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Together to the End/Script

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Fire Emblem Gaiden

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Rigel Castle

Massena: Prince Albein. I am General Massena, the captain of the king's guards. We have heard our late King's final words and assembled here. (Same as the dialogue from Act 4)

The four soldiers near Massena: Long live King Rudolf the second! (Same as the dialogue from Act 4)

Unnamed sage: If you go down these stairs you should get to Duma's Altar. It's said that there's no return once you've entered. Your Highness, please take care!

Duma Tower

Basement floor 1, room 8

(Approaching the gate)
Alm: Celica!
(Celica approaches)
Celica: Ah! Alm, help us... At this rate, everyone will... H-hurry... Please...

Basement floor 4, room 2

Only Rigel royalty beyond this point

The Final Battle

Alm: Celica?!
Celica: Alm...
Alm: Don't worry. I'll crush these bastards.
Celica: It won't work. Jedah somehow seals all attacks. Plus, Mogalls keep spawning and entangling us. We're done for... Sorry, Alm. I was weak after all. I've had an odd premonition that pain awaits you... That's why I left on a quest to save Mila... That's why I didn't want you to fight yet. I'm sorry I acted so cold... The truth is, I've always...
Alm: I understand. But Celica! Focus on escaping! I'll definitely save you, so hang on!

Jedah dies

Jedah: You fools... You will regret this...
(Jedah dies)

Marla dies

Marla: May Duma's blessings--
(Marla dies)

Hestia dies

Hestia: May Duma's blessings--
(Hestia dies)

Duma dies

Duma: That's enough... Hero Alm. Inherit our will and rule this land fairly... Carry both Duma's power and Mila's love... You must never repeat these events... Never again disturb our slumber...

Thus, the war ended. Many have died, but now Valentia sees peace. Why did this war occur? No one knows. There is but one thing said: If mankind again grows too arrogant... The flames of war shall rekindle. All will be lost... A most dire end. That, perhaps, will remain in our hearts.
— Ending

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

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