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The Wyvern Knights of Thracia/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

All second-generation characters and their substitutes have identical dialogue except where noted. Second-generation children are used, except where substitutes have unique dialogue.


The two faces of the Thracian Peninsula are as distinct as night and day. The peninsula's north, once ruled by several small kingdoms, is graced with rich pastures, while the south, the Kingdom of Thracia, is a harsh wasteland dominated by vast mountains. In ages past, seeking to claim the life-giving northern land as their own, Thracia's infamous wyvern knights have led countless brash attempts to conquer the north, only to be repelled at every turn by the might of House Leonster. Thracia looked to have won at last following their slaughter of Leonster's army in the Aed Desert, only to be defeated in turn by Bloom of Friege, who claimed the land as his own. And so, the so-called Kingdom of North Thracia was born as yet another servant of the Empire. Over a decade has passed since then. Not even Thracia's King Travant, an ambitious man with a thirst for power and glory, dares to challenge the will of the Empire, and so a strange peace looms over the region. Or so it did, until the arrival of Seliph and his liberation army. Bloom's defeat at his own castle has abruptly tipped the balance of the Thracian stalemate. Both the Ulster and Leonster territories now lie under the liberation army's control, forcing Bloom to retreat to Connacht and muster the strength to take Ulster back. The southern Munster Castle, governed by the "goddess of lightning", Princess Ishtar, braces itself for the threat of Thracian invaders. Meanwhile, across the border itself, both King Travant and his border watchman, General Maykov of Meath Castle, remain eerily silent. The people are united in their fondest wish: for the entirety of the Thracian Peninsula to return to the rule of House Leonster. And so dawns yet another battle...


(Mages march east)


Bloom: Nngh... Curses! Never did I imagine that the rebels could pose such a threat. Banba! How could the three of you let yourselves be cowed into fleeing? What a disgrace!
Banba: A thousand apologies, milord. However, you've nothing to worry about anymore. Even as we speak, General Muhammad prepares his brigade to lay siege to Ulster, and General Ovo's cavalry are en route to Leonster. We, too, shall rejoin the fray shortly.
Bloom: Hrm... Don't you dare fail me this time. And what of King Travant? Why are the promised Thracian reinforcements nowhere to be seen?
Banba: We've yet to receive any response to any of our messengers so far.
Bloom: Gah... What in blazes is that snake thinking?
Banba: King Travant is an ambitious man. To blindly trust him would be foolish.
Bloom: No matter. Even without his forces, we've more than enough power to stop the rebels cold. Banba! Fotla! Eriu! Move out at once. This time, leave not a single rebel alive!
Banba: Yes, milord. We will not fail.

(Banba, Fotla, and Eriu emerge from the castle, followed by Bloom)


Man: Sir Ced, please! We all can't take much more of King Bloom's abuses! How long... How long will it be until Munster is free from the Empire?
Ced: Don't lose hope now! Even as we speak, Lord Seliph and his liberators are out there fighting for the District. They'll be here before long. Go! Tell your friends and family that your freedom is so very nearly in reach! Please, my friends, believe me. Munster's freedom is fast approaching!


Arion: Pardon me, Father, but King Bloom is requesting our aid yet again. The Empire has already lost both Ulster and Leonster to the Isaach rebels. He wishes to use us to help reclaim them.
Travant: The Isaach rebels are led by that Seliph brat... Sigurd's spawn, correct? Heh... Poor, poor Bloom. He's getting so old, even little children are a thorn in his side! Pay Bloom no heed, Arion. The Empire and the rebels are best left to break themselves on each other for now. We'll mop up the leftovers once they're nice and weak.
Arion: I should have known, Father... All along, you've been waiting out Bloom's little storm, haven't you?
Travant: But of course! It'd make no sense to bend over backward for the man who snatched our hard-won north out from under our noses, would it? Leonster's downfall should have meant a peninsula unified under our rule... I'll neither forgive nor forget Bloom's craven conquest.
Arion: Even now, we still lack the power to truly match Grannvale on an even battlefield... I can only image your frustration, Father.
Travant: Thracia's fate depends on a unified peninsula. The verdant northern soils are the perfect cure for the famine and poverty wracking our south. We've been shunned and vilified for centuries, dismissed as ravenous hyenas... Yet what choice did we ever have? If not for our answer to this world's craving for sellswords, Thracia would never have had the funds to barely survive as we do. We've toiled in poverty long enough, Arion. It's high time Thracia carved itself a future! A future, I might add, which depends on the outcome of the game laid before us...
Arion: Mm.


Lewyn: I have a bad feeling about this, Seliph... Is Leonster well guarded?
Seliph: I believe so, but then again, reinforcing it further certainly wouldn't hurt. Should I send them some support?
Lewyn: Do it. With Bloom still on the loose in Connacht, there's no sense in skimping on the defenses. Oh, and also, we've received a plea for help from the people of Munster Castle. The sooner our forces reach them, the better.
Seliph: Very well. We shall make the first move!

(Leif, Finn, and Nanna leave to reinforce Leonster)


Turn 1 Connacht phase

Muhammad: Move in on Ulster Castle! We've nothing to fear from these rebels! If anyone dares to question my command, come forth and allow me to relieve your neck of your head! ...No volunteers? Good. Attack!

Ovo: Good, everything's ready. Men, we tear through Leonster's defenses in one fell swoop! We'll not let Muhammad's men put us to shame!

Banba: It is time, then... Fotla, Eriu, shall we proceed? We've no room for error this time.

Turn 3, Connacht phase

Febail: What do you want, Bloom?
Bloom: Ah, Febail. So you came after all. I've been waiting for you.
Febail: Look, Bloom. I'm a busy man. Tell me what you want, or I'm leaving.
Bloom: Tch... Listen carefully. I've an employment opportunity for you.
Febail: ...An employment opportunity?
Bloom: Yes, Febail. I require your services in putting down the rebel army.
Febail: Pass. I might be a mercenary, but I'm certainly not about to do your dirty work.
Bloom: Oh, really? Then what will become of all those orphans in your care? Rumor has it your dear sister has taken to stealing the money you need to take care of them. Are you content with such a life?
Febail: I guess you're right... I dunno if I can take Patty risking her life like this much longer. And we do sorely need the gold...
Bloom: Bring me Seliph's head, Febail, and you'll have all the gold your orphans will ever need and more. Your dear sister would approve.
Febail: ...Deal. I know this'll come back to bite me, but if it means saving the kids... You have my bow... just this once.

(Febail emerges from Connacht Castle)

Turn 5, Connacht phase

(Ishtar exits Munster Castle and teleports to Connacht)

Ishtar: You summoned me, Father? How might I be of assistance?
Bloom: Ishtar! What kept you so long? The rebels are preparing to launch another attack on me any moment now! I-I need you to protect me!
Ishtar: What's happened, Father? How could a pack of simple rebels get to you of all people? This is so very unlike you...
Bloom: These are no mere rebels! They've already slaughtered Ishtore, and Tine is lost to us as well because of them... They've already defeated Banba and her sister... I can't leave this task to them again. You're all I have left to depend upon!
Ishtar: Understood, but I have one condition. I need the Book of Mjölnir. If I'm wielding Mjölnir, I won't need an army with me. I alone will be more than enough.
Bloom: W-what?! You... want me to hand it over... Fine. Very well... You can take Mjölnir... But don't you dare fail me now!
Ishtar: You can trust me, Father. By your leave.

(Ishtar emerges from the castle)

Turn 13 Connacht phase or upon defeating Ishtar

(Julius teleports next to Ishtar)

Julius: Ishtar. Return with me to Belhalla. You've no business dying in a place like this.
Ishtar: Oh! Lord Julius... ...But why are you-
Julius: Come, Ishtar. I need you.
Ishtar: Y-yes, milord! Anything you wish!

(Julius and Ishtar teleport out)

Seizing Connacht

Lewyn: Looks like we just dealt a critical blow to the Empire's control of the area, Seliph. Their survivors are fleeing in droves!
Seliph: Excellent! I suspect liberating Munster has become far simpler than we'd we'd hoped.
Lewyn: Don't get too excited just yet. The real problem here is still Thracia.
Seliph: What makes you think so? What would cause Thracia to break neutrality now, of all times?
Lewyn: You've never had to deal with King Travant before, have you? Just ask Prince Leif. If not for Travant, he would still have his parents. Travant's murder of them was a cruel ambush, an insult to the honor of a knight like Quan. Who knows what dirty game he's planning now...

Connacht seized!

End of Seliph's phase after Connacht is seized

Travant: Bloom's gone and died, has he? Heh heh... At last! Thracia has been scrubbed clean of the Imperial taint! Now's our chance to help ourselves to the north, starting with Munster! Altena! I leave the capture of Munster to you. I'll send General Coulter with you. If anyone stands in your way, suppress them without a second thought. I don't care if it's a little kid with a wooden stick. Cut them down!
Altena: Hold on a moment, Father! I'm as eager to challenge the Empire as you are, but killing innocents makes no sense at all! We'd be much better served forging an alliance with the liberators. We're already surrounded by enemies. Why make more?
Travant: Altena! I have no interest in one of your little lectures. Keep your mouth shut and do as you're told!
Altena: But, Father-
Arion: Please, Altena. Just listen to him. Father and I must return to the capital. We've some further preparations to make. Best of luck holding our border, Altena.
Altena: Arion... Very well, I'll do it...
Travant: Then don't waste your time dawdling! Go!

(Thracian army emerges)

Travant: She's finally gone? Good... Stubborn little thing, isn't she? I haven't seen a woman so brash since her mother... Quite the family resemblance there!
Arion: Father, surely you must realize that Altena means you no ill will. You needn't be so harsh on her.
Travant: Yes, that much is obvious, thank you! ...Let's head back to the capital, Arion. We need to ready the army to claim this peninsula as ours, once and for all! Maykov! Meath Castle is in your hands. Work with Altena's unit and defend the border, no matter what happens!
Maykov: Understood, milord!

(Travant and Arion leave, additional forces emerge)

Man: Dire news, Sir Ced! Thracia's dispatched a dracoknight unit from Meath, and they're coming our way!
Ced: Just our luck... We've only just finally cleared the Empire out of Munster, and now we've got Thracia to grapple with as well?! I suppose it was only a matter of time before Travant showed his true colors...
Man: The liberation army's sure to want to aid us, but they still haven't crossed the river! What do we do?
Ced: Everyone! Get out of here and run for Connacht! I'll stay here and fend off the wyvern knights for as long as I can.
Young woman: B-but that's impossible, Sir Ced! Not even you could survive a dracoknight assault by yourself!
Ced: I know, but I won't risk any lives but my own. Don't worry. I won't go down without bringing a few Thracians with me! Go on, please! We've no time to waste!
Young woman: Sir Ced...

(Civilians and Ced emerge from Munster)

One turn after Ced is recruited

Maykov: The rebels have made it to Munster? What in the blazes is Princess Altena doing? Men! Bolster our defensive line! Until His Majesty the King returns, we must protect the border at all costs!

Altena nears Munster

Coulter: Is everything ready, my liege? We'll be closing in on Munster shortly. Let's waste no time in besieging them!
Altena: Hold, Coulter! Those are nothing more than common citizens standing in our way. Killing them would be the foulest of crimes. Wait here with the squad. I'll see if I can negotiate a surrender.
Coulter: You know I can't do that. My orders come from over your head. You may spout all the lovely nonsense you wish, but the king forbids me to stay my hand.
Altena: Are you questioning a direct order from your commander and your princess, General?!
Coulter: These are my men, princess! If you don't wish to partake yourself, then stand aside, make yourself useful and watch our backs! Now, then... Is everyone ready? All hands, prepare to strike Munster! Leave no survivors!
Altena: C-Coulter! Get back here at once!

Leif approaches Altena

Leif: Hold on a moment. Over there... Is that a dracoknight dame? She has such a sad look in her eyes...


Seliph: The Thracians are on such a different level to anybody we've fought before, Lewyn. It almost feels as if each blow is fueled by pure desperation...
Lewyn: See Thracia's always had a bad lot in life. Much of its land is consumed by mountains. Farming its own food is a near impossible task, so they struggle to keep themselves fed. Thracia's men seek mercenary work to find the money to stay alive, while its women are stuck in whatever dreary jobs they can dig up. Don't get me wrong, Seliph. King Travant is still an awful man, but there's far more than his own petty gain at stake in his schemes. The Thracian army is as loyal to Travant as they come. They ardently believe it's Travant who'll guide Thracia out of its endless famine.
Seliph: I see... That does make sense...
Lewyn: The thing is, no amount of poverty will ever justify Thracia's aggression. Travant's brand of nobility and justice would never be accepted anywhere else in the world. All the peninsula's north can see are rowdy aggressors, who threaten their peaceful lives. As harsh as it may seem, Seliph, I trust you know you can't afford to stay your hand here. The Thracian royal family is the enemy, and a grave threat to the north's peace. Stripping them of power is the only choice. That task falls to us, and we can't fail now.

Altena: The liberators have seized Meath?! Could I have been wrong about them? Oh, Arion.

(Altena flies south)


Northernmost village

Young woman: Ohh, thank you so much! I've heard all the stories about your army, and I've been praying that you'd come someday. Lord Seliph is our beacon of hope! Here, take this power ring. It's not much, but it's all we have to show our gratitude.

Power Ring obtained!

Northeast of Connacht

Young woman: Long ago, Thracia and the states of the Munster District were a single nation. 'Course, you'd never know that from how they've hated each other so for as long as anyone can recall! I wish they could just try to make peace...

With Asaello

Note: This conversation is unique and does not occur for Febail.

Young man: Gaah! I-I don't believe it... The Connacht Hitman's back for more blood! Run, everyone! Run for it!
(Young man runs away)
Asaello: ...
Girl: ...
Asaello: Er... Shouldn't you be running, too?
Girl: But you look so sad, mister...
Asaello: ...I do?
Girl: Take these! We picked up all these fruits in the woods. Eat 'em! They'll make you grow up big and strong! I hope you feel better soon!
Asaello: Thanks, kid...

Str +3 for Asaello

Westernmost village

Man: I've heard tell that over in Munster, people're planning a revolt against the Imperial rule. Apparently the ringleader there's some Silessian mage called Ced... The people there are so sure that he's the man for the job. Of course, the real problem for Munster is that Thracia's got their grubby eyes on the city... I hope they'll be alright.

Northwest of Munster

Woman: For as long as anyone can recall, Thracia's wanted to claim this region as their own. And for just as long, House Leonster always stood in their way, wielding their holy lance Gáe Bolg to defend our lands. At least, until Gáe Bolg was lost a decade ago in the Aed Desert... The Thracians ambushed and murdered Prince Quan, his wife Ethlyn, and their daughter Altena as they crossed Aed, and the lance vanished...

Southernmost village

Old woman: Hoo hoo! What brings you all the way out here? You must be quite the curious one! Either way, I want to thank you for coming all this way for such a small and remote town. This here trinket's a thief's band. She's an odd little thing: slip her on and you'll soon find yourself stealing like you've done it all your life. Hoo hoo hoo! Take care of yourself, dearie.

Thief's Band obtained!


Julia and Seliph

Julia: Lord Seliph...
Seliph: Oh, Julia. Is something the matter?
Julia: I... I'm scared... I sense an evil presence... Something dark... And it's closing in...
Seliph: What do you mean?
Julia: (slowly) ...Seliph... Be on your guard... Ishtar is a fierce foe... You cannot fight her... You must not...
Seliph: Julia! What's happening to you?!
Julia: Ahh... I... W-what in the world just...?
Seliph: Julia... You're...

Lck +1 for Seliph

Arthur and Fee

Arthur: You need to be careful, Fee. I know you can fly and all, but that doesn't mean you should just take off by yourself.
Fee: Oh? Are my ears playing tricks on me? Could it be you're actually worried about me, Arthur?
Arthur: Er... Yeah, I suppose so.
Fee: Hmmm! Who knew you had it in you? I never would've guessed that you're even able to worry about anyone but yourself! I might have to rethink everything just a bit!
Arthur: Well, er, you're something of a special case...
Fee: Huh?
Arthur: Er, never mind! Anyway, just don't do anything too rash, alright? See you...
Fee: Arthur...

HP +3 for Fee

Finn and Leif

Finn: Lord Leif, the protection of the peninsula realm is our duty as House Leonster's remnants. We aren't in for an easy battle, but no matter what happens, we must persevere.
Leif: I know, Finn. I've always dreamed that this day, the day of Leonster's freedom, would come... I'll do all I can to bring peace to the peninsula and save the people from King Bloom's tyranny. To fulfill Father's final wishes at last... And if I need to lay down my life to make our dream a reality, then so be it...
Finn: Please, my lord! It ill befits a future king to do something so rash! You mustn't say such things!
Leif: Er, you're right... Sorry, Finn. I know how hard you had to work to protect me from the Empire's pursuit in my youth. I recall how often you'd let yourself starve, just so I wouldn't have to go without food... All my life you've made sacrifice after sacrifice for my sake, and only now do I understand this... I'll always be grateful for all you've done, Finn.
Finn: My lord, the Thracian region has been plagued by strife for generations, but your father dared to dream of uniting it under a lasting peace. He may be gone, but you still yet live, and so too does the hope of fulfilling his dream. Only you stand a chance of uniting Thracia.

Str +3 for Leif

Patty and Febail

Patty: Hang on... Febail?! What d'you think you're doing? Ugh... Don't tell me you actually let Bloom buy out your bow arm!
Febail: Patty? Wait... Why are you with the rebels?
Patty: To protect people, of course! We've come this far working together, and I know we're gonna stop Bloom for good! I don't get it. Did you just go and forget everything? That if it wasn't for the Empire's cruelty, none of the kids would be orphans? But no, here you are, kissing up to the very same man who ruined all our friends' lives! What the heck were you thinking, Febail?
Febail: You're absolutely right... I'm so sorry, Daisy. I guess I just wasn't thinking at all.
Patty: Any scumbag can apologize till their blue in the face! If you're really sorry, then get over here! Come help us fight for peace!
Febail: Alright, Patty. I'm with you. You've certainly come a long way lately...
Patty: Hee hee... I guess I have!

Febail and Seliph

Febail: Prince Seliph? Please, sir, forgive my foolishness!
Seliph: Febail, yes? Patty has already told me your story. Relax! I understand why you did what you did. You've nothing to worry about.
Febail: I don't think so, sir. Letting myself work for the very same Empire I've supposedly been opposing? That was shamefully half-witted of me... Sir, I swear I'll make up for my bad choices. I'll do everything I can to aid you!
Seliph: Thank you, Febail. I'm glad to have you.

Seliph and Tine

Seliph: Pardon me, Tine. I don't suppose you're acquainted with Princess Ishtar?
Tine: I am... When I was growing up, Ishtar was like a sister to me. She was one of the few who treated me well...
Seliph: Would you have any idea who the man who came to collect her was, then?
Tine: That... was most likely Prince Julius.
Seliph: The crown prince himself?! Are you certain?
Tine: I think so, yes. The two are a couple. That would be why he...
Seliph: Have you met Prince Julius before, then?
Tine: Once or twice, when I visited Belhalla. He... How can I put this... He has this odd charm which draws people to him... only for them to find that he's colder than ice. He's terrifying! If I didn't know better, I would swear he isn't even human...

HP +3 for Tine

Nanna and Ares

Note: This conversation is unique and does not occur for Jeanne.

Nanna: Hey! You're Ares, right?
Ares: I am. What do you want?
Nanna: I've been hearing how you're the son of Lord Eldigan. Is there any truth to that?
Ares: There is. Of what concern is it yours?
Nanna: Oh, I knew it was true! I'm Nanna. I'm the daughter of Lachesis, Lord Eldigan's sister!
Ares: C-can this be?! Are you truly my aunt's child?
Nanna: Of course I am! You know, my mother was really worried about what happened to you. It must've been her search for you that brought us to Leonster all those years ago.
Ares: My father knew well that the stormclouds of a brutal civil war lurked across Agustria. I was a mere infant and my mother was in poor health, so he bade her to seek refuge with her parents in Leonster. Alas, Leonster too fell afoul of a war of its own, and my mother lost her life to the Empire's invasion.
Nanna: That's where Javarro comes in, right?
Ares: Indeed. Javarro found me and took me in as his own, and with his mercenary corps, I traveled the world and learned the art of war.
Nanna: So that's why I've never found you before... Listen, Ares. My mother left me something to give to you if we ever met.
Ares: Oh? ...What is this? Is this... Is this Father's?!
Nanna: It is! It's a letter from Lord Eldigan, and it's addressed to you, Ares.
Ares: I can't believe it...
Nanna: This should sort everything out! It says your father and Lord Sigurd were the closest of friends and held each other's deepest trust. This never changed, no matter what...
Ares: So it says... Wow, I... I've been so, so wrong for all this time...
Nanna: I hope you'll look after Lord Seliph, Ares. He really is depending on you!
Ares: I will, I promise you... Say, Nanna. How would you like a quick lesson in swordplay? Here, pay close attention...

Str +2 and Def +2 for Nanna

Seliph waits next to Muirne

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022
Note: This conversation is unique and does not occur for Lana.

Muirne: Milord...
Seliph: Ah, Muirne. Is something the matter?
Muirne: Er, see... I'm scared, milord. I mean, when we first left Isaach I was excited as anybody, but now... I watch everyone risking their lives over and over, and I... I know that sooner or later, it'll be one of us who dies next.
Seliph: Muirne...
Muirne: You saw what the thunder mage did when we defeated her, didn't you, milord? She just vanished in the blink of an eye! There's something else at work here... An evil power beyond anything we know!
Seliph: ...You aren't alone, Muirne. I've tried to hide it, but to be frank, I'm terrified as well. Often I find myself too fearful to sleep... Sometimes, the fear is so overwhelming that I wish I could run away... Just leave Jugdral and its troubles behind me. But I cannot... I will not. You saw the faces of the people when we freed Ulster and Connacht, did you not? The very instant that we'd won, they were so overjoyed that they burst into tears! That's how much freedom from the Empire means to them. We are the ones with the power to save Jugdral, Muirne, and we must not shirk from that duty.
Muirne: ...I'm so sorry, milord. I shouldn't have made you worry like that. I'll always give your cause all I have. I promise. But please, milord... Please be careful! I don't know what we'd do without you...
Seliph: Thank you, Muirne. And I... I don't know what I'd do without you.
Muirne: Oh... Milord...

Lck +5 for Muirne

Seliph and Ced

Seliph: Ced the Brave, I presume? I couldn't possibly thank you enough for all you've done for the people of Munster.
Ced: Lord Seliph... I'm so glad you're here at last. Sire, I implore you! Save this world! Too many of us have already given into despair... The city of Munster has been robbed by the Empire of countless young children. All were sent to dark shrines in Miletos... I... I couldn't save even a single child. Me, brave? Hah! I hardly deserve such a lofty label. I'm just another coward...
Seliph: That isn't true, Ced! If I were to fight alone, I know that there'd be precious little that I could do. It was uniting the strength of my friends, a team effort, which brought us this far! And I believe that your strength could be a valuable part of our cause. Please, Ced the Brave. Grant us your power!
Ced: Thank you, sire... You'll have my loyalty, no matter what!

(Ced joins)

Ced and Seliph

Note: This conversation is unique and does not occur for Hawk.

Ced: Huh?! Er, pardon me, Lord Seliph, but... ...That man standing by your side...
Seliph: Ah, Ced. I'd like you to meet Lewyn, my tactician.
Ced: Lewyn? I knew it. That's my father...
Lewyn: Oh, Ced. I guess you've found me. Been a while, huh? How's things?
Ced: How's things? HOW'S THINGS?! Father, don't you realize? I've been searching for you for all this time! Do you even realize how long it's been since you ran away from home?
Lewyn: Oh, yeah. I guess it has been a few years... Hey, how's Erinys doing these days?
Ced: How dare you... Mother is DEAD! All we ever wanted was for her to see you one last time before she died... That's why I've been looking for you!
Lewyn: Huh... Erinys... Such a shame, too...
Ced: Are you capable of any emotion at all, Father?! You just heard your wife's dead, and you won't so much as shed a tear... And what about Fee? You've hurt her so much! It still pains her... She's adamant that she won't speak to you. You've known she was here all along, Father. Why didn't you try to fix this?
Lewyn: Look, Ced. I left my old life behind long ago for a reason. That goes for my wife and kids, too. End of story. That's all there is to it.
Ced: ...Father?!

Lck +3 for Ced

Fee and Ced

Note: This conversation is unique and is not the same for Hermina and Hawk.

Fee: Ced...? Cedsy! It IS you!
Ced: Fee?! What are you doing here? Is something the matter?
Fee: I've been looking for you, of course! I mean, you've been gone from Silesse for so long, and we had no idea where you were!
Ced: I know, Fee, and I'm sorry... See, what happened was I was passing through Munster in my search for Father. I would've moved on, but the people's plight was nothing short of heartbreaking. I couldn't just leave Munster to waste away...
Fee: I should've known. That is so like you, Cedsy! And here I was, almost starting to forget why you're so incredible.
Ced: You're with the liberation army, then?
Fee: Yep! I just knew I had to help Lord Seliph.
Ced: Is that so... You're even more like Mother than I thought! Not once in her life did she ever turn her back on someone in need.
Fee: You're just like her, too, Cedsy... Poor Mom, though. Just thinking about how Dad left her... It makes me so mad!
Ced: Mm... I still can't make sense of his actions. What could he have possibly been thinking...

Lck +1 for Fee

Hermina and Hawk

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022
Note: This conversation is unique and is not the same for Fee and Ced.

Hermina: Hawk...? Hawksy! It IS you!
Hawk: Hermina?! What are you doing here? Is something the matter?
Hermina: I've been looking for you, of course! I mean, you've been gone from Silesse for so long, and we had no idea where you were!
Hawk: I know, Hermina, and I'm sorry... See, what happened was I was passing through Munster in my search for Father. I would've moved on, but the people's plight was nothing short of heartbreaking. I couldn't just leave Munster to waste away...
Hermina: I should've known. That is so like you, Hawksy! And here I was, almost starting to forget why you're so incredible.
Hawk: You're with the liberation army, then?
Hermina: Yep! I just knew I had to help Lord Seliph.
Hawk: Is that so... I should have known. After all these years you've spent admiring Sigurd, it was inevitable you'd want to aid his son.
Hermina: Yep! I've always dreamed of being a pegasus knight as great as the legendary Lady Erinys. Just watch me, Hawksy. I'll get there someday!

Lck +1 for Hermina

Fee waits on a peak

Note: This conversation is unique and does not occur for Hermina.

Fee: Whew! What a view, huh? I wonder if I can spot Cedsy from here... Hey, you alright, Annand? Ready to fly yet? Y'know, Annand, you're named for my aunt... She was one of the greatest Silessian heroines. I bet that name's why you just don't give up. Don't you worry. The very instant everything's peaceful again, We'll be going right back home to Silesse! And once it's all done... Hee hee! Maybe I'll find someone really cute, and we'll spend the rest of our lives together! But I guess we've got a little more work to do before the guys or girls come along! Come on, Annand!

Amid waits on the upper-central forest

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022
Note: This conversation is unique and does not occur for Arthur.

Jake: A human! Oh, I'm saved!
Amid: Is everything alright?
Jake: It's kind of a long story... A very, very long story. See, I got myself kind of lost around these parts, but this kid from the liberators called Linda helped me get back on my way. But then, pathetic as I am, I went and got myself lost all over again!
Amid: Is that right? Linda's my sister. The name's Amid, and don't worry. I'll do what I can to get you out of here.
Jake: Wait, really? You're seriously Linda's brother? Ahahaha! What are the odds of that? ...Gods, I’m hopeless...
Amid: Listen, don't worry about it. Everything'll be fine. Just follow me. If we're attacked, get down and I'll take care of everything.
Jake: ...Wow. What a great guy. Like brother, like sister, huh...
Amid: Hey, I'm sure you'd do the same.
Jake: Trust me, you really are a good person... Here, I want you to take this talisman with you. Heh... I gave one to your sister, but I actually had a spare just in case!
Amid: Oh, thanks. I really appreciate this.
Jake: Right! I'm going to make it home, and then I'm going to see to it that Anna and I have a kid who's every bit as kind as you!
Amid: You'll never get to do that if you don't make it out of these mountains, huh? Follow me!

(Amid leaves.)

Jake: H-hey! Could you slow down a bit?! I can't keep up with you like this!

Res +3 for Amid

Linda waits on the lower-central forest

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022
Note: This conversation is unique and does not occur for Tine.

Jake: A human! Oh, I'm saved!
Linda: What's the matter?
Jake: See, I was on my way to join the liberation army, but all I've managed to do is get myself lost... What brings you to this gods-forsaken place?
Linda: I'm with Lord Seliph's army, fighting to bring peace to the land.
Jake: Really? Hah! What are the odds? I get lost trying to find the liberators, only to find one of 'em here, of all places... I, er, was actually headed home now. It's embarrassing, I know, but all this has scared the life out of me. I bet my dear, sweet Anna is worried sick too...
Linda: That's a pity... I would have liked to have had you on our side...
Jake: Y'know, the real problem is those ballistae. One glimpse of those, and I freeze right up! I can't say I'd have been much use to you at all, had I joined you. Oh, right! What's your name, anyway?
Linda: I'm Linda...
Jake: Linda? That sounds awfully familiar... Though, are you sure you're spelling it right? Never mind, I suppose. Here, take this talisman for your trouble. I certainly won't be needing it anymore!
Linda: Thank you...
Jake: Well, best of luck out there. Naga bless you, miss!

Res +3 for Linda

Battle Quotes

Fighting Muhammed

Muhammad: Keh... You rebel scum...

Killing Muhammed

Muhammad: We... We've been defeated so easily...? King Bloom... I beg your forgiveness...

Fighting Ovo

Ovo: I'm impressed you've come so far... But this is the end for you!

Killing Ovo

Ovo: I-impossible...

Fighting Eriu

Eriu: Taste the wrath of thunder, rebel!

Killing Eriu

Eriu: Banba... Fotla... Is this.... the end?

Fighting Fotla

Fotla: Taste the howling gale, traitor!

Killing Fotla

Fotla: Nngh... Blasted rebels...

Fighting Banba

Banba: Taste raging flames, brigand!

Killing Banba

Banba: Ahh... What a shame... Fotla... Eriu...

Triangle attack

Eriu: Banba! Fotla! Ready? This time, no mistakes! ...Triangle Attack!!

Fotla: Banba! Eriu! This time, without fail! ...Triangle Attack!!

Banba: Fotla! Eriu! This time, we're ready! ...Triangle Attack!!

Fighting Bloom

Bloom: What in the blazes is happening out there?! You rebel scum... You'll have no mercy from me!

With Seliph

Bloom: Y-you! You're Sigurd's whelp... You won't leave here alive!
Seliph: I believe that's my line, King Bloom. You've nowhere to run this time!
Bloom: Curses... I'll drag you down to the grave with me, whelp!

With Tine

Note: This conversation is unique and does not occur for Linda.

Bloom: Tine... How dare you, you spoiled, ungrateful brat!
Tine: Spoiled? If it weren't for you, my mother wouldn't have been driven to her death... Don't you dare claim to have forgotten!
Bloom: Gah...

With Febail

Bloom: Febail! What in the blazes do you think you're doing?! You traitorous slime!
Febail: Yeah, sorry about that, but I realize that I'd much rather die than help you. Too bad it's you who'll die instead.
Bloom: Gah... I'm surrounded by buffoons...

Killing Bloom

Bloom: Nngh... How... regrettable...

Fighting Febail

Febail: I'm so sorry... But we sorely need the gold...

With Patty

Febail: Wait... Patty?! No, this... It's not what it looks like!

Killing Febail

Febail: Oh, Patty...Forgive your... fool of a brother...

Fighting Ishtar

Ishtar: I wish I didn't have to do this... But you shall go no further!

With Tine

Note: This conversation is unique and does not occur for Linda.

Ishtar: Wait... Tine? What do you think you're doing?!
Tine: Ishtar... I... I'm so sorry...
Ishtar: You've turned traitor, then? I'm disappointed in you, Tine!

Defeating Ishtar

Ishtar: Ahh! Lord Julius...

Rescuing citizens

Young woman: Please, we beg of you... Do all you can to help sir Ced!

Young woman: Thank you so much, noble warrior!

Young woman: Thracia's wyvern knights are still on the prowl 'round these parts. Be careful, won't you...

Young man: You're with Lord Seliph's liberators? Gods be praised! You've come at last.

Young man: Three cheers for Lord Seliph!

Young man: We're saved! Oh, thank you!

Fighting Coulter

Coulter: Heh heh... What a pity it is for you, that this is where you die!

Killing Coulter

Coulter: Gaaah! May Thracia... rise in glory...

Fighting Maykov

Maykov: This land is the rightful land of the Kingdom of Thracia! You will never take it from us!

Killing Maykov

Maykov: Guh... Glory... to Thracia...