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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

This page contains all of Frey's paired base conversations.

Frey and Kris

First conversation

Kris: Sir Frey, can I ask you one thing?
Frey: What is it, Kris?
Kris: I want to learn about Gharnef... the Dark Pontifex.
Frey: Alright. I'll tell you what I know... However, why come to me when there are people far more knowledgeable about this subject than I?
Kris: That's because you're a teacher to us new knights, sir.
Frey: Well, originally I wasn't well suited to teaching, but... Because of how things turned out, I ended up being your lecturer.
Kris: Is that so? It seemed like you were used to teaching...
Frey: Not at all. It's just that Sir Cain showed more strength and skill... And Sir Abel, while competent, had already left the knighthood. Meanwhile, Sir Draug and Sir Gordin don't quite have the personalities fit for an instructor.
Kris: So that's why you were designated as instructor, Sir Frey? Was it hard teaching?
Frey: Yes, it was. Not all pupils are good learners. I knew it was a troublesome task, but I hate seeing others struggle... So I figured I could do that much.
Kris: So you're sort to carry the burden yourself, Sir Frey.
Frey: Haha, perhaps it's as you say.

Second conversation

Frey: ...And then, Prince Marth triumphed against Gharnef's Imhullu spell by using Starlight. Starlight was the only magic capable of felling Gharnef.
Kris: I see...
Frey: The sun is about to set. Shall we end today's lecture now?
Kris: Yes, thank you.
Frey: Good. Then, we'll continue tomorrow or... Ugh...
Kris: Sir Frey! Are you all right?
Frey: I'm sorry, I twisted my ankle. It seems I've gotten old.
Kris: ...Ah!? Sir Frey, what is that scar...?
Frey: ...It's an old wound. It just hurts sometimes, it's no big deal.
Kris: But... If that's not a big deal, then what is? It looks terrible... How did you come to suffer such a wound? Please tell me!
Frey: I see your habit of asking me anything and everything has struck again... Oh well, this wound... is from way back.
Kris: You mean, from the previous war...?
Frey: No, even before that... This is a wound I suffered so that the young Prince Marth could escape...

Third conversation

Kris: Sir Frey! I spoke to Sir Jagen. He told me about your wound...
Frey: ...
Kris: You took that wound when Prince Marth, still a child, was forced to escape Altea Castle... In the jaws of death, surrounded by enemies, you alone became a decoy, in order to protect Prince Marth... And then... You took such a serious wound, it's shocking that you're still alive...
Frey: ... I believe the enemy struck me down and left me for dead. Actually, it was a miracle that I was still alive... After countless days at the brink of death, I came about, but without my memories, and so lived a long time as another identity... My memories lost and my body wounded... Until I had fully recovered and returned to Prince Marth, well... a few years had already passed...
Kris: Why were you the decoy, Sir Frey?
Frey: It wasn't just me. Everyone there was ready to become a decoy as well. However... That's right. It was just like when I became an instructor. I felt it'd be a pity if any of the others had to be sacrificed. So, I figured I could do that much...
(If Kris is male)
Kris: No way...!
(If Kris is female)
Kris: No way...! How could you even think that...?

Frey: Kris...?
Kris: Sir Frey... your resolve is laudable. However... Please take more care of yourself. Think of your own happiness too, Sir Frey. Otherwise, you'll be...
Frey: Kris... I'm sorry. For making you, my student, worry... I am a failure of a teacher.
(If Kris is male)
Kris: From now on, I'll share half of your burdens, Sir Frey. Please allow me to carry them. Please... Don't carry everything by yourself, Sir Frey...
(If Kris is female)
Kris: You can say that again. Sir Frey, you're always overfilling your pails with other peoples' burdens. Though my words will probably do nothing to convince you otherwise...
Frey: It's in my nature, after all.
Kris: In that case, from now on, I shall share half of your burdens, Sir Frey. Please allow me to carry them. Please... Don't carry everything by yourself, Sir Frey...

Frey: Kris... Very well. Let's do it your way.
Kris: You promised.
Frey: Yes, I promise.