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Fire Emblem Wiki:Copyrights

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This is an enforced policy on Fire Emblem Wiki. This means that this page details the standard that all editors are expected to follow. To suggest any changes to this policy, please refer to the talk page or Discord.

All original content on Fire Emblem Wiki is released under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation Licence 1.3. Under the terms of this license:

  • You may copy and redistribute any content on the wiki, as long as proper attribution is provided.
  • You may produce derivatives of our content, as long as they are released under the same license.
  • You may use our content, or any derivatives, for commercial purposes.

As Fire Emblem Wiki is hosted on servers based in New York, copyright law of New York and of the United States applies to content posted here.

All official aspects of the Fire Emblem series are copyrights of Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. We believe that any copyrighted content used on the wiki is permitted under fair use, as it is not being used for commercial purposes, does not constitute a derivative work, and cannot be used as a substitute for the original copyrighted material. No copyright infringement is intended in using such content on Fire Emblem Wiki.

As all content on the wiki is contributed by our editors, the owners and staff of Fire Emblem Wiki cannot be held responsible if any copyright violation occurs on the wiki; however, the wiki's staff will attempt to remove such material as soon as is possible. If you feel that content on the wiki is in violation of copyright, please inform a member of the administration, who will investigate it, and remove it if necessary.

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