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Star and Savior/Script

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light


Morzas: Kee hee hee… So, Marth! You've come crawling back to your homeland… just to die! I am Lord Medeus's most formidable servant… Morzas of Basilisk! You're too late! TOO LATE! Your mother, Liza, has already breathed her last! And your sister, Elice, is in Gharnef's hands now! It's all my doing! If that angers you, why don't you see if you can defeat me? Kee hee hee!

Houses and Villages


  • Young man: Psst… If you have a VIP card, you can access a members-only shop. Its location is a secret. Even I don't know it!

Morzas initiates a battle

Morzas: Basilisk! I call upon your power! Burn these arrogant humans to ash!


Malledus: Well done, Prince! With this, Altea has been liberated. The people are so happy… Just listen to all that cheering! Do you hear them? "Glory to Marth, the prince of light!"

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

Ss fe12 menu background 01.png

The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


After defeating Hollstadt's knights, the allied army swiftly conquered the whole of Altea. All that remains is the Altea castle, guarded by the Mage Dragon, Morzas's men. Morzas substituted General Camus as the commander of the occupation army, and was a ruthless man guilty of killing nemerous people. That dreaded Morzas once again appeared before Marth.
— Chapter 14 Intro


Morzas: Hahaha... Marth, so you've returned to die. I am Emperor Medeus's right hand man, Morzas of the Basilisk. A pity though that you've returned so late. Your mother, Liza, already died by my hands. And your sister, Princess Elice, is now in Gharnef's possession. Hahaha... Regret, for you cannot defeat me.
(Morzas transforms)

Fighting Morzas

Morzas: Haha... Stupid humans. I'll show you to fear us Mage Dragons!

Killing Morzas



Malledus: Congratulations, Prince Marth. Altea has finally been liberated. Please listen. The citizens are all praising your highness. Eternal glory to Altea's Prince of Light, Starlord Marth...

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


The League had routed Hollstadt's knights and recaptured most of the kingdom, but there was still the castle to deal with before Altea would be free; the mage-dragon Morzas remained entrenched within its walls. Unlike General Camus who preceded him, Morzas had been a cruel warden, slaughtering many innocent Alteans at the slightest provocation. Marth roiled to think such a monster still sat upon his noble father's throne.
— Chapter 16 intro

During battle

Morzas: Kee hee hee...Wretched Altean whelp, stumbling home to the slaughter... What fool throws away a life already so preciously bought? Your mother, Liza, is dead; I killed her myself. Your sister Elice lives only because Gharnef wanted her. So what will become of you, little prince? Will you run for your life a second time? Or will you stay this time to die? Emperor Medeus would not put me on this throne if he thought you could remove me from it, kee hee hee...

Against Morzas

Morzas: Kee hee...Witless human! None defy a mage-dragon and live to speak of it!

Defeating Morzas

Morzas: Grrf...I stand...corrected...But you still lack the defeat Medeus...


Nyna: Marth! Any word? Have you found your family? Your sister?

Marth: ...My sister was taken by Gharnef. She is no longer here... And mother is... She is dead. that Dolhrian dragon...

Nyna: ....! Marth, I am truly sorry...

Marth: I thought there would be something...some part of my old life I would be coming back to. I fought so hard...

Nyna: You fought wonderfully, Marth.

(Enters Malledus)

Malledus: ...Sire, might I have a moment?

Marth: All the moments you want, Malledus. What is it?

Malledus: Your people have gathered outside the castle. They are overjoyed to be free again, sire, and would like very much to see their prince.

Marth: All right, then. I'll go at once.

Nyna: Marth...perhaps you should let that wait, just until you are able to share their joy with them. We could send someone in your stead-

Marth: No, that would not do. Today is a momentous day for my kingdom and my people. I must celebrate with them now, not later. Anything else would be a disservice to those who died to save Altea. I am a prince before I am a son or a brother. Come, Malledus. Let us go greet my people.

(Switches to a scene with Marth waving to crowd. Dialogue runs from a narrator on the top)

“Thus Altea was liberated. Its people, ragged from years of Dolhrian tyranny, scrambled to the castle and flocked beneath its walls, eager to celebrate what, for many, would be remembered as the happiest days of their lives. They clapped each other on the back, laughed; and when Marth, their prince, appeared up above, they saluted their hero with a thunderous cheer: “Glory to Marth, our prince of light! Glory to our star and savior!” Marth smiled down at his people and waved. The great commander's last victory of the day was commanding his tears not to flow.”