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Assassination of the Hero-King/Conversations

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

The Enemy

Cecil: H-hey! What the hell is this? Why is Katarina...!?
Kris: I don't know, either. But when I think about it... there were some signs. Although I never imagined it would come to this...
Ryan: Err, Kris... What are we going to do? Are we... going to fight Katarina?
Kris: ... We are knights. Protecting Prince Marth is our foremost duty.

The Seventh Platoon

Marth: ...Kris, it would seem we've fallen into the enemy's trap. It's too dangerous to fight them head-on like this. Besides, this is your knighthood ceremony... I don't want to lose promising people in a place like this. Please leave everything to me. I'll find a way of escaping alone. You don't need to...
Kris: Speak no further, sire. I shall fight alongside you.
Marth: But...
Kris: Sire, you told me before that you don't want to let your comrades die.
(If Kris is male)
I'm the same.
(If Kris is female)
I feel the same way.

Just like you, sire, wish to protect us... I, too, wish to protect you. That's what I believe.
Marth: Kris...
Luke: Hold it, Kris! I won't let you hog the spotlight all for yourself!
Kris: Luke...
Roderick: I agree with Luke. We are knights; protecting our liege is our duty.
Ryan: Yes, I... want to... protect Prince Marth too.
Cecil: That's right. We are the 7th Platoon! We've defeated all our enemies so far. We can do it!
Kris: Everyone... Alright. Then, are you all ready?
Luke: No kidding!
Kris: The 7th Platoon shall battle together with our prince! And we shall prevail!