at the end of the corridor. Something might happen if you step there.

After Reaching the Central West Room

Dedue: Some kind of contraption has been activated.

After Reaching the Upper East Room

Dedue: What is this device? It appears operational.

Flame Emperor Soldiers Reveal Themselves

(Multiple enemy soldiers appear on the area.)
Flame Emperor Soldier: So, you have come! I'll make sure you never leave!

25 Turns Have Passed

(The masked figure in red teleports inside the Death Knight's chambers.)
???: Halt. You're having a bit too much fun. Bring me the women, and then step away.
(The masked figure and the Death Knight teleport away. It was too late to save them.)

Boss - Death Knight

Vs Anyone:

I have no need of you...
— Death Knight Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Now, you will die together... How joyous...
— Death Knight Vs Byleth

A Victory Condition has been Achieved

Death Knight: Kill them.

(The masked figure in red teleports inside the Death Knight's chambers.)
???: Halt. You're having a bit too much fun.
Death Knight: You are getting in the way of my game.
???: Hmph. You'll have more opportunities to play soon. Your work here is done.
Death Knight: Understood. I will go...
(The Death Knights teleports away.)

???: We will cross paths again. I am the Flame Emperor... It is I who will reforge the world.
(The Flame Emperor then teleports away as well...)

Mercedes: Flame Emperor and the Death Knight? I have to say, they both looked very dangerous.
Ingrid: Where did they go? It doesn't matter. We need to get these two out of here.
Dedue: Bring them up.

Event - Rescued

Jeritza's Room

(Mercedes is checking up the rescued girls.)
Mercedes: Thank goodness. Those girls are pale as ghosts, but at least they're alive. But that Death Knight person...feels so familiar.
(Dimitri arrives after being absent during the whole struggle.)
Dimitri: You found Flayn?! Thank goodness!
Annette: She was unconscious at the end of that secret passage. We found the culprit too... but he got away.

Choice 1 Choice 2
No use dwelling on it. We almost had him.

Dimitri: I'm just grateful that everyone is safe. That's what matters most.
Dimitri: I'd like to hear what transpired, but first we need to get these ladies to the infirmary.
Dedue: Understood. We'll go at once.
(Dedue, Mercedes and Annette leave the scene carrying the girls.)

Dimitri: I'm...I'm sorry, Professor. I'm so relieved, I suddenly felt weak. I couldn't be happier with how things turned out. And I imagine no one will be more overjoyed than Seteth.
(Dimitri notices Byleth is smiling.)
Dimitri: Hm? Hey, Professor. Can you make that expression one more time?

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
Like this? No. I don't think I can...
(Byleth smiles again in front of Dimitri. Upon doing so, Dimitri's support points have gone up.)
Dimitri: I don't think I've ever seen your face like that.

Dimitri: Heh, I apologize. I've forgotten myself and come dangerously close to teasing you. It's just...I've never seen you look so happy before. It's downright mesmerizing.
Dimitri: Ah, but this isn't a time for idle chitchat. We must hurry and share the good news with Seteth!

Event - Blood Secrets

Seteth's Office

(Byleth visits Seteth. He's overjoyed.)
Seteth: Professor... Please, allow me to express my eternal gratitude once more. Flayn is safe and sound, and I have you to thank for that. Mere words could never express how thankful I am. I...I am indebted to you.

Choice 1 Choice 2
I couldn't have done it without the students. I'm just happy she's safe.
Seteth: Yes, of course. I shall express my gratitude to the students as well. Seteth: Yes, indeed. I...I, too, am overjoyed.

But why was Flayn taken to begin with?

Seteth: Her kidnapper was the masked knight who vanished during the Rite of Rebirth. The one known as the Death Knight. Considering the circumstances, it seems plausible to assume that his true identity is Jeritza. And we cannot forget about the mysterious Flame Emperor... His true motives are yet unclear. However, I have an idea.
Seteth: I believe the enemy may have been after Flayn's blood. The blood that flows through her veins is special. It is extremely rare...and extremely dangerous. If enemies who know the secret of Flayn's blood have appeared, our only option is to leave the monastery and go into hiding.
(Flayn pops up out as Byleth and Seteth talk.)
Flayn: Brother, wait.
Seteth: Flayn?! What are you doing here? You should be resting!
Flayn: I do not like the path of your thoughts. I do not wish to live in some lonely, remote location where I never get to see anyone. Not ever again.
Seteth: If we stay here, you may be targeted again! Wouldn't it be better for the two of us to live in peace?
Flayn: Even if we ran off to some new, secret location, there is no guarantee that they would not find us. That is why I believe it would be safest to stay in the monastery, where we are surrounded by capable knights and professors.
Seteth: I see your point, I do. However...
(Flayn then turns to Byleth.)
Flayn: You know it is the only reasonable option. What if I were to join the professor's class?

Choice 1 Choice 2
That is a great idea. Why would you do that?
(Support points with Flayn go up,)
Flayn: You think so too? I am so very pleased to hear that! With a professor like you nearby, I shall be safe no matter what foe should appear!
Flayn: Because, with a professor like you nearby, I shall be safe no matter what foe should appear!

Seteth: I see. I am afraid you have a good point.
(Seteth turns to Byleth.)
Seteth: Professor... Due to my position, I have closely scrutinized everything about you. After all that has happened, I must admit that you are indeed...a trusted ally. So, what say you? Can I entrust you with Flayn's safety?

Choice 1 Choice 2
It would be my pleasure. Why would you do that?
(Support points with both Seteth and Flayn go up.)

Sothis: I am so glad that Flayn is safe. Yet I can't help but wonder what the story is about the other girl. She wore the uniform of the academy. But who is she?

(If Flayn was saved during the first week of Horsebow Moon, a White Dragon Scarf is added to Byleth's inventory.)

Event - Report: Horsebow Moon

Audience Chamber

(Byleth reports to Rhea.)
Rhea: Well done, Professor. I see that I was right to ask your class for assistance. I have been told that Manuela and Flayn are recovering nicely, as is Monica.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Is Monica a student here? Who is Monica?

Rhea: Monica, the girl you rescued along with Flayn, is also a student at the Officers Academy. However...
Hanneman: She is a student from last year's class. She went missing just before she would have graduated. It never occurred to us that something might have happened to her at the monastery. We assumed she had run away.
Hanneman: I never dreamed that we would find her. Not like this.
Rhea: Monica has asked to rejoin the Black Eagle House once she has fully recovered. Our enemies are still out there, so we must remain cautious and continue our investigation. However, we must also help the students to move on from this incident.
Hanneman: After all, the Battle of the Eagle and Lion will be held in Gronder Field next month.
Rhea: Yes. The students will remember it for the rest of their lives. Please guide them so they may show us their best at the coming battle.

Captain's Quarters

Jeralt: So, you'll be going to Gronder Field next month. You've never been there before, have you? There is unease in the western side of the Empire, but everything east of the capital, Enbarr, is stable. Well, there was a noble rebellion a short while ago, but it didn't amount to much.

Choice 1 Choice 2
What will you do next month? Will you come to the Battle of the Eagle and Lion?
I have my own mission. The church has always been quick to make use of those who work for them. Sorry, but I've got my own mission, and it's far from Gronder Field.

Jeralt: What I'm more concerned about is finding out who among us is pulling the strings. Ever since the Rite of Rebirth, strange groups have been seen around Garreg Mach, and elsewhere too. There was also an incident where some knights investigating these suspicious strangers...turned up dead.
Jeralt: Not that it's likely, but if something like that ever happens to me... Search this room. Every corner. Behind every shelf. I'm going to leave something for you.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Don't say things like that. I promise.
(Support points with Jeralt go up.)
Jeralt: Don't get me wrong. I have no intention of dying. I know it would be too much to ask you to cheer up, but can you at least drop the serious...
(Jeralt laughs, which makes Byleth smile.)
Jeralt: Well, I'll be. Was that a smile just now?
(Byleth nods.)
Jeralt: Don't just nod solemnly. There's nothing to worry about. I'm just being cautious. Then again, I guess you're always solemn.
(Jeralt laughs.)