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Rumored Nuptials/Script

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Officers Academy

Ingrid: ...
(As Ingrid sighs, Dorothea enters the room while accompanied by Byleth.)
Ingrid: Oh, hi, Dorothea. And hello, Professor. Nothing's the matter. Well, nothing major.
Dorothea: You don't look like it's nothing major. Then again, I suppose you always have a furrowed brow, don't you?
Ingrid: Truth be told, there's rather a lot going on. It seems that there's always something to worry about...

Choice 1 Choice 2
What do you worry about? What's worrying you right now?
Ingrid: A childhood friend who's always causing trouble, my family... Things like that. Ingrid: Now? Oh, I really did not wish to bother you with such trivialities...

Ingrid: You see, I received a letter from my father recently.
Dorothea: From Count Galatea? What a kind gentleman to have for a father.
Ingrid: I thank you. But the content within the letter is what I find troubling.
(Ingrid shows Dorothea and Byleth a letter.)

FETH scroll 01.png

Dorothea: Let me see! Oh, it's a marriage proposal... For you.
(Dorothea's voice tone changes. She doesn't seem to be thrilled by the idea.)

Choice 1 Choice 2
Do you know the suitor? Have you ever met the suitor?

Ingrid: I've not met him, though I've heard his name here and there. He began life as a merchant but has somehow achieved rank in court. An enterprising noble from an allied territory. It's most likely that he wants the Crest of Daphnel that I bear to adorn his family name.
Dorothea: Hmm, yes, that sounds about right. The jerk.
Ingrid: You sound as though you know him. Do you?
Dorothea: Yes, I must admit that I know him. He tried to court me when I was a singer. Best advice I can give you, Ingrid? Stay far, far away from this guy.
Ingrid: He's offered a sizable dowry, so I must at least consider it—for the sake of my family.
Dorothea: Dowry? Ha! Blood money. That's all it is.
Ingrid: Dorothea, I—
Dorothea: This jerk's entire fortune is soaked in blood. Do you want to rebuild your own house using that kind of money? I mean, it's all just rumors, but I think it still might be worth investigating.
Dorothea: What do you think, Professor? Should we go check this guy out?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Let's go. (Begin Paralogue battle) What's worrying you right now?
Dorothea: Great! Let's tell the others.
Ingrid: Uh, really? OK...
Ingrid: That's right, Dorothea. No point bothering. All of us, including the professor, are far too busy.
Dorothea: Are you sure? If you change your mind, Professor, just let me know.

Battle - Rumored Nuptials

Ailell, Valley of Torment

Before Battle

Dorothea: Pft... The more we look into this guy, the more I see he's a monster, and no good for my Ingrid!
Ingrid: No kidding. There's no denying it. We'd better get back to the monastery.
Rogue: Hold on a minute, you brats.
(Multiple rogues surround the area.)

Rogue: Hand over the girl!
Ingrid: Surely you can't mean me. Wait... Did he send them?
Dorothea: This jerk figures he can grab Ingrid before things get too messy for him. Of course, we know the truth about him now, and he'll want to kill us and get rid of the evidence... But we'll never let him take Ingrid. Come on, let's hurry!

Player Phase 1

Dorothea: Protect Ingrid! Don't let anyone get near her!

Rogue: You'll never escape!

Enemy Phase 1

Merchant: I'll increase the reward! Now hurry up and capture that girl!

Ingrid: That merchant is giving orders to the bandits! I bet if we take him out, reinforcements will cease!

First Wave of Enemy Reinforcements Arrive

Dorothea: It's an ambush! Ingrid's in trouble!

Second Wave of Enemy Reinforcements Arrive

Ingrid: Enemies in They are really getting on my last nerve!

If Ingrid Falls

Rogue: Ha! Gotcha! Your future husband is eagerly awaiting his bride, you know.
Dorothea: Oh no! No! Ingrid!
(Ingrid is captured.)

After Battle

Ingrid: Finally! It's over. I'm sorry for causing such a mess.
Dorothea: Oh, hush. For you, I'd go through twice as much trouble. But are you all right? Did they hurt you?
Ingrid: I'm OK. Really. Thank you, Dorothea. My father will need to hear of this.


Dining Hall

(Ingrid returns from her home.)
Dorothea: Ingrid! Welcome back. Did you speak with your father?
Ingrid: I did. I just returned to the monastery.

What happened with the proposal?

Ingrid: As soon as I informed him of the suitor's unsavory tendencies, he rejected the proposal outright. Were we to form ties with such an individual, it would bode poorly for our family, regardless of the weighty dowry offered.
Dorothea: Oh, thank goodness! I'm so glad it all worked out.

If Ingrid is in Byleth's chosen house If Ingrid is not in Byleth's chosen house

Ingrid: You and me both. My father also insisted I take this.
(Ingrid shows Byleth and Dorothea an ancient looking lance.)

FETH Lúin.png

A Hero's Relic?

Ingrid: Indeed. This is the magic lance, Lúin, which has been passed down for generations within my family. My father and siblings have no way of using it, since they bear no Crest. Father told me I should take it and use it to protect myself with. He said it's far better used protecting his daughter than gathering dust.
Dorothea: Aw, that's so sweet! Your father really does mean well, Ingrid.
Ingrid: He's unendingly stubborn, but I am proud of who he is.

Ingrid: Dorothea, Professor... I want to thank you.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Of course. It was important that we help you.
Dorothea: We couldn't just do nothing while you were facing a life of being married to a monster. Dorothea: It really was quite exciting too! So, you know, don't worry about it.

Dorothea: I could never hand over my lovely Ingrid to some jerk who only wants her for her Crest.
Ingrid: Oh? Do I belong to you now, rather than to myself?

If Dorothea is in Byleth's chosen house If Dorothea is not in Byleth's chosen house

Ingrid: Hey... Dorothea. This is probably more than a little awkward, considering where it came from,
(Ingrid hands Dorothea a ring.)

FETH bronze ring.png

(Dorothea is shocked.)
Dorothea: A ring? Is this... No! Is it?!

Choice 1 Choice 2
A proposal? A bribe?
Dorothea: Oh, Ingrid... I accept your offer! We'll be together forever! Dorothea: I mean, sure, I suppose... Clumsy bribe though, giving me a ring and not telling me why.

Ingrid: Stop teasing me, Dorothea! I'm trying to be sincere.
Ingrid: I wanted to find a way to emphasize how grateful I am to you. So I looked for something from among my things that I thought you would like. I may already have one like it, but I thought on the off chance you didn't...
Dorothea: Ingrid, you are just adorable and I love it. But perhaps we should lend this ring to our teacher for now. Our dear teacher can best decide how to use it. You fought hard enough. You've earned the right to have a little fun.
Ingrid: As you wish, Dorothea. I gave the ring to you, so you can do whatever you please with it.

Dorothea: Haha.