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This page contains all of Forsyth's base conversations.

Conversation 1

Forsyth: Oh! Er, hello, Alm. Are you faring well? I must say, it’s an honor to be fighting alongside Sir Mycen’s grandson. ...Laying it on too thick? Ha ha! Oh dear. I’m told I do that a lot. I suppose I just say what I feel without filtering it first. Python told me I should tone it down because it’s rather shameful... But really, what’s the harm?

Conversation 2

Forsyth: I’ve known Python since we were little. We grew up in a tiny town together. My father was a scholar who made a name for himself at our lord’s manor. Naturally, I thought academia would be my lot in life as well, but I could never quite let go of my dreams of being a knight. So I talked Python into joining the army. Not like he had anything better to do. And yes, I knew a commoner like me would never become a knight. But I thought if I fought hard and the king noticed me, then maybe... Pah. It was foolishness. Still, every time I was about to give up, Python would cheer me on. He’d say, “You can’t throw in the towel now!” “That stupid dream is all you’ve got!” ...Hmm? You think he was teasing me? What does it matter? Because of him, I kept at it—and look where I am now. A lieutenant in the Deliverance! I couldn’t be happier.

Conversation 3

Forsyth: When I first enlisted, the Deliverance was shorthanded. And yet, the men running it were still all knights of noble birth. Only one of them paid any heed at all to my or Python’s exploits. ...That’s right. It was Sir Clive. He made me a lieutenant even when the others cried no. Then he made sure Python was taken care of as well. I’m not sure Python fully appreciates it, but that’s a separate issue. With so many people opposing me, I knew I’d never truly be their equal. But the chance Sir Clive gave me meant something, and I shall never forget it. I swore to follow that man to the ends of Valentia if he asked.