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The Misty Isles/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


After driving Narcian away from Ostia, Roy and company brace themselves for further attacks from Bern. However, Bern's belligerent movements toward Lycia come to an abrupt halt, as if to mock Roy and his caution. Bern also remains unresponsive to a treaty offer from Etruria. Bern's sudden silence and lack of activity can only be described as eerie.

With Hector gone, Pherae is now the greatest power in Lycia. Eliwood summons the council of marquesses to Pherae to discuss future actions. It is decided that Eliwood is to lead the council of the Lycian League. A new Lycian Army is also to be established. This new army's purpose is not to take the offensive against Bern, but rather take a defensive stance for Lycia. Owing to his victory against Bern in Ostia, Roy is chosen leader of this new army. Gradually, the attitude and morale in Lycia begin to improve. People once again conduct business without fear, and they embrace a new optimism.

At this time, Etruria calls for Lycia's assistance. The kingdom needs help with restoring law to the Western Isles. Many outlaws make their bases there, and anarchy is said to rule. Many in Lycia are uneager to send their troops to the Isles to deal with bandits, but having received Etruria's aid in Ostia, they have no choice but to oblige. Thus, Roy and the Lycian Army pass through Etruria toward the Isles.

The Western Isles are the numerous islands off the western coast of Elibe. Presently, they are colonies of Etruria. The Western Isles are rich in resources, so mining is a major industry here. However, these resources are worth a fortune. Inevitably, varied bands of rogues traveled there hoping to loot the mines. As such, the people of the Western Isles live in constant fear of bandit attacks. Roy is sent to vanquish these bandits...


(In the castle)

Pirate: Boss! The Lycians are here!
Scott: You sure?
Pirate: Oh yeah. We just saw 'em dock at that little island in the east.
Scott: Good. They're probably floundering about in this thick fog. Sneak up from where they can't see and finish 'em.
Pirate: Sure thing, Boss.

(The pirate leaves)

(At Roy's position, Cecilia approaches Roy)

Cecilia: Roy, I'm sorry that I couldn't stop this.
Roy: It isn't your responsibility, General Cecilia. Don't concern yourself.
Cecilia: Even in Etruria people dislike how the high chancellor treats the Lycians as pawns.
Roy: High chancellor? I thought the king made the decision to send us here.
Cecilia: Actually, he didn't. High Chancellor Roartz works closely with Lord Arcardo, the noble who heads the mining operations here in the Western Isles. They made the decision without consulting the king.
Roy: They have that power? How?
Cecilia: ...Did you hear of the tragedy that occurred in Etruria last year?
Roy: Of course. Prince Myrddin, next in line to be king, abruptly passed away last year.
Cecilia: Yes, that's it.
Roy: I never had the honor to make his acquaintance. I understand that he was a very bright individual.
Cecilia: Yes... Were the prince alive, Etruria would surely not be in this sad shape. King Mordred was overcome with sorrow when his son departed. The shock was so great that he has yet to recover. Of late, it seems he's always detached from reality. He pays no mind to anything happening around him or in the kingdom. Roartz is exploting the king's condition for his own benefit. Now, he's essentially in charge of the goings-on in the palace. He keeps the three Etrurian Generals, Perceval, Douglas, and myself, away from the king except in times of great urgency.
Roy: But what about when you came to our aid in Ostia?
Cecilia: That was an exception because I had Perceval behind me. But I'm sorry, I didn't have the clout to prevent this...
Roy: I don't blame you. We will return to Lycia as soon as we complete our mission here. But please, I only ask that you take care of Lycia in our absence.
Cecilia: You needn't ask. The Lycian League is in safe hands, as is Princess Guinivere.
Guinivere: Roy... May I not go with you?
Roy: The battles on these islands are likely to be ugly. I can't predict what might happen. You should stay in hiding in Etruria with General Cecilia's protection.
Cecilia: You can trust me, Your Highness. I know you want a truce to end this war. I will defend you no matter the cost.
Guinivere: ...I understand. I'm truly sorry to trouble you. Roy, I pray for your safety.
Roy: Thank you, Your Highness. I will pray for yours as well.

(Cecilia and Guinivere leave; Roy takes his position amidst his forces, and the battle begins)

In battle

At the start of turn 2, enemy phase, inside the pirate castle

Fir: Scott!
Scott: Oh, Fir. Sorry to call you in.
Fir: What's going on out there?
Scott: The island is under attack by pirates. They've come to kill the people living here.
Fir: What?!
Scott: I sent some guys over to try and stop them, but the pirates are very skilled. The outlook isn't good.
Fir: I can't believe it...
Scott: I'd like to fight them myself, but I can't leave this castle. Fir, I'm sorry, but can you go in my place?
Fir: Yes. I will go and purge the people of these pirates.
Scott: Yeah, thanks.
Fir: Leave them to my blade! Anyone who attacks innocent villagers will get no mercy from me!
Scott: I have someone you can work with too.
Fir: You do?
Scott: Yeah. He's a nomad named Sin. He's a little skinny, but he's a decent shot with his bow.

(Fir and Sin meet up in the northwest, in the fog)

Fir: Are you... Sin?
Sin: Yes. I heard everything from Scott. Let's go.
Fir: ......
Sin: ......
Fir: So, uh...
Sin: What?
Fir: Uh, are you here to protect the villagers like me?
Sin: No... I have no interest in such things.
Fir: Then why are you here?
Sin: I'm paid to fight. That is all.
Fir: ......
Sin: ......
Fir: ...I need to keep the conversation going. Uh... You're from Sacae, right?
Sin: Right.
Fir: What brings you all the way out here?
Sin: Nothing special. You appear to be from Sacae yourself.
Fir: As for me, I'm traveling around Elibe to train myself, and... Oh, you didn't ask about me, did you...?
Sin: ......
Fir: ...Sigh.
Sin: ...I'm looking for someone.
Fir: Who?
Sin: ...My clan was crushed by Bern when they invaded Sacae.
Fir: ......
Sin: Our chieftain had me escape and told me to find and protect his granddaughter. I'm still in search of her.
Fir: I see... Well, I hope you find her.
Sin: ...Me too.

(Inside the pirate castle)

Pirate: Boss, you sure? I mean, that girl won't have any chance...
Scott: I know what I'm doing. Once she's killed, we can take that sword she's carrying.
Pirate: The sword? That weird one she has?
Scott: It's not just any weird sword. It's a Wo Dao, a famous blade from the east. It's worth a fortune. Heh heh...
Pirate: Ohhh, I get it now. That's why you were so hospitable to her.
Scott: I couldn't do anything before, but now's our chance. I want you to follow her. Once she's finished, take the sword from her lifeless hands!
Pirate: Sure thing, Boss!

Talk conversations

Noah talks to Fir

Noah: Fir! It is you!
Fir: Sir Noah?! What are you doing here?!
Noah: I joined this army back in Ostia... Whoa! What are you doing?! Sheathe your sword!
Fir: Sir Noah! You aren't the noble man I thought you were!
Noah: What?
Fir: I know you're a mercenary... But lending your services to pirates?! You should be ashamed!
Noah: ...What?
Fir: Don't act like you don't know! You're working with pirates to attack the people living here! And you call yourself a knight?!
Noah: Hold on, I think there's been some kind of misunderstanding...
Fir: Misunderstanding?! You still have the nerve-
Noah: We're trying to help the villagers. Our goal is to defeat the head of the pirate group here. His name is Scott, I think.
Fir: What? Scott is the head of the pirates?
Noah: Sure is. If you don't believe me why don't you ask the pirate over there? The one behind you, hiding in the bushes.
Fir: Pirate? What pirate-?
Pirate: The plan failed! I gotta go tell the boss!
Fir: Hey! Come back here!
Noah: ...You didn't suspect them at all?
Fir: No! Scott was very kind to me...
Noah: Really? The rumors say that he's a brute of a man...
Fir: My mother always said that you shouldn't judge a person by their looks...
Noah: Well, certainly, but...
Fir: ...I was fighting for pirates this whole time... What should I do now?
Noah: Do you want to come with us?
Fir: Truly? Can I?
Noah: We're always looking for new recruits to bolster our strength. I'll talk to Roy for you.
Fir: Thank you!

(Fir joins the army)

Sue talks to Sin

Sin: Sue!
Sue: Sin... What are you doing here?
Sin: I was looking for you.
Sue: For me? Why?
Sin: The chieftain told me to.
Sue: ...What happened to the clan after I left?
Sin: We were no equal for Bern...
Sue: ...We lost.
Sin: ......
Sue: What happened to my grandfather?
Sin: He still continues the resistance against Bern...
Sue: Is that so...
Sin: I was told by the chieftain to find and protect you.
Sue: Then you will fight alongside us?
Sin: With you?
Sue: This army is fighting against Bern, like my grandfather. They also saved my life.
Sin: Then of course. If that is what you desire, I am at your disposal.
Sue: Thank you.

(Sin joins the army)


The house at the spawning point

Elderly Man: Among the pirates is a very skilled nomad... You can't see him through all this fog, but he also has a girl with him...

The house south of the spawning point

Elderly Woman: The resistance is faring quite well. In the north and in the west, they're always engaged in battle. Which way will you go?

The house above the southwestern village

Young Woman: There's so much mist here... In these conditions, you can never know if someone's waiting to pounce! Torches can be very useful, even if you have an eagle-eyed thief with you.

The house next to the northeastern villages

Middle-Aged Woman: The nearby villagers... They're all deserting the Isles for the mainland. It's very sad, really. If you want to visit, you'd best do it quickly. You won't have time to go to both, so you'll have to decide.

The southwestern village

Middle-Aged Man: This whole area is basically pirate territory. They take everything from us. Resist, you say? It's of no use. They can do whatever they want because of their numbers. We can't fight against them like the resistance force.

(Silver Sword)

The left northeastern village

Young Woman: The only people here are women and children. All the workers have been taken north to the mines. They aren't even allowed to rest. They're forced to work until they die... My brother escaped, but he was reduced to skin and bone. That day he came back, he was already too weak, and he drew his last breath... Now that I've told you this... can you... Er, sorry... I've said too much. Please forget all of this. We'll leave the Isles now.

(Killer Bow)

The right northeastern village

Young Man: You saved us! Are you with the resistance? No? Then you just did it out of the goodness of your heart? As I'm sure you've seen, these islands are swarming with pirates and bandits! There's nothing we can do out here, but word is the resistance is waging battle in the western part of the Isles. Tell them we'll all move to the mainland. They don't have to worry about us...


Battle quotes

Scott enters combat

Scott: Maybe the fog didn't stop you... But you must be in rough shape at least! I'll finish you off!

Scott dies

Scott: Who... are you? You're no ordinary army...


Roy: Merlinus, it appeared the enemy was trying to ambush us...
Merlinus: They must have known we were coming.
Roy: I think there's more to this than we realize...
Merlinus: You're right. Clearing out the bandits may be more difficult than expected. Ever since Bern's aggressive behavior started, Elibe has changed.
Roy: I don't even know what to expect... Dragons appearing, Bern's sudden invasion, the collapse of the Lycian League... Everything happened so suddenly. In the end I suppose all we can do is take it one problem at a time.
Merlinus: Now... Where do we go from here?

If the left northeastern village was visited, or if neither northeastern village was visited

Roy: Let's move north along the coast.
Merlinus: North... Toward the mines?
Roy: Yes. I hear the people living on the islands are being forced into slave labor there.
Merlinus: So you think we should rescue them.
Roy: If we do, we might be able to find out who's behind all of this.
Merlinus: Well, we must start somewhere.
Roy: Then let's not waste time... Let's head north.

If the right northeastern village was visited

Roy: Let's head west.
Merlinus: West?
Roy: I heard there's a resistance group based there. They're fighting the bandits to protect the villagers.
Merlinus: They may have information on what's going on in the Isles.
Roy: Indeed. We need a lead.
Merlinus: It seems like a sound idea, Lord Roy.
Roy: Then let's not waste time. Let's move west.