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Gallia (chapter)/Conversations

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Soren: Hmm.
Ike: What's wrong, Soren? Are preparations complete?
Soren: Yes, everything's ready.
Ike: You have only a few robes and musty books. I'm taking a bit less, but it looks as though you travel light as well.
Soren: The burden of unnecessary items is something I detest.
Ike: Me too. We're alike in that, aren't we?
Soren: Hmm.
Ike: What is it? You've got that worried look again.
Soren: Well, um... It's nothing. Never mind. ...Everyone's really slow, aren't they? Shall I go and see what's taking them?
Ike: Soren... Don't worry about it.
Soren: Hm?
Ike: Sitting here in the morning, in the sunlight... It helps me to understand. I'm alive. I have trustworthy friends. That's how I know I can go on. I just hope I'm not...fooling myself.
Soren: No, you're not! You're not.
Ike: Well then, it's business as usual. I know we'll have troubles, but let us set our shoulders straight and get on with it.
Soren: Understood.


Mist: Ah, Ike... Good morning.
Ike: Mm. Morning. ...Are you all right?
Mist: If I said I were, I'd be lying. But I'm doing my best. Yesterday, I was so confused. Then, I awoke this morning and saw the blue sky, felt the sun on my face... And I thought, I'm alive. The sunlight was so warm. I mean, it's always warm, but... for some reason, it made me want to cry.
Ike: Oh, Mist...
Mist: It's up to us. We must live the fullest lives we can. We have to live for Mother and for Father. We musn't dishonor their memory. I may think about them, and I may cry every now and then, but I'll carry on!
Ike: You're right... Everything you said is right. We will carry on together.
Mist: Right! Oh! Sorry, I have to hurry and get ready! I'll see you later, Brother!
Ike: Yes, look at the time! Get a move on, will you?


Oscar: Hey, good morning, Ike. How're you feeling today? Yesterday's battle was a rough one, wasn't it?
Ike: Hi, Oscar. Yeah, I'm sore all over. Every muscle in my body hurts. Hopefully, I'll feel better after I move around for a while.
Oscar: I hope for the same. When I woke up, it was all I could do to get out of bed. We're truly lucky to be alive. If those two beast fighters hadn't arrived when the did, we might have all been wiped out.
Ike: ...Yeah...
Oscar: Ike, I can't say I know what you're going through or how you feel. But you should try to remember all that happened last night. The men we fought were professionals. Well trained and under the command of a cunning tactician...but not invincible.
Ike: ...You're saying they follow certain rules? Specific patterns? Yes, I see. If I can learn what they are, they become vulnerable. The next time we meet, we won't lose.
Oscar: Har!
Ike: What?
Oscar: For an instant there, looking at you was like looking at Commander Greil.
Ike: I'm his son. I'm supposed to look like him, aren't I?
Oscar: It wasn't that. And it wasn't an aura or a hunch or anything like that. I don't know what to call it. It was more like the core of your character... It felt the same as his.
Ike: Huh...
Oscar: Ha ha. Sorry. That must've sounded pretty stupid.
Ike: Oscar?
Oscar: Commander?
Ike: From now on, when I practice, would you join me? I would be more familiar with the fighting style of knights.
Oscar: Of course! If there's anything I can do to help, you need only to ask.


Mia: Oh, Boss! Morning!
Ike: Good morning. Are you ready to go?
Mia: All set! It doesn't matter how late I go to sleep, I'm always awake before the sun rises! I can leave whenever!
Ike: ...Um, I'm sorry. You know, for everything that's happened. It's all so sudden.
Mia: Oh, it's nothing. But it's been rough on you, hasn't it?
Ike: I could say the same to you. It can't have been easy joining a band of wanted mercenaries and fighting every day.
Mia: Oh, it's not so bad...
Ike: You were forced to join us by the whims of fate, not by choice. I know my father said you had a debt to repay, but he's not here anymore. If you want to leave, I won't stop you.
Mia: Um... Er... Aaaaah!
Ike: Aaah! What!?
Mia: Oooh! Times... Times like this... I never have any idea of what I'm supposed to say. None! Uh, darn! Hold on. the middle of that giant mess, you didn't give up, Boss. And I knew. That is how a true man lives! So now I have to follow you. You see?
Ike: I...think so.
Mia: That's my story, Boss. So do me a favor and don't tell me to get lost. I'm good to have around. You'll see!
Ike: If that's how you feel, I guess I understand. I'm counting on you. Don't let me down.
Mia: Never! I wouldn't know how!


Mordecai: Ike. Are you prepared? Can we depart soon?
Ike: It's taking more time than I thought. I'm sorry for making you wait.
Mordecai: I see. Then I will talk with you as we wiat. Grr... My words, are they well? Can you understand them?
Ike: Sure, no problem. I understand you.
Mordecai: That is good. Mordecai is not so good with this language.
Ike: What language do you normally use?
Mordecai: With others of my tribe, I need no words. I say all that I must with gestures and do you say...growls?
Ike: That sounds convenient.
Mordecai: Yes. But our tongue does not let us talk to other tribes. That is not good. That is why we learn these modern words.
Ike: I would think that would be enough, being able to speak with only your friends, wouldn't it?
Mordecai: It is not. If there is danger or conflict... We can use words to avoid a fighting that need not be. So using words that many can hear is good.
Ike: Hmm... Using words to avoid unnecessary fighting... That's one way to think about it.