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User:SuperAlpaca/SA's FE

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Fire Emblem (unknown subtitle)
Boxart not available yet
Developer: SuperAlpacaProductions
Publisher: Nintendo
Designer: SuperAlpaca
Release date(s): JPTBA
Rating(s): ESRB: RP
Platform(s): Unknown

This is the page about my Fire Emblem game.


Ideas in Gibberish

  • Tan is missing and Sin and Cos meet main group for help. Bandits are there and Tan is playable as of turn 3.
  • Robin mercenary group- Robin (bow/sword class), Paladin, 2 fighters, and one young mercenary (Rolf/Shinon relationship w/ Robin
  • Robin is playable Endgame P2, and Paladin dies
  • Robin is like Robin hood and Prince from Princess Mononoke
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