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Hey I probably could have done some more testing before posting this on the Talk page but I'm like everyone else on the internet so I went ahead anyway.

My observation when playing Three Houses was that when I assigned an Adjutant to an unit the Avoid bonus from Support would seem to apply regardless of whether the unit is initiating attack or when defending. The Avoid bonus from Adjutant doesn't show up on the unit stats screen, but you could see that bonus seems to be there when an enemy unit signals an intention to attack that particular unit (the "streak" line). According to the enemy Hit stat under the streak line box, the Hit from the enemy unit is smaller than the difference between that enemy unit's Hit and my unit's Avoid, and the difference is the same as the Support Avoid bonus between my unit and their Adjutant.

However, the above seems to only apply to physical attack, as when the enemy unit is a mage the projected Hit will be exactly the same as the enemy's Hit minus my unit's magical Avoid (I'm aware of the difference between physical and magical Avoid calculations in Three Houses). So Support Avoid bonus doesn't seem to apply to enemy magical attack, at least when it comes to Adjutant.

I'm not sure if that applies to the Support Avoid bonus for enemy magical attacks in other situations as well. But is it possible in Three Houses friendly units don't receive magical Avoid bonus from Supports, just like Terrain provides no effect on enemy magical attacks? Philosoraptor (talk) 06:09, 12 December 2019 (UTC)

You seem to be right. Having only just checked some situations and math, Linked Attacks don't seem to add to avoid against magic. With or without Adjutants and any number of allies of any support level that can provide the Linked Attack boost, it has had no effect on a unit's magical avoid.
The reason, also, that Adjutants don't add to a unit's Avoid on their status screen is because Adjutants act as a guaranteed partner for a Linked Attack, the bonus from which is only calculated and shown in the battle menus. Thecornerman (talk) 06:40, 12 December 2019 (UTC)
I think in many ways Adjutants are essentially a guaranteed Linked Attack like what you said; however until recently I didn't know their bonuses would seem to apply when the unit is defending as well - Linked Attack bonuses don't apply when the unit is under attack. I was thinking to myself, "that's neat! Now I can make my dodge tank even more 'dodgy'!" - until I noticed that Avoid bonus doesn't seem to be there for enemy mages.
Off topic, now it got me thinking, does the Adjutant Avoid bonus apply when enemy unit is attacking the user unit with a gambit? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Philosoraptor (talkcontribs). Remember to always sign your talk page comments with ~~~~!
I checked, and no. Neither Adjutants nor non-Adjutant allies apply Gambit Boosts when defending against enemy gambits. Thecornerman (talk) 16:09, 12 December 2019 (UTC)