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Random Generated Quotes for Ephraim

All the quotes below should be archived. I think we should have a discussion here to have random quotes appear seeing as we all can't determine a proper one for Ephraim. Please post below. -- Eliwood  (My Talk Page) (My Contributions) 15:29, 31 May 2011 (MDT)


  1. Aye! -- Eliwood  (My Talk Page) (My Contributions) 15:29, 31 May 2011 (MDT)


  1. I oppose. I believe the current quote displays Ephraim's character without revealing anything about the story that the player doesn't know from the introduction. I'm all for archiving quotes somewhere, but I vote for keeping the current quote. BrandedOne 21:39, 31 May 2011 (MDT)
  2. Yeah no. We will have a quote section at one point... possibly. But it is just a quote. Random ones are too much. Super (duh...)Alpaca 23:29, 31 May 2011 (MDT)


What is the significance of the quote at the top? It doesn't really show much about his personality or actions besides showing that he is practical or something. To me it doesn't seem like a fitting quote for the page. Seritinajii 08:32, 16 March 2011 (MDT)

Then find a better one :P BrandedOne 17:08, 16 March 2011 (MDT)
Um... it is his motto and whatnot... It is also from an important scene. Super (duh...)Alpaca 17:21, 16 March 2011 (MDT)
It's not really his motto... I'm pretty sure he has only said it once. It's from an important scene, but I don't think it really belongs at the top of his page. Seritinajii 18:04, 16 March 2011 (MDT)

Quote part 2

So now the quote is "You won't kill me. I'll do all these things, fiend... All these things and more. For my friend Lyon... I will avenge his soul. I won't let his gentle image be defiled..." It's a nice quote, but it's way too spoilerrific!! "Trust me, I don't pick fights I can't win" isn't really very effective, since it doesn't say much and he only says it twice, so it's not a "motto". Any suggestions!?!??!?!?? Seritinajii 19:50, 12 May 2011 (MDT)

Quote part 3. Yes. Part 3.

The third quote, and I still don't approve. The quote is on the Ephraim page, so it should be about Ephraim, not Lyon. I'm going searching now... BrandedOne 18:57, 30 May 2011 (MDT)