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North Carolina, United States

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My name is Mothy, which is actually a nickname based on my real name; I go by SuperAlpaca online often. I am an admin on Nookipedia, where I am currently on a hiatus. If you need to contact me for any reason, then I would appreciate it. I am very lonely... Anyways, if I am online, then Skype is the fastest way. My handle is hyperllamalord. Another good way is via e-mail. I check it often, so that is the best way if I am offline. If you want to, just click here.

About me



I identify as a homosexual liberal democratic atheist. I attend a private Roman Catholic high school, where I am entering my junior year, or the third year of high school. My favorite subjects are art, where I enjoy computer-based design and physical 3D design, like wire and clay, and math, where I am entering Pre-Calculus. I live in North Carolina, which, contrary to its name, is in the south. Therefor, I am stuck here with a bunch of intellectually challenged people who can somehow raise to the status of local celebrity. After high school, I plan to attend an art and/or engineering school to pursue graphic design and programming.


I first began gaming one day at the general store Target, where my mom decided to try Pokémon. We got a blue Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP along with a copy of Pokémon Sapphire, both of which were relatively new at the time. I was approximately seven years old at that time. Needless to say, I have since expanded to other series other than Pokémon, though I still enjoy the series. I currently enjoy many series, with my favorite genres being Japanese role-playing, tactical role-playing, strategy, visual novel, Action role-playing, action-adventure, and hack-and-slash. My favorite series is Fire Emblem, with Shin Megami Tensei and Uncharted being a distant second and third. Additionally, I like the previously mentioned Pokémon, the infamous Legend of Zelda, the strategy-role-playing Luminous Arc, the survival-horror Resident Evil, the legendary Final Fantasy, and the overly produced Dynasty Warriors.

Currently, I have an astonishingly large collection of games; a number so high I am honestly afraid of what my parents would say if I were to share that number with them. On the Nintendo side, I own an original Game Boy, a Game Boy Color, A Game Boy Advance, several Game Boy Advance SP, one original Nintendo DS, a handful of Nintendo DS lite, a Nintendo DSi, and a few Nintendo DSi XL on the handheld side and a Nintendo 64, a GameCube, a Japanese GameCube, three Nintendo Wii on the console side. Sony consoles are two PlayStation Portable, one Vita, a PlayStation 2, and a PlayStation 3. I also have a RetroDuo, which plays Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System games, an Xbox 360, which is primarily for the Gears of War series, which I feel obligated to play due to them being located less than half an hour from my house, and a Philips CD-i, which was purchased for the terrible Zelda games on the system. I plan on purchasing a Sega Dreamcast and a Nintendo Wii-U soon, with the latter being a launch-day purchase.

Some of my favorite games are, in no particular order, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked, Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi, and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. I have played all of the Fire Emblem games that have been released in English, with most of the other ones being ROMs on my computer that have been translated into English.

Film and television

Even though my attention span is fairly short, I still enjoy movies. Usually, I have to stop and take a break about half way through, though I can make it through if it is an amazing movie. My favorite genres are comedy, parody, anime, sci-fi, cyberpunk, and action adventure. My favorite movies are, as of the time of writing this, Easy A, Donnie Darko, The Perfect Score, and Ghost in the Shell. I also am a fan of the Final Destination series and anything by Studio Ghibli.

I honestly do not watch much television as I feel is normal for an American teenager. My favorite genres are the same as listed above in the previous paragraph, but in case you are too lazy to look for them, they are comedy, parody, anime, sci-fi, cyberpunk, and action adventure. I mostly watch anime, though I do have a few other series I follow. Anime I like are Soul Eater, Death Note, and Code Lyoko. I also watched Monk and Total Drama when they were on. I also follow Glee.

Wiki-related info

I have been editing wikis since fall of 2009. I started at Wikia, back when it had the awesome Monaco skin. When the terrible Oasis skin was introduced, I moved to NIWA with Animal Crossing City- now known as Nookipeda. I am not as active as I was there anymore, and am usually found editing here. I am good with templates and can create cool ones, and I also am good at editing image and coding.

Game progress

I have been playing Fire Emblem games for some time. I have made progress in the games, and I am going to list it for you, though you most likely do not really care... But if you do not care, why are you even reading this?

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