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Ocean's Parting/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


After Roy captures Aquileia, other Etrurian forces flock to the loyalists, forcing out the revolutionaries. Roartz and Arcardo are driven out of Etruria. They flee north to Ilia, which is under Bern's control. Ilia, the frozen highlands, is a land with short summers and long winters. With so little arable land, the nation's main source of income is mercenary contracts.

The now free Kingdom of Etruria joins forces with the Lycian Army. Now a joint force under the name of the Etrurian Army, their first mission is to enter Ilia and finish off the revolutionaries. After that, they plan to launch a direct attack on Bern. Roy, nominated as leader of the Etrurian Army, has the powerful support of the St. Elimine Church. With the church's support comes also the support of the people.

However, Roy has to face not only the freezing cold of Ilia, but also the elite troops under Murdock, head of Bern's Wyvern Generals. Even worse, many skilled mercenary knights of Ilia have sided with Bern. To begin, Roy heads for Castle Remi, located on the Ilian border...


(Inside Castle Remi)

Murdock: Narcian has fallen then.
Galle: So it seems. General Murdock, I still feel uncomfortable that we didn't go to his aid.
Murdock: The king's orders explicitly said to leave him on his own. Bern's army has no use for a man who cannot manage his own messes.
Roartz: Sir Murdock... What will you have us do?
Murdock: Arcardo, I leave Castle Remi to you. Roartz, you will take Castle Edessa. Make preparations to defend against the enemy.
Arcardo: What?! Remi is right on the border! The enemy will be here in short time!
Murdock: That much is true. But this position gives us an invaluable strategic advantage against Etruria. You must ensure that this castle does not fall into enemy hands.
Roartz: Edessa lies all the way in the outer tundra of Ilia...
Murdock: Yes, so you will have ample time to prepare your defenses.
Arcardo: ...You...intend only to take the defensive? You don't mean to take back Etruria?
Murdock: We play the waiting game for now. We will take Etruria some day. And once we do, it will be under Bern's jurisdiction.
Roartz: What about us?! That's not what we agreed upon!
Murdock: Then perhaps you should find a way to make yourself useful. You have done nothing to deserve such renumeration. If you'll excuse us.
Roartz & Arcardo: ......

(Roartz leaves the map to the east, Murdock and Galle exit the castle)

Galle: Those two will surely be killed. Should we really leave them?
Murdock: If they fall, it is because of their own incompetence. Our army's code states that every officer must be capable and self-sufficient. Perhaps they should have considered that before joining us... The enemy leader... Roy, was it?
Galle: Yes, Roy of Pherae.
Murdock: I admit he has rebuilt the Lycian Army magnificently. I thought it finished after we crushed it the first time... I hope to cross blades with him before the war is over.

(Murdock and Galle leave the map to the south)

(Outside, on the other side of the river, to the southwest)

Yoder: We will soon approach the Etrurian border.
Roy: Thank you for everything, Father Yoder. We've only made it this far thanks to the assistance of the church.
Yoder: I am only repaying your favor. Had you not captured Aquileia, we would suffer great persecution from Bern. This is nothing compared to what you did for us.
Roy: It was my pleasure to help the church.
Yoder: If I may be so bold... Can I ask one more favor?
Roy: Of course, if I am capable.
Yoder: If you discover anything else about the dragons...
Roy: Say no more. If I find anything new, I will report to you immediately.
Yoder: You have my eternal thanks. ...Oh yes, I have some information that may be of use. At a certain time of day, the sea level drops, exposing a crossable sandbar.
Roy: A sandbar?
Yoder: It would take much time to make your way around the bay to the castle. However, crossing the sandbar would be a direct journey.
Roy: I'll bear it in mind.
Yoder: However you choose to proceed, please be careful. Rushing forward has its dangers as well.
Roy: Thank you for your advice.
Yoder: Not at all. May the Etrurian Army go with Saint Elimine's blessing.

In battle

At the start of turn 6, player phase

Soldier: Lord Arcardo! A path has appeared in the sea!
Arcardo: What?!
Soldier: According to the locals, the tide pulls out this time of day...
Arcardo: And you didn't know about this sooner?!
Soldier: Milord, we are foreigners here! We do not know this land!
Arcardo: Curses! Charge! Don't allow the enemy to cross that path!

Merlinus: Lord Roy, we have a report.
Roy: Did the sandbar appear?
Merlinus: Yes, Father Yoder was right.
Roy: Did the enemy know about it?
Merlinus: Actually, no. They seem to be in a panicked state.
Roy: All right, then let's not waste this opportunity! Move forward!


The northwestern village

Old Man: Ah, you are fighting against Bern? Then please take this staff. It was once used by the noble Lady Tiena...

(Tiena's Staff)

The northern house

Girl: Did you know that at a certain time of day, a sandbar appears in the bay? It's a path right through the ocean. Good luck!

The southern house

Middle-aged Man: The tide is very dramatic around here. I remember once I was getting ready to go fishing, but by the time I had my boat ready, the tide had already gone out.

Battle quotes

Arcardo enters combat

Arcardo: W-why?! What have I done to deserve such a fate?!

Arcardo enters combat with Douglas

Arcardo: D-Douglas! You had turned to the enemy...!?

Arcardo enters combat with Klein

Arcardo: Klein! You would betray me?
Klein: You are the one who betrayed Etruria, Lord Arcardo!

Arcardo dies

Arcardo: I... am a noble... of Etruria...! I cannot... die... in a place such as this... Gah!


(Inside Castle Remi)

Merlinus: Lord Arcardo... What a pathetic ending for one of his stature.
Roy: A year ago I myself never imagined I would be leading an army. Fate can be unpredictable... Perhaps we'll even be able to turn the tides against Bern.
Merlinus: ...? Lord Roy, what is that in your hand?
Roy: Oh, this? It's the Fire Emblem.
Merlinus: That tiny gemstone...?
Roy: Princess Guinivere wanted me to keep it. It seemed... difficult for her to give it to me... I think she still hoped to end the war with diplomacy...
Merlinus: Hm... Perhaps she had faith in her brother, even if that seems unlikely.
Roy: Why do you say that?
Merlinus: Because Zephiel is the treacherous king of Bern! It is said that he murdered his own father. I don't expect he would be moved by family trust...
Roy: He killed his own father?!
Merlinus: Haven't you heard the rumors, Lord Roy? Zephiel took the throne because his father, King Desmond, passed on. But King Desmond's death was very sudden.
Roy: So there are rumors...?
Merlinus: ...Yes, that Zephiel assassinated him.
Roy: Does Princess Guinivere know about this?
Merlinus: I'm sure she is at least aware of the rumors. She may even know the whole story.
Roy: ......