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HTML is a basic markup language used in designing web pages. Only a certain few HTML tags, listed below, are permitted by the MediaWiki software, and many have perfectly acceptable wikicode equivalents (see here). Where possible, it is preferable to use the wikicode equivalents, unless you wish to make use of IDs, attributes, or similar in the tags.

Permitted HTML

The following HTML elements are permitted as of version 1.27 of the MediaWiki software (current as of January 26, 2017, from the Wikimedia Meta-Wiki):

HTML tags with preferred wikicode equivalents

  • The <p> element is assumed every time a clear line is left between paragraphs. Its usage is not necessary in a MediaWiki wiki such as Fire Emblem Wiki.
  • <b> and <strong> are used to bold a word. They have the same effect as enclosing a word in two sets of three apostrophes ('''Bolded words'''), the preferred wikicode equivalent.
  • Similar to the above, for italicisation, two sets of two apostrophes (''Italicised words'') are preferred to <i> and <em>.
  • Using an equivalent number of equals symbols (=) is preferred when designating headers to the series of HTML header tags <h1> to <h6>.
  • The table tags <table>, <td>, <th>, <tr> should not be used unless necessary, as the MediaWiki software has its own extensive list of equivalents.
  • The effect of <hr> can be achieved with four consecutive hyphens (----).
  • Listing tags <ol>, <ul>, <li>:
    • Ordered (numbered) lists can be created by beginning each line in the list with a hash symbol (#).
    • Bulleted lists (like this one) can be created by beginning each line in the list with an asterisk (*).
    • Both cases automatically assume the existence of <li> when a new line with a listing designator is created; i.e. <li> is not needed.
  • Notably, the <a> tag is excluded from the above list of permitted HTML elements; meaning, it is incompatible with the MediaWiki software. Do not attempt to use this at all for linking, as it simply won't work. Instead, use the wikicode equivalents of [[Internal page|Internal link title]] and [ External link title]. The same applies to <img>; images must first be uploaded to the wiki before use.

All other tags are perfectly acceptable, and some even see wide usage throughout the wiki in cases where there is no wikicode equivalent, e.g. <div> and <span>.

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