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Help:Group rights

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This page lists the different user groups available on Fire Emblem Wiki. Each group is entrusted with different levels of access to the wiki's features. This page explains some of the qualities required by users wishing to be promoted to these groups. A list of some of the main rights available to each group may be found by following the links to each group's page, and a more complete list is available at Special:ListGroupRights.

Autoconfirmed users

Autoconfirmed users are users who have been active for 4 days, and made a total of 10 edits. They are automatically added to this group after meeting those requirements. Autoconfirmed users receive the ability to edit semi-protected pages, create new articles, and upload new images.

Autopatrolled users

Autopatrolled users are trusted users who have shown a good knowledge of the wiki's style and policies, rarely make errors in editing, and are quick to correct the few they do make. Their edits are automatically marked as patrolled on the recent changes, and they do not have to answer a captcha when it would be required for other users, such as when adding external links to articles.


Patrollers are users who, in addition to making contributions of high quality, have also made efforts to ensure that others' edits are of the same standard. They receive the ability to mark edits as patrolled, and to quickly revert multiple instances of vandalism on a page by one user. Patrollers are often a good source of help for questions on basic editing features.

Administrators and bureaucrats

Administrators are some of the most trusted users on Fire Emblem Wiki. They have shown strong knowledge of wiki policy, and are dedicated to improving the entire wiki, and helping other users meet the same standards. They are generally seen as "role models" for other members of the wiki. These users receive access to some of the wiki's more technical features, such as deleting pages, banning vandals, and editing fully protected pages.

Bureaucrats are considered to be the management of the wiki. They have the same rights and responsibilities as administrators, in addition to having control over promotion and demotion of users.

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