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This page contains all data pertaining to Roy's supports.


Portrait roy fe06.png
Initial: 30
Per turn: +2
Is gba fireaffin.png x Is gba iceaffin.png
Portrait marcus fe06.png Marcus
Support Level Attack Defense Accuracy Avoid Critical Critical Evade
C 0 0 5 5 2 2
B 1 1 10 10 5 5
A 1 1 15 15 7 7

C Support

Marcus: ......

Roy: What's the matter, Marcus?

Marcus: Not good. Not good at all.

Roy: What's not good?

Marcus: The youths these days, their fighting has much to desired. It isn't all of them, but most of them seem pampered in my eyes! We must make stricter exercise plans...

Roy: I don't think they're pampered... They're all doing their best.

Marcus: No! Master Roy, you are too soft on them. I shall go and show them an example!

Roy: Are you sure you have to go on your own? You're not, you know, young any more.

Marcus: Nonsense! I may be old, but I shall not lose to the young ones yet!

Roy: Ah...okay. But you're still not young any more, so watch out for your health.

Marcus: Yes, of course. Thank you.

Marcus: Master Roy is so thoughtful... Now look at those other young ones compared to him...disgraceful! I must help Master Roy in their place.

B Support

Marcus: Master Roy, I still think that we must make our rules stricter.

Roy: Stricter?

Marcus: Yes. And we expel those who aren't doing their job properly.

Roy: ......

Marcus: Although our army will be small, we will have a team of elites. That way we can fight more efficiently.

Roy: No, Marcus. That's not a good idea.

Marcus: Eh... Why?

Roy: Who's going to choose whether someone is doing their job or not?

Marcus: Of course, that would be you, Master Roy.

Roy: But some people might be working hard where I'm not looking.

Marcus: Oh... Well, in that case...

Roy: There are also people supporting us outside the battlefield, and there are also those whom we don't use because of my decisions who haven't yet had a chance. You want to simply expel them all? We have many people who joined us with strong beliefs. We can't just tell them to leave.

Marcus: ......

Roy: Marcus, we have to trust them more. They're our comrades, right?

Marcus: ...You are right. I was mistaken, Master Roy. Your thoughts are noble.

Roy: You know, it's kind of strange hearing you praise me like that. You're usually scolding me most of the time.

Marcus: Oh? Am I?

Roy: Yes.

Marcus: Master Roy... He has gotten so bold... He can now certainly live on his own. My role is almost finished...

A Support

Roy: Marcus, is something wrong? You seem not well these days.

Marcus: I'm sorry. When I think of a good time that I should retire... Well, aging certainly isn't a fun thing.

Roy: Retire?

Marcus: The young soldiers have grown strong. Perhaps it is the right time.

Roy: ...Marcus. What are you saying?

Marcus: I am old... It wouldn't be for your benefit that an old man like me stay by your side. I should give way for the next generation...

Roy: No...

Marcus: I should be retiring soon.

Roy: No! I order you to stay!

Marcus: Master Roy...

Roy: I'll apologize if you're angry about what I said the other day. So don't say that you'll retire.

Marcus: But an old man like me... I shouldn't be in battles any more.

Roy: I still have lots of things that I need to learn from you. But if you leave...who can I turn to for advice?

Marcus: Master Roy... You trust this old man so much...

Roy: Don't say you'll retire... I still need your help from now on.

Marcus: Yes... I shall serve you to the death.


Portrait roy fe06.png
Initial: 20
Per turn: +2
Is gba fireaffin.png x Is gba fireaffin.png
Portrait alen fe06.png Alen
Support Level Attack Defense Accuracy Avoid Critical Critical Evade
C 1 0 5 5 5 0
B 2 0 10 10 10 0
A 3 0 15 15 15 0

C Support

Roy: Hmm...

Alen: Master Roy, is something wrong?

Roy: ......

Alen: Master Roy!

Roy: Oh! Alen. Sorry, I was lost in my thoughts.

Alen: You seem to be thinking a lot these days, Master Roy.

Roy: Maybe so...

Alen: What are you worrying over?

Roy: I was just thinking about how to move our troops.

Alen: How to move the troops?

Roy: Yes. The enemy is growing stronger all the time, so good methods quickly become obsolete. I was wondering how to effectively break through their defense lines.

Alen: That's easy, Master Roy! Leave it to me. I shall have their defense shattered in no time.

Roy: Thanks. But I don't want to put anyone in danger either. There has to be a better way... I'll think some more.

B Support

Alen: Master Roy, I have an idea to break the enemy's defense...

Roy: Idea?

Alen: Yes. First, we save our best troops and use the others to clash with the enemy's front lines. Then we shall find a weakness. Please, leave that role to me and my squad!

Roy: But that group will be in great danger...

Alen: We might have some casualties, but we can win the battle! Besides, I am not so easily defeated.

Roy: ...Alen, I can't consider that idea.

Alen: W-Why?

Roy: I can't use a plan that we know will have casualties.

Alen: But Master Roy, casualties cannot be avoided in a war...

Roy: ...I think they can be. I might sound naive, but I don't consider a victory with casualties to be a true victory.

Alen: A true victory... Can there be a true victory in war?

Roy: I think there can be. That's why I want to come up with a good plan.

A Support

Roy: Hmm...

Alen: Still thinking, Master Roy?

Roy: Yes. I can't think of a good plan yet... But not your plan, okay?

Alen: Yes, I understand, Master Roy. But if there's anything I can do, please tell me.

Roy: Yes, I will.

Alen: ...Master Roy.

Roy: ?

Alen: ...I honestly still cannot decide whether there is such a thing as a true victory. But if you believe it, then I will support you with all my strength.

Roy: Thanks, Alen. I'm sure there will come a day when you'll understand as well.

Alen: Then I shall look forward to that day!


Portrait roy fe06.png
Initial: 20
Per turn: +2
Is gba fireaffin.png x Is gba animaaffin.png
Portrait lance fe06.png Lance
Support Level Attack Defense Accuracy Avoid Critical Critical Evade
C 1 0 2 5 2 2
B 2 1 5 10 5 5
A 3 1 7 15 7 7

C Support

Lance: Master Roy! Are you all right?

Roy: Lance? What's the matter...

Lance: I...couldn't see you, so...

Roy: Oh. Is that all.

Lance: No, that is not all, Master Roy. You are this army's leader. You must watch for your safety more.

Roy: Yeah, you're right. I'll be more careful.

Lance: Are you sure?

Roy: I promise.

Lance: ......

B Support

Lance: Master Roy, if I may suggest something.

Roy: What is it?

Lance: How about if you stay out of the front lines for a while?

Roy: ?

Lance: Then you can command the army from a safe location.

Roy: Well...

Lance: I know what you are thinking, but please understand. An army's leader is crucial. If the leader is lost, so is the battle.

Roy: That's true...

Lance: Then...

Roy: But I don't think anyone would listen to me if I only keep myself safe and start telling people what to do.

Lance: That's not true!

Roy: I'm not particularly smart, and I don't have much charisma, either. So I have to gain trust by experiencing the pain that everyone else is...

Lance: Master Roy...

Roy: Perhaps I'm not meant to be a leader. Perhaps it's just how I am.

A Support

Roy: Lance, I've been thinking about what you said, but I still think I should stay up front. I know you were suggesting it for my sake, but...

Lance: No, perhaps I was too focused on my own opinions. If you believe that your way is the best, then it is best to pursue that path.

Roy: Thanks. It's encouraging to hear you say that.

Lance: However, you made one mistake the other day.

Roy: I did?

Lance: You said, 'I'm not particularly smart, and I don't have much charisma, either.'

Roy: Yes, I did say that.

Lance: That's the part about you that people like. No one would give his life to someone who has no charisma at all.

Roy: ...Do you think so?

Lance: Of course. If I may also add a comment, be sure to keep that pure heart. As long as you do, our troops will follow you.

Roy: I'll try. Thank you, Lance.

Lance: I am glad to be of assistance.


Portrait roy fe06.png
Initial: 30
Per turn: +2
Is gba fireaffin.png x Is gba iceaffin.png
Portrait wolt fe06.png Wolt
Support Level Attack Defense Accuracy Avoid Critical Critical Evade
C 0 0 5 5 2 2
B 1 1 10 10 5 5
A 1 1 15 15 7 7

C Support

Roy: Wolt!

Wolt: Master Roy, is something wrong?

Roy: ...Just call me Roy. We grew up like brothers, you know.

Wolt: I appreciate your kindness, but rules are rules.

Roy: Do you think so? You've suddenly become a faraway person.

Wolt: What are you saying? I'm right here in front of you.

Roy: That's not what I mean.

Wolt: Haha, I know. But I must not slack off in areas like this.

Roy: ......

Wolt: Well then, let's go! We have a long ways yet, Master Roy.

B Support

Roy: Wolt! About the other day...

Wolt: Master Roy, that conversation was settled. More importantly, this is a battlefield. You never know where enemies are hiding. Please be sure to keep on your guard.

Roy: Wolt... You're starting to sound like Merlinus and Marcus.

Wolt: Am I? Thank you! That is such praise. My goal is to become a loyal servant like them.

Roy: ...Are you serious?

Wolt: Of course!

Roy: I see.

Wolt: Master Roy? Is something wrong?

Roy: Nothing. Leave me alone for a while, will you?

Wolt: Master Roy...?

A Support

Wolt: Master Roy!

Roy: What?

Wolt: You do not look well. Is there something on your mind?

Roy: ...Well, actually there is. Would you mind if we talked about it?

Wolt: ! Of course! I'll do my best to help.

Roy: You see, I'm kind of angry at this person in the army. What he's saying is true and makes sense, but...

Wolt: I see. What you understand intellectually and what you feel are two different things.

Roy: Right. My feelings don't agree with what I understand. And then I start to get mad and I feel like telling him about it.

Wolt: Then do so! Keeping it inside of you is bad for your health. And besides, you are in a stressful position. No one would get angry if you spill it out once in a while.

Roy: You think so?

Wolt: Of course! If you want, I can go talk to the person. Even if the whole world turns against you, I will always be at your side.

Roy: Ah, okay. Thanks, Wolt. I feel better now. All right! We have to get moving!

Wolt: Exactly, Master Roy! ...By the way, I can tell the person you're mad at and have a little discussion with him...

Roy: No, it's all right now.

Wolt: Really? ...Who was it?

Roy: He's closer than you think.

Wolt: What! Where? ...... ...Is

Roy: Yup!

Wolt: Master Roy!


Portrait roy fe06.png
Initial: 1
Per turn: +1
Is gba fireaffin.png x Is gba windaffin.png
Portrait shanna fe06.png Shanna
Support Level Attack Defense Accuracy Avoid Critical Critical Evade
C 1 0 5 2 5 2
B 2 0 10 5 10 5
A 3 0 15 7 15 7
Ending Shanna gave up the path of the Pegasus Knight and went to Pherae with Roy, where they married. Rebuilding the battered land was a painful process, but her cheerful personality encouraged many people to rise up and help lead Lycia to prosperity again.

C Support

Shanna: What's the matter, Master Roy? Do you need something?

Roy: No. I was just thinking that you always seem of worries.

Shanna: Hey! ...Are you making fun of me?

Roy: No! I'm envious.

Shanna: ...I still think I'm being made fun of.

Roy: No, I'm not making fun of you. You see, I have to always show people that I'm happy and confident because I'm the leader. But I often get depressed or become worried. Oh, I wanted to ask you, is there some kind of tip that you can give me to stay happy like that?

Shanna: Tip?

Roy: You know, something to do or a certain mindset you should be in, or something.

Shanna: Well... Eat well, sleep well, and laugh well.

Roy: ...Is that all?

Shanna: Probably. That's all you need to enjoy life, right?

Roy: Well...maybe.

Shanna: I think you're thinking too deeply. Well, probably you have to because you're in such a position... Anyway, I don't think it's as complicated as you think.

B Support

Roy: You said you're a Pegasus Knight in training, right?

Shanna: Right.

Roy: How come you're in an army outside Ilia?

Shanna: It's the rule. If you fight outside Ilia, you'll gain things you wouldn't be able to inside the country.

Roy: Like what?

Shanna: Foreign fighting styles, foreign culture... And of course, money.

Roy: I see... Then wouldn't it be a hindrance if you stay in this army so long?

Shanna: Huh? No, of course not! There's no other army that's traveling all over the place like this. It's great training.

Roy: Really? Okay, then.

Shanna: ...Were you worried about me?

Roy: Well, I guess so.

Shanna: Thanks!

A Support

Roy: Shanna, what are you going to do when this war is over?

Shanna: Me? Well... First off, I'll probably go back to Ilia.

Roy: Oh...I see.

Shanna: Why?

Roy: Oh, I was just wondering if you wanted to come to Pherae.

Shanna: Your hometown? I'd love to! I wanted to see it once.

Roy: Well, it's not a huge city like Ostia, so you might be disappointed.

Shanna: My hometown is probably more countryside than yours. Plus it snows a lot.

Roy: Then everything's fine, then.

Shanna: I'll look foward to going.

Roy: Sure. If you like it, you can stay as long as you want.

Shanna: Thanks!

Shanna: Master Roy is so nice... Inviting a mercenary like me to his hometown, and saying that I can stay as long as I want... Wait...does that mean...? No no, don't get cocky... But still...hmm...


Portrait roy fe06.png
Initial: 1
Per turn: +1
Is gba fireaffin.png x Is gba windaffin.png
Portrait sue fe06.png Sue
Support Level Attack Defense Accuracy Avoid Critical Critical Evade
C 1 0 5 2 5 2
B 2 0 10 5 10 5
A 3 0 15 7 15 7
Ending Sue accompanied Roy to Lycia, where she married him and became the mistress of Pherae. However, she never could cast away her love for nature, and her behavior sometimes troubled those around her, who were not familiar with Sacaean culture.

C Support

Roy: Phew, I've finished outlining the troops' positions...

Sue: Master Roy.

Roy: !? Oh, Sue.

Sue: What's the matter? You have a strange look on your face.

Roy: No, it's just that I was a little surprised that you came up and spoke to me.

Sue: Oh?

Roy: Yeah... I never see you speaking with other people. You don't like talking that much?

Sue: That's not the case.

Roy: It isn't?

Sue: It's just that I like talking with other things more.

Roy: Other things?

Sue: The breeze, the trees, the sky, the brooks... They are all speaking to us.

Roy: They are?

Sue: Yes. If you listen, you'll hear them. You can't hear them because you're not listening. See you.

Roy: Huh? I thought you had something to tell me...

Sue: I just told you.

Roy: What?

Sue: Be sure to listen to nature, and you'll hear all sorts of voices. You'll feel better after that. If you're stressed all the time, you won't be able to hear anything.

Roy: Sue... Was she trying to cheer me up because I was tired...?

B Support

Roy: Sue.

Sue: Master Roy?

Roy: Thanks for cheering me up the other day.

Sue: ...You look better.

Roy: What?

Sue: Your's become better.

Roy: My feel? What do you mean?

Sue: It has become softer.

Roy: Do you think so? I can't really tell.

Sue: Perhaps things like these cannot be recognized by those who work the land as compared to those who run through it.

Roy: ......

Sue: What is it?

Roy: It's the first time I've seen you smile.

Sue: Really?

Roy: Yes. Your smile has a good 'feel' to it, too.

Sue: ...Thank you.

A Support

Roy: What are you going to do when this war is over?

Sue: I'll return to Sacae.

Roy: But the Kutolah clan was destroyed by Bern...

Sue: We'll gather everyone together again. Perhaps there is no more Kutolah clan, but not everyone of the Kutolah is dead.

Roy: Well...I guess that's right.

Sue: Why do you ask?

Roy: I was just thinking that if you don't have any place to go, you can come to Pherae.

Sue: Pherae...your hometown.

Roy: Right. It's not a huge city, but it's a nice and peaceful place.

Sue: Yes... But my heart is the plains of Sacae.

Roy: Oh, okay. But if you ever change your mind, just tell me.

Sue: Master Roy.

Roy: Yes?

Sue: Thanks for cheering me up.

Roy: You're very welcome.


Portrait roy fe06.png
Initial: 56
Per turn: +4
Is gba fireaffin.png x Is gba lightaffin.png
Portrait lilina fe06.png Lilina
Support Level Attack Defense Accuracy Avoid Critical Critical Evade
C 1 0 5 2 5 0
B 2 1 10 5 10 0
A 3 1 15 7 15 0
Ending After returning home, Lilina became the marquess of Ostia, and married Roy a short while later. Together, Roy and Lilina united the Lycian League and created the Kingdom of Lycia, a peaceful nation blessed with prosperity and harmony.

C Support

Roy: Lilina, are you all right? Do you need anything?

Lilina: No, I don't need anything right now.

Roy: Are you hurt?

Lilina: No, I'm fine.

Roy: Oh, okay. Then is there anything I could do for you...

Lilina: Roy, it's all right.

Roy: What?

Lilina: Thanks for worrying about me, but I'll be fine.

Roy: Well, in that case... But if there's anything you need, tell me. Okay?

Lilina: Okay.

B Support

Roy: Lilina. Lilina!

Lilina: Roy?

Roy: What's the matter? You were looking off into space again. We're in a battle. You could get killed!

Lilina: I'm sorry.

Roy: What's wrong?

Lilina: It's just that... We've come a far way.

Roy: Far?

Lilina: Not distance-wise... It's just that everything seems to be changing so quickly. Do you remember the time when you came to Ostia to study?

Roy: Of course. Two years... Wait, was it three years ago?

Lilina: At that time, your father and my father were still well. Lycia was so one would have imagined a war. ...It all seems as if it were already ten years ago.

Roy: Lilina...

Lilina: I sound so foolish... There's no way we can go back there anyway...

A Support

Lilina: Roy... I'm sorry about the other day.

Roy: The other day?

Lilina: I was on some nostalgia trip, remember? We're in a war... Of course things won't be the same...

Roy: Well, some things will.

Lilina: Like what?

Roy: I'll be at your side, and you'll be at mine.

Lilina: Huh...

Roy: We can't go back to the past, but we can shape the future. Then we should work to make a future the same as, or even better than the past, right?

Lilina: Hahaha...

Roy: ?

Lilina: Roy, you're showing off...

Roy: D-Do you think so? Yeah, I was thinking that didn't sound like me myself...

Lilina: But...

Roy: ?

Lilina: Thanks...

Roy: Lilina...

Lilina: We'll always be together...right?

Roy: ...Of course.


Portrait roy fe06.png
Initial: 1
Per turn: +1
Is gba fireaffin.png x Is gba thunderaffin.png
Portrait lalum fe06.png Lalum
Support Level Attack Defense Accuracy Avoid Critical Critical Evade
C 0 0 2 5 5 2
B 1 1 5 10 10 5
A 1 1 7 15 15 7
Ending Lalum accompanied Roy to Pherae, where they married. Many voiced their discontent at bringing in a woman of unknown origins into the family, but Lalum's perseverence and unbending will earned her respect. She then proceeded to live happily with Roy.

C Support

Lalum: Roy!

Roy: Wha-!? L-Lalum...!

Lalum: I'm glad I found you! I want to show you something.

Roy: W-Wait! Calm down first...

Roy: So... What was it you wanted?

Lalum: Sooo!

Roy: Wait wait! I can hear you from here!

Lalum: I've come up with a new dance, and I want you to see it. It goes like this...

Lalum: Well? Well? What do you think?

Roy: That's very nice. I think you're a very good dancer.

Lalum: ...Is that it?

Roy: Huh?

Lalum: You know... Isn't there more? Like, 'You look beautiful' or 'Your hair looks great today' or something...

Roy: Um... I better get going...

Lalum: Already?

Roy: Sorry...

Lalum: Hey!

B Support

Lalum: Roy!

Roy: L-Lalum...! I don't think you should jump on to people like that so much... People might have misunderstandings.

Lalum: But Roy... ...!?

Roy: ?

Lalum: Eeeek! There's an enemy!

Roy: Enemy!? Where!

Lalum: I don't know! But I heard the bushes rustle...

Roy: L-Lalum! Calm down... I can't move if you're grabbing on to me like that...

Lalum: I'm going to die!'s okay. If I can die for Master Roy, it would be my only wish now. You, hiding over there! Come out! Our love is eternal, and can never be broken!

Roy: P-Please, can you get off of me so I can fight...

A Support

Lalum: Roy!

Roy: Lalum...

Lalum: There you are! I have another dance to show you.

Roy: Y-Yeah...

Lalum: Roy...? Are you...trying to avoid me?

Roy: Ah... N-No! Not at all.

Lalum: Yes you are. As soon as I came, you stepped back. You're already prepared to dodge.

Roy: Y-You're imagining things.

Lalum: Your eyes are wandering...

Roy: S-So...

Lalum: ...You don't like me, do you... You don't want to see my dancing at all! That's it!

Roy: T-That's not true!

Lalum: Really!? Thanks!

Roy: Whoa!


Portrait roy fe06.png
Initial: 20
Per turn: +2
Is gba fireaffin.png x Is gba animaaffin.png
Portrait cecilia fe06.png Cecilia
Support Level Attack Defense Accuracy Avoid Critical Critical Evade
C 1 0 2 5 2 2
B 2 1 5 10 5 5
A 3 1 7 15 7 7
Ending Cecilia accompanied Roy to Pherae, where she helped rebuild the battered land. She eventually married Roy, continuing to offer him close support and aid as the duchess of Pherae.

C Support

Cecilia: Roy, how should I move next?

Roy: Oh, yes. You

Cecilia: What's the matter?

Roy: No, it's just that... It feels strange giving you orders...

Cecilia: Why? You are this army's leader. You are supposed to give orders.

Roy: That's true, but...

Cecilia: Roy, you mustn't soften up. If the leader gets soft, so do the troops. You are the general leading this army, and I am a squad leader in your army. So you must be strict, as a general should be.

Roy: Y-Yes!

Cecilia: Good. Now, General Roy, what is my next move?

B Support

Roy: Phew...

Cecilia: Roy.

Roy: Oh, General Cecilia.

Cecilia: Are you tired? Perhaps you should rest.

Roy: No, I can't. We must keep moving.

Cecilia: Rushing will only bring failure.

Roy: I'm not rushing. I won't try anything impossible. But we must move as quickly as we can.

Cecilia: Why?

Roy: The quicker we move, the more people in need we can reach. Right?

Cecilia: ...Yes, that's true.

Roy: We are fighting to win this war. However, if we focus only on winning and ignore those people needing help, is that a true victory?

Cecilia: ......

Roy: Oh, I'm sorry... I shouldn't be so outspoken. Have I angered you?

Cecilia: No, I'm glad. I was too focused on winning the battle. You are already becoming a great leader.

Roy: Please... But...hearing that from you is encouraging.

Cecilia: Really? That's nice to hear.

A Support

Roy: What are you going to do after this war is over?

Cecilia: What? Do you already think you've won?

Roy: No... That's not the case.

Cecilia: Well... We must rebuild Etruria, so I will return there first. Why do you ask?

Roy: I was just wondering if you could teach me again once the war has ended.

Cecilia: Like the time in Ostia?

Roy: Yes!

Cecilia: Well... There's no need for that any more. You have become a wonderful leader. There is nothing more I can teach you.

Roy: But...

Cecilia: Roy, you must have confidence. Troops will not follow a leader who does not even have confidence in himself.

Roy: ...Yes.

Cecilia: That is the last thing I can teach you. From now on, you are not my student. You are my colleague and friend. If there's anything I can help you with after the war, I would be glad to assist you.

Roy: Really?

Cecilia: Of course. I will always be on your side. Never forget that.


Portrait roy fe06.png
Initial: 1
Per turn: +1
Is gba fireaffin.png x Is gba darkaffin.png
Portrait sophia fe06.png Sophia
Support Level Attack Defense Accuracy Avoid Critical Critical Evade
C 0 0 5 5 5 2
B 1 0 10 10 10 5
A 1 0 15 15 15 7
Ending Sophia accompanied Roy to Pherae, where they married. Although she was never very talkative, her wise decisions played a major role in the reconstruction of Lycia.

C Support

Sophia: Master Roy...

Roy: Sophia? What's the matter?

Sophia: Today... You shouldn't strain yourself...

Roy: What do you mean?

Sophia: In battle... There is a bad omen today... Please stay out of the front lines...

Roy: ! ...All right. But I don't think I can follow your warning.

Sophia: ...Why?

Roy: When I go up front... It's because I trust the others. I can't be hiding in the back, fearing injury. I have to fight alongside the others.

Sophia: Oh...I...

Roy: Thanks for warning me, but... I'm sorry.

Sophia: ......

B Support

Sophia: Master Roy...

Roy: Sophia? Did you feel something again?

Sophia: No... I just wanted to apologize...

Roy: Apologize? To me?

Sophia: About the other day... I told you that I could sense a bad omen in the middle of battle...

Roy: Oh, that...

Sophia: I'm sorry... You have such a burden... And I said something that would worry you more...

Roy: No, it's all right. I'm actually glad that you told me. I was more careful that time. Thank you.

Sophia: ?...

Roy: If you hadn't told me that, I probably wouldn't have been as careful as I had. I could have been hurt badly. So thanks.

Sophia: But...I...

Roy: So if you sense something from now on, tell me, all right?

Sophia: Yes...

A Support

Sophia: Master Roy... I must tell you something...

Roy: What's the matter?

Sophia: My power... It is not very strong...

Roy: What?

Sophia: I can see the future... But it is only a vague image... Something truly powerful...I would not be able to see... I just wanted to tell you...

Roy: Something truly powerful?

Sophia: Yes... If I could not sense something very powerful...and if you were to be hurt because of it... I...

Roy: Thanks. But I'll be fine. When the time comes, we'll manage to do something about it.

Sophia: But...

Roy: Sensing the future is an amazing thing. We could prevent disasters before they even occur. But I won't be too reliant on your power, so don't worry.

Sophia: Yes...

Roy: I want to see you smile more than your power. I'm sure we'll face more hardships as we go along... But the least we could do is keep our spirits up, right? Let's go!

Sophia: Yes... ...Thank you...Master Roy...