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Fire Emblem games I have completed

Userboxes, yay

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Some of my Heroes units

I stole this idea from here, since it's easier than listing off a different arena defence team every week.

Except in a handful of cases (e.g. Phantom Speed on Alm), seals aren't listed, since they're changeable. And the 4β˜… +X units won't technically be complete until they hit +10, but I'll list them here anyway.

Now only listing units I like and use regularly, since otherwise it would get too crowded.

Red units

Lucina Eirika Alm Marth Olivia Ike Mia Celica (Fallen)

Sigurd Xander Eldigan Chrom (Exalt) Black Knight Arden Elincia Palla Caeda

Celica Katarina Arvis Lyon Leo Eirika (Memories)

Blue units

Catria Tana Valter Lucina (Brave) Azura Ephraim Lukas Berkut Camus Jagen Linde Micaiah L'Arachel

Green units

Soren Ike (Brave) Raven Sheena Michalis Minerva Cherche Titania Sonya Deirdre

Colourless units

Leon Klein Felicia Lucius Genny Lachesis Priscilla

Dragon units

Tiki (adult) Tiki (young) Corrin (F) Fae Myrrh

Echoes spell list boilerplate

Spell Learned at
Fire Mage, level 1
Nosferatu Mage, level 1
Thunder Mage, level 1
Excalibur Mage, level 1
Arrow Mage, level 1
Aura Mage, level 1
Seraphim Mage, level 1
Ragnarok Mage, level 1
Recover Mage, level 1
Physic Mage, level 1
Rewarp Mage, level 1
Freeze Mage, level 1
Silence Mage, level 1
Warp Mage, level 1
Dear Mage, level 1
Fortify Mage, level 1
Invoke Mage, level 1
Again Mage, level 1
Rescue Mage, level 1
If the character promotes before learning a spell, the level at which that spell is learned becomes (Spell's level - [Level before promotion +1]).

Echoes map names

I figure we can use these for the map subpages (e.g. what was formerly Zofia's Call/Map 1).

Brackets are just notes to disambiguate skirmishes, or denote dungeons, and not part of the actual title.

Act 1:

  1. Ram Woods Battle
  2. Fleecer's Forest Battle
  3. Thieves' Shrine (dungeon)
  4. Storming of Ram Valley
  5. Attack on the Southern Outpost
  6. First Battle of Southern Zofia
  7. Second Battle of Southern Zofia
  8. Deliverance Hideout (dungeon)
  9. Liberation of Zofia Castle

Act 2:

  1. Skirmish (Novis Cemetery)
  2. First Pirate Raid
  3. Second Pirate Raid
  4. Assault on the Pirate Throne
  5. Third Pirate Raid
  6. Beast Hunt (Seabound Shrine)
  7. Seabound Shrine (dungeon)
  8. Fourth Pirate Raid
  9. Fifth Pirate Raid

Act 3 (Alm):

  1. Northern Zofia Battle
  2. First Battle of Zofia Forest
  3. Forest Crossroads Battle
  4. Siege of Desaix's Fortress
  5. Second Battle of Zofia Forest
  6. Sylvan Shrine (dungeon)
  7. Forest Northside Battle
  8. Retaking of the Sluice Gate

Act 3 (Celica):

  1. Zofian Coast Battle
  2. Skirmish (Mountain Graveyard)
  3. Attack on the Desert Stronghold
  4. Northern/Southern Desert Battle
  5. Attack on Grieth's Citadel
  6. Storming of the Valley Approach
  7. Dragon Shrine (dungeon)
  8. Liberation of the Temple of Mila

Act 4 (Alm):

  1. Border Battle
  2. Rigel Forest Battle
  3. Fear Mountain Battle
  4. Fear Mountain Shrine (dungeon)
  5. Siege of Nuibaba's Abode
  6. Rigel Plains Battle
  7. Fight at the Dragon's Maw
  8. Rigel Falls Battle
  9. Secret Shrine (dungeon)
  10. Attack on the Last Bastion
  11. Attack on Rigel Castle

Act 4 (Celica):

  1. Dead Man's Mire Battle
  2. Skirmish (Mire Boneyard)
  3. Attack on Dolth Keep
  4. Lost Treescape (dungeon)
  5. Storming of Duma Gate
  6. The Swamps of Duma Battle
  7. Duma Tower (dungeon)

Act 5:

  1. Duma Temple (dungeon)
  2. The Final Battle (The Altar of Duma)

Act 6:

  1. Archanea Seaway 2 Battle
  2. Archanea Seaway 4 Battle
  3. Archanea Seaway 6 Battle
  4. Thabes Labyrinth (dungeon)