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Camilla/Quotes (Fates)

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My Castle quotes

Oh, Corrin... I'm so dreadfully bored. Won't you entertain me?
— Camilla, when encountered by Corrin.

Battle quotes

Corrin belongs to us!
— Camilla, as an enemy in Birthright Chapter 6.
Camilla: Tell me this isn't really happening, my sweet Corrin! Won't you come back to Nohr with us?
Corrin: Gods... Camilla... I wish it didn't have to be this way.
Camilla: I can't believe it.

— Camilla, against Corrin in Birthright Chapter 6.
Oh, how I envy the time you've spent with my dear Corrin.
— Camilla, as the boss of Birthright Chapter 13.
Camilla: Ah, Corrin. So we'll get to dance one last time after all.
Corrin: Camilla. Please clear the way. I don't want to fight you.
Camilla: Well, I don't want to fight you, either! But your decision left me no choice.
Corrin: Can't you see what Garon is doing? I had no choice!
Camilla: Darling. I've completely talked out. It's time for action. Get over here!

— Camilla, against Corrin, as the boss of Birthright Chapter 13.
Hmm... Once all of you are out of my way, Corrin will be all mine!
— Camilla, as the boss of Birthright Chapter 23.
Camilla: Oh, I'm so happy you're coming back with us, Corrin!
Corrin: Camilla... I'm not coming back. I'm trying to end this war! I don't want to fight you, but I can't let you stand in my way.
Camilla: Awww, I can't stand to see you upset like this. Come over here, and I'll just put you to sleep for a little while. I won't hurt you! I just need you to stay calm while I kill these fiends...
Corrin: You leave me no choice...

— Camilla, fighting Corrin as the boss of Birthright Chapter 23.
Camilla: Heh heh, I finally found you...
Hinoka: You! Aren't you Princess Camilla of Nohr?
Camilla: I am. And you are Princess Hinoka of Hoshido. Corrin's "real" sister.
Hinoka: Yes, I am. All I've wanted for as long as I can remember is to bring him/her home. I still feel the same way. The last thing I want is to fight him/her. Corrin belongs with us! Can't you see that?!
Camilla: Oh my, how wrong you are. My sweet brother/sister will never return to you. He/She knows who his/her true family is, and it's not the one he/she left in Hoshido. He/She chose Nohr. More specifically, he/she chose me over you. Deal with it..
Hinoka: You! Y-you'll pay for that!
Camilla: Now prepare to beg, Princess. My dear Avatar only needs one big sister! That's why you're the one person I simply can't lose to!

— Camilla, fighting Hinoka in Conquest Chapter 11
No one can steal Corrin away from me! Not even you...
— Camilla, as an enemy in Revelation Chapter 6.
Camilla: Ah, Corrin... Why won't you come home with us? This is all some big misunderstanding. You wouldn't do this to me, would you?
Corrin: I'm sorry, Camilla... I...I can't change course now...
Camilla: Corrin, can't you see how much it hurts me for you to behave this way?

— Camilla, against Corrin in Revelation Chapter 6.
Oh, you've come to say hello? Sorry, but I don't have time for you. Now where has my darling Corrin gotten to...
— Camilla, as an enemy in Revelation Chapter 12.
Oh, you did seek me out. I'm so glad that you're still alive. My dear brother/sister, leave it to me to kill you. I'll always remember these final moments together...
— Camilla, against Corrin in Revelation Chapter 12.
Camilla: Hello, Xander...
Xander: Ha... Camilla... Iago told me you had failed in your mission. I never thought you'd turn traitor, too. Are you still a proud Nohrian royal? Or are you just like Corrin?
Camilla: No, you've got it all wrong. He/she hasn't betrayed us. He's/she's the same gentle Corrin he's/she's always been! Why won't you trust him/her?
Xander: Trust him/her? Don't be a fool. I won't listen to any more of your lies. You've chosen your side—opposite me. Prepare yourself, Camilla.
Camilla: Xander, think about what you're doing! Is this really how you want things?

— Camiila, fighting Xander in Revelation Chapter 13.

Paired battle quotes

Not to worry.
— Camilla
I'm here for you.
— Camilla
I'll take care of this.
— Camilla
Shall we kill them?
— Camilla
Let's see how this goes.
— Camilla
— Camilla, performing a Dual Strike.
You need a spanking!
— Camilla, performing a Dual Strike.
Hurry up and die!
— Camilla, performing a Dual Strike.
May I?
— Camilla, performing a Dual Strike.
You all right dear?
— Camilla, performing a Dual Guard.
Back off!
— Camilla, performing a Dual Guard.
Mommy's here!
— Camilla, performing a Dual Guard.

Critical quotes

Say night night!
— Camilla
Sweet dreams!
— Camilla
Time to play!
— Camilla
You've been naughty!
— Camilla

Victory quotes

— Camilla, after defeating an enemy.
Poor thing.
— Camilla, after defeating an enemy.
— Camilla, after defeating an enemy.
Did it hurt?
— Camilla, after defeating an enemy.
Glad that's over with.
— Camilla, after defeating an enemy.
Sorry, darling.
— Camilla, if her partner defeated an enemy.
You're so cute.
— Camilla, if her partner defeated an enemy.

Death/retreat quotes

— Camilla's defeat voice clip.
Oh! I can't die like this... What would Corrin do without me? I...I have just enough strength to sneak away for now...
— Camilla's retreat quote in Classic Mode.
Good show. I must retreat, but when we cross paths again, you're all dead!
— Camilla, when defeated in Conquest Chapter 6
How could you let this happen, Corrin?
— Camilla's defeat quote in Birthright Chapter 6.
I still love you, Corrin...
— Camilla's defeat quote in Birthright Chapters 13 and 23.
I won't let this keep me away... Corrin...
— Camilla's defeat quote in Revelation Chapter 6.
Father... I'm so sorry... I...
— Camilla's defeat quote Revelation Chapter 12.