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The Brink of Chaos/Script

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Veronica: The Tempest, you say?
???: Yes. A vortex of the realms. To perform the rite is to pierce the worlds. Inside the Tempest is a region of pure chaos. It should not exist, and yet... it does.
Veronica: I see. That sounds very different than the gateways.
???: Yes. The Tempest tears the worlds. There's no way to control which worlds join together, once torn... Or what happens afterward.
Veronica: I'm interested. May I ask just one question?
???: Of course.
Veronica: Who are you?
???: ...
Veronica: You've been posing as my brother since this morning. Why? I know you're a fake. My brother isn't here. He's... searching for something. Tell me, and I may even spare your life. Well, for a minute or two, at least.
???: ... What a surprise!
(flash of light, ??? transforms into "Sharena")
???: Few can see through my illusions so quickly.
(flash of light, ??? transforms into "Alfonse")
???: Leave it to the princess of Embla to find me out. How adorable. So now that you know...
(flash of light, ??? transforms into "Anna")
???: Wouldn't you say that this is a good look for me? I think I'll stick with it for now.
Veronica: What's your name?
Loki: Loki, dear. It's Loki. And if you want to see what I really look like... well... you're going to have to wait. Now, Veronica... about that rite...
Veronica: I'll do it. I've read that the Heroes called by the Tempest are strong, so... Of course I'll do it.
Loki: Hah! You knew about the Tempest this whole time. How delightfully cunning you are. I like it. In fact, I find I'm quite taken with you, Princess Veronica. We're well on the way to becoming fast friends, aren't we?

(scene changes to the map screen)
Alfonse: "Forces led by Princess Veronica of Embla streamed in from the north and besieged the Tower of Heaven..." The report goes on to say that the enemy has captured the tower. I'm sure we'll find her here.
Anna: The Tower of Heaven is a holy site. Whatever Princess Veronica has in mind, well... It can't be good for us. We don't have time to wait for our forces to catch up. We have to stop her. Now.


Alfonse: Princess Veronica!
Veronica: Well look[sic] who showed up to my party. You're late, though. There's nothing you can do to stop the Tempest now. Soon, I'll have more Heroes on my side... So many that you won't even be able to count them all... I'll make them ALL mine! And then I'll finally crush your pathetic little kingdom.
Alfonse: Stop! It's no good. We can't let her escape. We have to stop her now! Into the storm, everyone—into the Tempest!

(scene changes to a castle)
???: ... This world is shrouded in despair... I must hurry. The future depends on it.