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The Great Bridge/Conversations

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Soren: Hmm...
Unknown: Soren! Are you in here? Soren: Yes... Ike? It's late. What do you want?
Ike: Shhh!
Soren: Um...Ike?
Unknown: Oh, no... How strange. I was sure he'd come this way. Yooo-hooo?!
Soren: That voice... It's the woman from the item shop, isn't it?
Aimee: Commander! Ike? Where have you gone, handsome?
Ike: Crud.
Soren: ...Did you run in here to escape?
Ike: Look, whenever that woman corners me, it takes forever to get away. Let me hide in here until things simmer down.
Soren: We begin marching tomorrow morning... This is a waste of valuable time. I'll go and chase her away.
Ike: Wait! Soren!
Aimee: Iiike! Ikey-poo! Where aaaaare you?
Soren: Aimee?
Aimee: Oh. Soren. Ew. I mean, um...hi. Why are you out so late?
Soren: Do you have some business with Ike?
Aimee: Well, yes I do. I found a special something that I'd like to give to him. Do you know where he is?
Soren: Ike a war meeting. If you have something for him, I can hold on to it for you.
Aimee: Hmm... What should I do? You see, I have this new staff... The staff is VERY valuable. I'm not sure if I feel comfortable simply handing it over to someone who doesn't...understand that.
Soren: That's a Hammerne, is it not? A rare staff that can take any item, no matter how battered and worn, and repair it completely.
Aimee: Why...that's right. You're quite knowledgeable, aren't you?
Soren: If I may continue, I believe that there is only one of these in all the world. It truly is priceless. And you want to give this to Ike?
Aimee: Well, I do want to be helpful.
Soren: ...If you truly wish to capture Ike's attention, bringing him staves and whatnot will avail you nothing.
Aimee: What? Really? Oh, dear... I was so hoping he would like it.
Soren: Food, however, would be much more effective than a staff. He's particularly fond of spicy meat dishes.
Aimee: Is that so? Cooking is not something that I'm skilled at, but... Oh, I've got it! I know the perfect dish!
Soren: Ah, good! He will be very pleased! Um...what about the staff?
Aimee: Hee hee! You can keep it as payment for the cooking tip! Take good care of it.
(Aimee leaves)
Soren: ...Well, she's unexpectedly generous. I received something quite nice from your admirer, Ikey-poo! Thank you so much!
Ike: Hey, wait a minute!
(You got a Hammerne.)


Ike: Understood. Proceed as ordered.
Soldier: Sir, yes, sir!
(Soldier leaves)
Ike: What's next... Huh? Who's there?
Shinon: Sir, yes, sir... Hey, it's General Ike the Great! I heard all about it, you know? Those guys went and made you...a NOBLE!
Ike: Shinon?
Shinon: Good for you, huh? Har har! ...Hic! You're in love with a pwetty wittle princess, you're fighting side-by-side with yer sub-human pals. Yes! Yer moving up! Oooo, look at you! It's big mister Ike! Leading the good life!
Ike: They're not sub-humans. They're laguz.
Shinon: ... Yeah, whatever. Here's the deal... Now that yer a high-class noble, you can't be running around with a...buncha broke mercenaries. All the other nobles...are gonna LAUGH at you! So...give it up! I'll do you a favor and take over.
Ike: I don't think so. I'm going to continue as commander of the Greil Mercenaries.
Shinon: Screw you! You always get everything! Don't you ever want to give up anything? Nooooo! Not big important mister Ike! You've always been like this! You act like you're not interested in something, then you swoop in and...STEAL IT AWAY!
Ike: Hey! Shinon?
Shinon: ......Wh-what? WHAT?! And watch how you say my name, boy! Boy, boy, boy... Wittle boy Ike... Wittle Ikey...
Ike: ...Shinon, what's wrong with you? Are you feeling all right?
Shinon: What do you care, you snotty whelp?! It's none of yer business! AND another thing! About the command of the company. If you refuse to give it least change the name! Yer NOT...Commander Greil! Just because you're his son... That doesn't...give you the use his name...
Ike: Shinon, are you sure you're all right?
Shinon: ...YEAH! I'm fine! I'll be fine... Fine, fine... Ugh...I don't feel so good. Ooh...BLAARRRGGGHHHH!
(Shinon leaves)
Ike: It was never about the commandership... It was about my father. ...