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Galle/Quotes (Heroes)

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Galle: Azure Rider

At the castle

I am Galle, Wyvern Rider of Bern. If you are honorable, my mount and I stand ready to aid you.
— When summoned.
Oh, Melady... The days we spent together were my happiest. If only we had met in peaceful times...
— At the castle.
His Majesty gave this Etrurian outsider a place in Bern... It was only natural I pledge myself to his service.
— At the castle.
Your attire is unsuited to battle. If you plan on taking to the front lines, you are either courageous or eccentric.
— At the castle.
I am simply tending to my wyvern. Forming a bond with the partner you fight alongside comes naturally.
— At the castle.
A gathering of wyvern riders from across many worlds... A gathering of the elite. I won't soon be bested.
— At the castle.
I am Galle, wyvern rider of Bern. I bear a message from an ally. Are you <player>?
— Delivering greetings from a friend.

On the character status screen

— On the character status screen.
I am Galle, a knight of Bern.
— On the character status screen.
Melady?! Oh. It's you.
— On the character status screen.
You must crush all who stand in the way of your matter who they are.
— On the character status screen.
In battle, we are but servants to our betters. It's that simple.
— On the character status screen.
Zeiss doesn't mince words. Melady can count on him.
— On the character status screen.
Oh, Melady... Our days together were the happiest of my life. To have met you was incredible luck.
— On the character status screen.
You have proven yourself worthy of my trust. I am at your command.
— On the character status screen.

Level 40 quote

Ah, <player>... Oh, it's nothing important. I was just reflecting on something that happened long ago... I believed in my path. I obeyed my leader, fought my hardest, and yet was defeated. And I regret none of it. However, here I've been able to speak to old friends and other Heroes...and perhaps...another path was open. I can see what you think of this. I am a knight. My convictions and loyalties guide me. I will fight and die for them. That is how I live my life. So, let us go and strike down your foes. I will take to the skies with a clear heart.
— After reaching level 40 at five-star Rarity.

Map quotes

Is that so?
— When selected on the map screen.
Such caution...
— When selected on the map screen.
We will topple them.
— When selected on the map screen.

Level-up quotes

Purely an amateur. Pah!
— When gaining 1–2 stats from a level-up.
I cannot take pride in this. I will continue my training.
— When gaining 3–4 stats from a level-up.
Now you ken the strength of the wyvern riders of Bern!
— When gaining 5–6 stats from a level-up.
You have my thanks. Know also I will repay you. That is my way.
— When learning a new skill or increasing rarity.

Special skill quotes

Final farewells.
— When using a special skill.
I will crush you.
— When using a special skill.
Was that it?
— When using a special skill.
Hesitation betrays you!
— When using a special skill.

Defeat quote

No regrets...
— When defeated.