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Chest Key

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===''Mystery of the Emblem''===
|method=[[ShopVendor (shop)|Vendor]]
|data=Book 1: [[An Oasis of Magic|Chapter 12]] • [[The Battle for Altea|Chapter 13]] • [[A Knight-Filled Sky|Chapter 17]]<br>Book 2: [[Sanctuary of Sorcery|Chapter 9]] • [[Return of the Prince|Chapter 15]] • [[The Wyvern's Dale|Chapter 21]]
|data2=[[The Thunder Axe|Chapter 12x]], [[chest]]
|methodlast=[[ShopVendor (shop)|Vendor]]
|datalast=[[The Ostian Revolt|Chapter 7]] • [[The Hero of the West|Chapter 11 (Northern route)]] • [[Flight Toward Freedom|Chapter 11 (Western route)]] • [[The Dragon Child|Chapter 15]] • [[The Law of Sacae|Chapter 18 (Sacae route)]] • [[Bitter Cold|Chapter 19 (Ilia route)]] • [[The Binding Blade (chapter)|Chapter 21]]
|method1=Dropped by
|data1=[[The Bandits of Borgo|Chapter 3]], enemy [[Brigand]] • [[Unbroken Heart|Chapter 5x]], enemy [[Mage]], enemy [[Fighter]] • [[Fort Rigwald|Chapter 9 (Ephraim's route)]], enemy [[Mage]] • [[Creeping Darkness|Chapter 11 (Eirika's route)]], enemy [[Bonewalker]] ({{hover|×3|One as a reinforcement}}) • [[Queen of White Dunes|Chapter 14 (Eirika's route)]], enemy [[Knight]] • [[Father and Son|Chapter 14 (Ephraim's route)]], enemy [[Shaman]] • [[Ruled by Madness|Chapter 16]], enemy [[Druid]]{{hover|*|Eirika's route}}, enemy [[Shaman]]{{hover|*|Ephraim's route}} • [[Sacred Stones (chapter)|Final Chapter]], enemy [[Wight]]
|methodlast=[[ShopVendor (shop)|Vendor]]
|datalast=[[Distant Blade|Port Kiris]] • [[Turning Traitor|Bethroen]]