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The Infernal Truth/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


In the hidden village of Arcadia stands an ancient temple. One of the legendary weapons is said to be hidden within. Roy and company are hot on the trail of Bern's troops, who have already made their way into the temple...


(At the throne)

Oates: Haven't you found the legendary weapon yet?
Soldier: We believe it is inside this altar, but we can't get it open...
Oates: Break it open if you have to! It doesn't matter!
Soldier: The enemy has already entered the temple, so the men are all preparing for battle! We don't have the manpower to break it open right now!
Oates: Blasted distractions... We don't have time for this. As soon as the enemy is defeated, locating the weapon is our highest priority.

(At the entrance)

Roy: This is what it looks like under the desert? There's so much...water.
Sophia: This is close to a source of groundwater... This is the reason plants and animals can live in our village...
Roy: So this is the source of the oasis. Still, how did you find such an ideal location?
Sophia: Athos... Archsage Athos led us here...
Roy: You mean the Athos of the Eight Legends?
Sophia: Yes... After the Scouring... Archsage Athos traveled all across Elibe... At the end of his journey, he discovered our village of both man and dragon... He told us it was only a matter of time until we were discovered...
Roy: So he brought you into the desert where you could stay hidden...
Sophia: Yes... He concealed his legendary weapon within this temple...
Roy: Will your village permit us to use this legendary weapon?
Sophia: The Archsage said that we were to use his weapon to protect Arcadia... As long as you use save Elibe and to protect us...then of course...
Roy: It will be invaluable. Thank you.
Sophia: Some of the pathways in this temple will sink into the water without warning... Please be careful...

In battle

Battle quotes

Oates enters combat

Oates: I... wasn't expecting you to put up such a fight.

Oates dies

Oates: Where... did you learn... to fight... like this...?


If Sophia is alive

(At the throne)

Sophia: It is here... Inside this altar...
Roy: ......
Roy: It won't open...
Sophia: Only those of the village may open the altar... Please allow me...
Roy: Of course.
Sophia: ......
Sophia: There... This is the legendary weapon.
Roy: Athos used this? Then it's...
Sophia: Yes... It is the Infernal Truth. Forblaze...

(Forblaze received)

If Sophia was killed during the chapter

(At the throne)

Soldier: The tome appears to be inside the altar, Lord Roy.
Roy: Can you get it out?
Soldier: I sent some people to ask the villagers about it.
Roy: Thank you, but let's not force the issue. If they will not give us permission to use it, then we leave it here.
Soldier: Yes, milord.


Soldier: Lord Roy! The villagers helped us remove the tome from the altar! Here it is.
Roy: What is it?
Elffin: ...If this is what Archsage Athos used, it must be Forblaze, the Infernal Truth. The legends say that none could escape its fiery punishment.
Roy: ...We must use it cautiously then.

(Forblaze received)

Regardless of Sophia's survival

(Inside Arcadia's temple)

Elder: Who trespasses in this place? What is your business here?
Roy: My name is Roy. Sophia brought me here. I came to protect the village.
Elder: Sophia...? Then it was you who drove off Bern's soldiers? Oh dear... Please forgive me. I am the elder of Arcadia.
Roy: The elder... Are you a dragon?
Elder: A dragon... I have been called that before. But that was a time long past.
Roy: ......
Elder: Let me think... Yes, the only real dragon we have now is Fae right here.
Fae: Hi...
Roy: This little girl is a dragon?
Elder: Yes, though she has not yet matured.
Roy: Elder, do you know anything about the dragons fighting for Bern?
Elder: What?! Bern is allied with dragons?
Roy: Yes, we have seen them.
Elder: I do not know... Dragons are not supposed to exist in this world, except for in this village.
Igrene: Elder, if I may.
Elder: What is it, Igrene?
Igrene: Sophia said that she could detect an evil force emanating from Bern's troops. It may be related to the dragons Roy says he has seen with Bern.
Elder: Perhaps... I am too old to detect such forces now myself.
Roy: Sophia can detect an evil force? What does that mean?
Elder: Sophia is half dragon and half human. That gives her the ability to detect the auras emitted by other dragons. She says, however, that she detects an unnaturally twisted force from Bern.
Igrene: I think that it should be investigated further. Elder, if you will allow it, I would like to join Roy so that I might learn more.
Elder: I would prefer not to involve ourselves in outside matters... But this is certainly a special case. Will you take her, Roy?
Roy: Certainly.
Igrene: I am Igrene, Guardian of Nabata. I am confident in my skills with the bow. I believe I can aid you in battle.
Roy: I appreciate it.
Fae: I want to go too!
Elder: Don't be ridiculous. You may not. There is no telling what may happen if the world learns of your existence!
Fae: ......
Igrene: If there is nothing else, let's be off.
Roy: Yes, let's.

(Roy and Igrene leave)

Fae: ...Fine... I will just follow them sneakily!