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Ohio, USA

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Wiki Administrator and Fire Emblem enthusiast. Began working on the wiki in 2010, shortly thereafter became an Administrator. Took a hiatus while earning an undergraduate degree in music, now contributing a little in my free time. Seeing as it's been a while since I was really active, I'm a little rusty on things, but I do still have all my Administrator privileges and can help answer questions to the best of my ability. I can be found in the wiki's Discord server; you are also more than welcome to post on my talk page.

Fire Emblem interests

FE games I've completed

Unfinished, but played games

I <3 Soren

Small portrait soren fe09.png This user's favorite Fire Emblem character is Soren.

My username is inspired by my favorite character and his Branded heritage. I also have a soft spot for Leo. Guess I have a thing for moody mages.

To do list

This is an old list... nowadays I have been trying to fill in info from Fire Emblem Cipher on character pages... we'll see what else happens.

  • Stat pages (Skill, Speed, etc.)
  • Project:Chapters!!!!!! (THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!)
  • Chapter pages. All of them.
  • Renders
    • FE3 artwork
    • FE2 artwork
    • FE4 artwork
    • generic enemy artwork from TCG (low priority)
  • Chapter map animations