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Heroes' Relics

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The Crestless cannot unleash the goddess's power, even if they possess a Relic. Nonetheless, they are still capable of simply wielding those weapons.
— Rhea

The Heroes' Relics (Japanese: 英雄の遺産 Heroes' legacy) are a set of thirteen weapons and accessories originating from Fódlan. They are immensely powerful, and were historically used in the War of Heroes. Each of the relics is empowered by a Crest Stone, and responds to a specific Crest. These weapons will work with any level of Crest, including Major Crests, Minor Crests, and the New Game +-exclusive Crest Items.


In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, a Hero's Relic can be wielded by any character; however, their power and the consequence for using one varies depending on if the character has a Crest, as well as which Crest they have. If the character has no Crest, they will take 10 damage after every round of combat they engage while using a Relic. If the character has any Crest besides the associated one, they will not take any damage from it, but they do not gain any Crest-specific effects.

If the character has the same Crest associated with the Relic, then not only will the character not take any damage from it, but they will also gain access to the Relic's special powers. Weapon Relics gain a unique combat art and accessory Relics grant Pavise and Aegis. The potency of the character's Crest will also affect the durability cost of using the combat art; Major Crests result in a cost of 3 durability, Minor Crests result in a cost of 4, and Crest items result in a cost of 5. In addition, if the Relic is being wielded by someone with the correct Crest, the Relic will glow red.

The Sword of the Creator is an exception to this pattern, in that it grants its full power exclusively to Byleth. While any other character can equip it, the Sword of the Creator becomes much weaker in their hands, becoming much heavier and losing its ranged capabilities.

FEWATH Sword of the Creator.png FETH Areadbhar.png FETH Failnaught.png FEWATH Aegis Shield.png FETH Rafail Gem.png FETH Crusher.png FETH Lance of Ruin.png
Sword of the Creator
A sword originally wielded by the warrior Nemesis before coming into the ownership of the mercenary Byleth.
A lance originally wielded by the hero Blaiddyd. Currently wielded by Dimitri, King of Faerghus.
A bow originally wielded by the hero Riegan. Currently wielded by Claude von Riegan, leader of the Leicester Alliance.
Aegis Shield
A shield originally wielded by the hero Fraldarius.
Rafail Gem
A magical gem originally wielded by the hero Lamine.
An axe originally wielded by the hero Dominic.
Lance of Ruin
A lance originally wielded by the hero Gautier.
FETH Lúin.png FETH Thyrsus.png FETH Freikugel.png FETH Thunderbrand.png FETH Blutgang.png FETH Vajra-Mushti.png FETH Fetters of Dromi.png
A lance originally wielded by the hero Daphnel.
A staff originally wielded by the hero Gloucester.
An axe originally wielded by the hero Goneril.
A sword originally wielded by the hero Charon. Currently wielded by Catherine, a soldier of the Knights of Seiros.
A sword originally wielded by the hero Maurice.
Gauntlets created after the War of Heroes in the style of the Relics, associated with the Crest of Chevalier.
Fetters of Dromi
A ring originally wielded by the apostle Aubin.


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Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Heroes' Relics

Singular form is Hero's Relic.



Heroes' legacy


Reliquias de los héroes

Relics of the heroes


Reliques de Héros

Hero's Relics



Heroes Relics


Reliquie degli eroi

Relics of the heroes


Relíquias dos heróis

Heroes' relics; used in Heroes.


영웅의 유산

Heroes' legacy

Simplified Chinese


Heroes' legacy

Traditional Chinese


Heroes' legacy


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