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Help:Magic words

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Magic words are strings of text from MediaWiki. Typing one of the switches will yield the following results as stated on its description.

Behavior switches

Switch Description
__TOC__ Places page's table of contents (TOC) at the word's position.
__FORCETOC__ Forces the TOC to appear in its default position, even when there are fewer than four headings. Can be used anywhere on a page. This magic word does not work in skins that present the table of contents outside the article content e.g. the default Vector 2022 skin.
__NOTOC__ Suppresses the appearance of the page's TOC. Can be used anywhere on a page.
__NOEDITSECTION__ Hides the "edit" links normally beside all headings on the page. To hide the edit link beside a particular heading, specify the heading using e.g. an HTML tag such as heading rather than with the usual wiki equals-signs syntax (e.g. == heading ==).
__ARCHIVEDTALK__ Hides "Reply" button
__NEWSECTIONLINK__ On non-talk pages, adds a "New section" link as a means to add a new section to the page.
__NONEWSECTIONLINK__ Removes the "Add topic" link (the add-new-section link) on talk pages.
__NOGALLERY__ Replaces thumbnails on a category page with normal links.
__HIDDENCAT__ Makes a category hidden when included on that category's page.
__INDEX__ Instructs search engines to index the page.
__NOINDEX__ Instructs search engines not to index the page. See Wikipedia:Controlling search engine indexing.
__STATICREDIRECT__ Prevents the link on a redirection page from being updated automatically when the page to which it redirects is moved (and "Update any redirects that point to the original title" is selected).
__DISAMBIG__ Marks a page as a disambiguation page.
{{DISPLAYTITLE:title}} Used to amend the displayed form of the page's title.
{{DEFAULTSORT:sortkey}} Sets the default key (the index) under which the page is categorised.


Page name variable Output Description
{{FULLPAGENAME}} Help:Magic words Canonical page name. Title line. Title unless letter-case is altered with {{DISPLAYTITLE}}.
{{PAGENAME}} Magic words Title line excluding namespace.
{{BASEPAGENAME}} Magic words Title of parent page, excluding namespace.
{{ROOTPAGENAME}} Magic words Title of topmost parent (before all subpages), excluding namespace.
{{ARTICLEPAGENAME}} Help:Magic words Title of the subject page associated with the current page. These are useful on talk pages (but see note about Category talk pages).
{{SUBJECTPAGENAME}} Help:Magic words
{{TALKPAGENAME}} Help talk:Magic words Title of the talk page associated with the current page. Useful on subject pages.
{{NAMESPACENUMBER}} 12 Number of the current page's namespace.
{{NAMESPACE}} Help Namespace of the title.
{{ARTICLESPACE}} Help On a talk page, the namespace part of the title of the associated subject page.
{{TALKSPACE}} Help talk Namespace of the talk page associated with the current page.

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