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Nyx/Quotes (Fates)

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My Castle quotes

The power is stronger in me than usual today...which is saying something.
— Nyx, when gaining a surge at My Castle.
Hmmm... Perhaps it's time to change my accessories up a bit. What do you say?
— Nyx, asking for an accessory.
Then again, with training and planning for the next battle, maybe not.
— Nyx being denied an accessory.
A birthday is not a time to celebrate, but... thank you for the thought. I like the gift.
— Nyx, receiving an accessory on her birthday.
I like vegetables, but no amount of vitamins will help me grow.
— Nyx, when at the cabbage patch.
This precious ore can be turned into an array of weapons, if you have the nerve.
— Nyx, when giving mined ore to Corrin.

Event tile and conversation quotes

Even the most skilled mage needs to organize her tomes now and again.
— Nyx, when gaining weapon experience at an event tile or My Castle.
Who left this here? The young don't take proper care of their belongings.
— Nyx, when finding an item at an event tile or My Castle.

Arena quotes

Let me protect you. I'll be your guardian...
— Nyx, when supporting a fighter in the arena.
Skill and maturity go hand in hand. I'm glad that I've never lost to a young one.
— Nyx, after winning a fight in the arena.

Mess hall quotes

I've been around long enough to pick up a few handy tips in the kitchen.
— Nyx, when on chef duty.
Please wait right here.
— Nyx, when given ingredients to make a meal.
Well, I like it...but then again, this may be an acquired taste.
— Nyx after cooking a delicious meal.
Here. This is what all of you foodies like, right?
— Nyx, after cooking an okay or delicious meal.
I wonder if this was made by someone younger? I still have so much to learn.
— Nyx, after eating an okay meal.
My compliments to the chef!
— Nyx, after eating a delicious meal.

Lottery quotes

There's no harm in trying your luck now and then. Go ahead...
— Nyx, when running the lottery.
Well, you've won something that's halfway decent. How about that?
— Nyx, when the player wins a silver prize at the lottery.

Battle quotes

Paired battle quotes

Appearances can be deceiving.
— Nyx
Your turn...child.
— Nyx
My power is at your service.
— Nyx
Don't die on me. Not yet.
— Nyx
Keep your eyes on me!
— Nyx
I'm not looking for trouble, but...
— Nyx
How very annoying.
— Nyx
I will help you.
— Nyx
Let's leave no survivors.
— Nyx
Remain calm.
— Nyx
Stand aside!
— Nyx, performing a Dual Strike.
This way!
— Nyx, performing a Dual Strike.
How unfortunate!
— Nyx, performing a Dual Strike.
— Nyx, performing a Dual Strike.
I'm here!
— Nyx, performing a Dual Strike.
I'm the one you want!
— Nyx, performing a Dual Guard.
— Nyx, performing a Dual Guard.
It's not your time!
— Nyx, performing a Dual Guard.

Critical quotes

So young, so foolish!
— Nyx
Goodnight, lost child!
— Nyx
Prepare to leave this realm!
— Nyx
I'll show you the true meaning of fear!
— Nyx

Victory quotes

— Nyx, after defeating an enemy.
Enjoy the afterlife!
— Nyx, after defeating an enemy.
Fate is cruel.
— Nyx, after defeating an enemy.
Another day, another sin.
— Nyx, after defeating an enemy.
I don't need your forgiveness.
— Nyx, after defeating an enemy.
With age comes wisdom.
— Nyx, after defeating an enemy.
You didn't need to do that.
— Nyx, if her partner defeated an enemy.
Thank you!
— Nyx, if her partner defeated an enemy. saved me.
— Nyx, if her partner defeated an enemy.

Level up quotes

Life is full of cruel disappointments...
— Nyx, when one or no stats grow in a Level Up
I'm stronger, yet still so youthful. *sigh*
— Nyx, when two or three stats grow in a Level Up
All I have left is my desire to improve.
— Nyx, when four or five stats grow in a Level Up
Wow... I havne't felt this good in ages.
— Nyx, when six or more stats grow in a Level Up

DLC quotes

They're gating in from other worlds rich in dark power. Fascinating, yet troubling. I suppose I should play along and do my part to thin their numbers.
— Nyx in Boo Camp
Oh, yet another fool who thinks I can't fight back? Hmph. I'll disabuse you of that belief if you don't disarm... You won't? Good.
— Nyx in Museum Melee

Defeat quotes

Guess I...had it coming...
— Nyx's defeat voice clip
Ah. I was spared because my foe thought me a child. I suppose I must retreat.
— Nyx's defeat quote in Casual Mode.
A cursed soul perishes in the clutches of a fallen dragon. How...fitting...
— Nyx's death quote in Classic Mode.