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Arthur (Fates)/Quotes (Fates)

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Battle quotes

In the name of justice, I won't let you scoundrels kidnap Lady Elise!
— Arthur, as an enemy in Birthright Chapter 23.
Percy: Let's take 'em out, Ace. All of 'em! Pop's next to go!
Arthur: Listen up, Son! Your spree of mayhem is over!
Percy: Justice never loses! And I am on its side! Not you, Pop!
Arthur: Percy, if you insist on this, you leave me no choice but to fight back!

— Arthur, fighting Percy in Paralogue 19.

Paired battle quotes

Stand down, fiend!
— Arthur
I won't let you down!
— Arthur
It's team-up time!
— Arthur
Show me what you've got!
— Arthur
In the name of justice!
— Arthur
You're no match for us!
— Arthur
Evil shall not prevail!
— Arthur
For justice!
— Arthur
Never fear!
— Arthur, performing a Dual Strike.
This one's on me!
— Arthur, performing a Dual Strike.
No need to thank me!
— Arthur, performing a Dual Guard.

Critical quotes

You're out of luck, friend!
— Arthur
Beware my fists of justice!
— Arthur
Justice strikes!
— Arthur
No more holding back!
— Arthur

Victory quotes

Victory is mine!
— Arthur, after defeating an enemy.
Evil has met its match!
— Arthur, after defeating an enemy.
Justice reigns!
— Arthur, after defeating an enemy.
Justice prevails!
— Arthur, after defeating an enemy.
Ha ha!
— Arthur, after defeating an enemy.
When's my turn?
— Arthur, if his partner defeated an enemy.
Thank you, sidekick!
— Arthur, if his partner defeated an enemy.
Such heroism!
— Arthur, if his partner defeated an enemy.

Level up quotes

At last, my training is paying off!
— Arthur, when two or three stats grown in a Level Up.
The power of justice flows within me!!
— Arthur, when four or five stats grow in a Level Up.

Death/retreat quotes

My one...weakness...
— Arthur's defeat voice clip
It's humiliating to have failed like this. At least I'm lucky enough to be alive... Lady Elise, though I must withdraw, I will always support you.
— Arthur's retreat quote in Classic Mode
I've failed you, Lady Elise... Please...forgive me.
— Arthur's death quote in Birthright Chapter 23.

DLC battle quotes

No true hero would stand idly by as you savages hounded that poor maiden! Though I commend her footwork, I've slipped and fallen six times already. But that's in the past! Starting now, the only one to fall here will be you!
— Arthur, in Anna on the Run.