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Fire Emblem Wiki:Affiliates and Partners

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Fire Emblem Wiki is always looking for new affiliates. If your site wants to become an affiliate, please contact PikaSamus on his talk page, or via Discord. Also, if a banner is used on your site's affiliates list, this file should be used.


NIWA wikis

Site button Name Interwiki shortcuts Description
NIWA Banner.png Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance Organization consisting of independent wikis that primarily cover Nintendo franchises or Nintendo-associated franchises.
ARMS Institute armswiki: Wiki for ARMS.
BP Banner.png Bulbapedia bulbapedia: Wiki for Pokémon.
Dragalia Lost Wiki dragaliawiki: Wiki for Dragalia Lost.
Dragon Quest Wiki dragonquest: Wiki for Dragon Quest.
FZW Banner.png F-Zero Wiki fzerowiki: Wiki for F-Zero.
Golden Sun Universe goldensun: Wiki for Golden Sun.
Hard Drop - Tetris Wiki harddrop: Wiki for Tetris.
LW Banner.png Lylat Wiki lylatwiki: Wiki for Star Fox.
IP Banner.png Icaruspedia icaruspedia: Wiki for Kid Icarus.
Inkipedia inkipedia: Wiki for Splatoon.
MW Banner.png Metroid Wiki metroidwiki: Wiki for Metroid.
NintendoWiki nwiki: Wiki for Nintendo in general.
Nookipedia-banner.png Nookipedia nookipedia: Wiki for Animal Crossing.
Pikipedia pikipedia: Wiki for Pikmin.
Pikmin Fanon pikminfanon: Wiki for Pikmin fanon.
SmashWiki smashwiki: Wiki for Super Smash Bros.
StarfyWiki Banner.png Starfy Wiki starfywiki: Wiki for The Legendary Starfy.
Strategy Wiki strategywiki: Wiki for game walkthroughs.
SMW Banner.png Super Mario Wiki mariowiki: Wiki for Super Mario.
Ukikipedia ukikipedia: Wiki for Super Mario 64.
WW Banner.png Wars Wiki warswiki: Wiki for Advance Wars/Famicom Wars.
WB Banner.png WikiBound wikibound: Wiki for EarthBound/Mother.
WK Banner.png WiKirby wikirby: Wiki for Kirby.
Xeno Series Wiki xenoseries: Wiki for Xenogears, Xenosaga, and Xenoblade.
ZW Banner.png Zelda Wiki zeldawiki: Wiki for The Legend of Zelda, currently part of the wiki farm Fandom (formerly known as Wikia).


Other sites

Partners is a Nintendo Switch-based matchmaking site. Check them out to play against other people who also have Switch games.

Official Discord Server

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StrategyWiki is a website that hosts thousands of free, collaboratively-written video game strategy guides.

Offical Discord Server

Interwiki code: strategywiki:

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