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Doorway to Destiny/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


The Silessian civil war is over, and the Grannvale army awaits Sigurd. Zaxon Castle has barely fallen, yet before Sigurd can so much as rest, the hordes of Grannvale stand before him at the captured Lubeck Castle. The Grannvale commander, Duke Lombard, is a longtime enemy of Sigurd's father. For Sigurd, to challenge Lombard is an opportunity to avenge his father, Byron, framed by Lombard for his crimes. Beyond Lubeck, in the desert town Phinora, Lord Arvis's elite warriors stand guard under the command of the war-mage Vaja. Velthomer Castle, on Grannvale's border with the Aed Desert, is defended by Lord Arvis' trusted aide, General Aida. And in Belhalla, the royal capital of Grannvale, Lord Arvis serves to aid the bedridden King Azmur, while Chancellor Reptor of Friege maintains peace and order in the city. A long road to Belhalla awaits Sigurd... A clash with Grannvale en route is inevitable. Sigurd refuses to endanger the people of Silesse any further in this conflict. He is determined to fight to the end. The year is Grann 760, early spring. The fields of Silesse peacefully rest beneath a deep blanket of snow...


(Byron rides in from the east)

Byron: Nngh... Sigurd... ...No, I mustn't die yet... No... Not until the exalted blade is in your hands...

(Slayder rides in from the east)


Slayder: Milord, we've sighted the fugitive Duke Byron. We caught him resting, but he slipped away. It seems as if he plans to escape to Silesse.
Lombard: What?! You simpleton! Get out there and hunt him down, immediately! My ambush may have put an end to Chalphy's paladin brigade, the Grünritter, but the survival of Byron alone leaves that utterly meaningless!
Slayder: Y-yes, sir... But you see, milord, Byron is still gravely wounded. Surely, he has very little time left...
Lombard: I've never heard such naïve drivel! Byron may not be long for this world, but he's determined to get that sword, Tyrfing, to his son with the very last of his strength. Do you not understand the threat that Sigurd would pose to us, should he get his hands on that damnable sword? Move out and kill Byron, immediately!
Slayder: Y-yes, sir! Consider it done!

(The Lubeck army emerges)

Lombard: For that matter, where in blazes is Danann with those reinforcements?! For the gods' sake, he's leading the elite Grau Ritter brigade! How could it take him so long to put down that Isaachian resistance?! First Lex, and now Danann... Why must both of my sons be so worthless?!
Andrey: Come now, Lord Lombard, sir! Don't worry about a thing. After all, you've still got the Beige Ritter and I on your side.
Lombard: I suppose you're right, Andrey. Be sure that your men are ready to join the fray at a moment's notice.
Andrey: Heh. It would be my pleasure, sir...

(Andrey emerges)

Lombard: Damn that insolent worm. To think he isn't even the slightest bit remorseful for slaying his own father! Duke Ring... May you be at peace...

(Lombard emerges)


Oifey: Sire! We've sighted a lone knight to our east, who appears to be headed our way.
Sigurd: Hm? Is he an enemy?
Oifey: I don't believe so. The Lubeck occupation seems to be pursuing him, so they're most likely not with them.
Sigurd: I see. Let's give them a hand. We'll be clashing with Lombard's army sooner or later, so why not make the first move? Move out! Our target is their front lines. Today's victory hinges on this first strike!


End of turn 1


Azmur: Lord Arvis... Are Sigurd and his party truly on the march to our holy capital?
Arvis: Indeed, but we've no cause for alarm. Duke Lombard and his army stand ready at Lubeck. It is only a matter of time before their insurrection is suppressed.
Azmur: Even so... Even now, it is almost beyond belief, is it not? That Lord Byron would slay Kurth... Or that Sigurd would incite a rebellion...
Arvis: Your Majesty, if I may explain once more... Lord Byron was plotting against the crown in concert with the late Lord Ring of Yngvi. His Highness fell afoul of their assault, an act to which our very own Dukes Reptor and Lombard bore witness. His Highness learned of their schemes to seize the throne from the royal family too late, and paid for it with his life. Naturally, Lord Sigurd had a hand in his father's revolt. What clearer proof is there than how he still harbors an enemy, the Isaachian prince? There is no question. Their treason against the state is grave. I, too, feel this pain as my own, having lost not only a prince but a father-in-law... And in the name of my beloved wife, Princess Deirdre, I will never allow Sigurd's traitorous rampage to stand! Even if Duke Lombard fails to defeat him, that is not the end! The elite fire mages of House Velthomer, the Rot Ritter, stand ready to suppress this rebellion, once and for all!
Azmur: I see... If you say it is so, then perhaps... Perhaps this could never have been avoided... Arvis, about... Cough! About Deirdre...
Deirdre: Oh, Grandfather! Are you sure you feel all right? Please, you mustn't strait yourself! Come, lie down.
Azmur: Ah... Deirdre. Bless you... You truly are a sweet child. Even if I have little time left, you give me hope for Grannvale's future... I can scarcely imagine when Kurth would have had as fine a daughter as you... But there is no doubt in my mind. None outside the royal House Belhalla possess the same Brand that graces your brow. Whence did you come, my dear? Where in the world have you been all along...
Deirdre: I'm so sorry, Grandfather... I simply don't remember. Try as I may, I cannot recall even a single thing...
Azmur: Ah, forgive me, my dear... I know you have suffered more and long than any of us.
Arvis: From the moment I found her lost in the castle grounds, it was clear she had no memory of her past. All she knew was her own name. The rest of her past is lost to her. At first I sought only to aid her out of sympathy, as any decent man would do, but before long love took root within me... With all due respect, Deirdre, not once did I suspect that you could possibly be the daughter of our late Prince Kurth.
Azmur: I remember well the day you introduced her as the woman you wished to marry... I simply could not believe what I saw! At first sight... I knew, perhaps as only family can. Precisely as I thought, beneath your circlet lies the Brand of Naga. Lord Arvis, I trust you understand. Only a full-blooded heir to Saint Heim can rightfully wield the Book of Naga and release its true holy power. And the power of Naga is the only power able to oppose the dark lord, Loptous.
Arvis: I am well aware of the legend, sire.
Azmur: The holy lineage of our lord Naga and Saint Heim must never perish! Deirdre... You must bear a son with all due haste! And should your son be so fortunate as to inherit Naga's power... He shall be the Prince of Grannvale, and shall claim the throne once I am no more. Lord Arvis... until your son has grown into a man, you shall be his regent. Guide him well to adulthood. I trust you understand... Cough! Cough...

Lubeck phase after Slayder dies

Andrey: I suppose it's our turn... Move out! Carve the terror of the Beige Ritter into the traitors' hearts!

Seizing Lubeck Castle

Oifey: That was quite the fierce bout, sire.
Sigurd: Mm. And to think, none of them were Grannvale's elite! Listen, Oifey, I need to ask something of you.
Oifey: Of course, sire. What is it?
Sigurd: As I recall, the territory of Isaach should be very close to the north-east of Lubeck. From what I've heard, ever since Grannvale won the war, Isaach has been governed by Dannan, Lombard's eldest son. But I'd wager his influence has yet to reach much of the country's span, so...
Oifey: I beg your pardon, sire?! Are you seriously asking me to abandon you for safety, now of all times? No! I refuse! I will not leave you, sire! I'm here for you no matter what, till I draw my last breath!
Sigurd: Oifey, listen... I know this is a huge imposition, but please. Just hear me out. I... I don't want to lose Seliph. He isn't even two years old yet! I can hardly fight with an infant in tow. Please, Oifey. Take care of Seliph. Take him and find refuge from this blasted war. I know I can trust you, Oifey. You are my only hope.
Oifey: Sire... I... Very well. I'll take Lord Seliph. I'll protect him, no matter what happens. That said, you have to promise me. Promise me that you'll come for us as soon as this war is over. I won't leave you if you can't promise that.
Sigurd: Of course. I swear I'll come for the two of you.
Oifey: Thank you...
Shannan: Hold it! I promised Deirdre that I'll look after Seliph no matter what! I won't hand him over to anyone, not even Oifey, until Deirdre says I can!
Sigurd: Calm down, Shannan... I know you're still hurt about losing Deirdre, but this isn't helping. It's okay. He'll be fine with Oifey.
Shannan: No! I need to protect Seliph! And you're forgetting that the people of Isaach won't exactly be happy to see more Grannvaleans! Oifey alone won't last a minute there, but if I'm there it'll be okay. Who better to protect Seliph in Isaach than the prince of Isaach? Please... I promised her...
Oifey: Now that he mentions it, sire, I would be a tad more at ease if Shannan was there as well. I know you're reluctant to involve one as young as Shannan in something so dangerous. But I think we can agree he's become a talented warrior. Not to mention, I'll need Shannan to secure the people's support.
Sigurd: Hm... I'm sorry to burden you more, Shannan, but please... Take care of Seliph for me.
Shannan: Okay! Leave it to me! I'm gonna keep getting stronger, and nobody'll ever hurt Seliph! I'll teach him all about Deirdre, but... I wonder how he'll take what happened...
Oifey: I suppose we should get going, then. Farewell, sire. Take care of yourself. I pray victory and clemency find you as soon possible.
Sigurd: Thank you, Oifey. Be careful out there.
Oifey: Yes, sir!

(Shannan and Oifey leave east with Seliph)

Sigurd: Seliph... I'm so sorry. Please, grow up safe and strong...

Lubeck seized!

End of Sigurd's phase after Lubeck is seized

(The Lanceritter arrive from the south)

Quan: Gentlemen, we've not much further to go. Keep giving it your best. Rumor has it that Sigurd's army should be moving south through the Aed Desert. If we keep this pace north, we should be able to rendezvous with them sooner or later.
Ethlyn: Quan, I'm so sorry I dragged you into this. You and your father were too generous sparing so many soldiers to help my brother, even though your father is presently so ill... But are you sure you're both willing to risk crossing a nation as all-powerful as Grannvale? The very thought is terrifying...
Quan: Ethlyn, you know as well as I that Leonster, a nation built on the legacy of the Crusader Njörun, is far stronger than its size suggests. No matter what happens, I could never regret giving my all for a cause as just as Sigurd's. My father feels precisely the same way. There's nothing to worry about, Ethlyn. After all, I'm wielding none other than Gáe Bolg! I'll never fail with it at my side! Sigurd could certainly stand to have my aid.
Ethlyn: I suppose you're right. He'd appreciate any help at this point...
Quan: Ethlyn, we'll be entering hostile territory very shortly. The enemy could ambush us at any moment, so...
Ethlyn: Actually, Quan... I've been thinking this over quite a bit, and I'm coming with you after all. I'd like to see my brother again, and I simply can't abandon you now.
Quan: I can't allow that! I let you come with me solely because you promised to return home partway. To say nothing of Altena's presence! Look at her, a mere babe of three years curled up aslumber in her mother's lap. Should we be attacked, what then?
Ethlyn: Why, I'd fight my hardest to protect her. Nobody could possibly seize her from me! I certainly never intended at first to take her with us. But she simply wouldn't stop crying when I tried to leave her behind. You're right, though... You're right. I'll take her home.
Quan: Ethlyn, I'm sorry. I assure you I do know precisely how you feel, but Leif is barely born and waiting for you at home. Our children need their mother. Please, Ethlyn. Return home. I left Finn to defend the capital. You'll be safe with him.
Ethlyn: Very well, but... I'd like just a little more time. I want to stay by your side a little longer. Please, Quan...
Quan: Ethlyn... Very well. We've a little more time to spare.

(Wyvern riders arrive from the south)

Travant: Hehehe... Ah, Quan! The poor sod still has no clue we're tailing him. And there's a woman with him? What a clumsy mistake. Why, I daresay this is the long-awaited end of Leonster's famous Lanceritter! Those hooves'll be sinking clean into the sand. They can't so much as flail at us. Men, close in! This is it! Thracia's destiny lies before us, ripe for the grasping!

Quan: What? Thracian wyvern knights?! No... You cannot be serious! Travant has been at our heels all along! Ethlyn, run! We've no hope of victory in this blasted desert!
Ethlyn: But... What will you do?
Quan: They're like wild hyenas, Ethlyn! Children are little more than easy targets for them! Thracia has sought to reconquer our territory for centuries. I thought my absence would be taken as an invitation, so I left Finn behind with half the army in case they made the obvious move. Not once... Not even once did I ever suspect they would pursue US instead! I... This was all a mistake...
Ethlyn: You can't give up now, Quan! It'll be okay. We're together, aren't we? At the very least, together we'll not go down easily!
Quan: Ethlyn... Forgive me, please...


Arvis: I see. Duke Lombard fell in battle...
Reptor: A-Arvis! What are we supposed to do now?! It was you who insisted that, even if we left the bulk of our armies on conquests with our sons, Sigurd would pose no threat to me at all! The situation before us is not the outcome you promised me!
Arvis: Reptor, your overreaction is baseless. The deck is still stacked in our favor. The Velthomer army is already lying in wait for the rebels in the Aed Desert's depths. Furthermore, Thracian sellswords should be arriving to reinforce us at any moment. The enemy will assuredly be exhausted. So long as my army and yours cooperate, Sigurd and his rebels ought to fall with ease.
Reptor: I'm holding you to your word this time, Arvis. Remember, I've no objection to you alone claiming the throne once Azmur finally dies. But don't you dare forget your allies...
Arvis: Of course. Must I remind you? The instant the dust of this war settles, House Friege will be granted the Agustrian throne to govern. House Dozel, meanwhile, will be entrusted with the rule of Isaach. Rest assured, Reptor. I will honor your rights to these territories.
Reptor: Hrm... Very well. Then I, too, will fight with all I have...
Manfroy: Kehehehehe... Greetings, Lord Arvis. The plan proceeds precisely on time, I see...
Arvis: Manfroy... If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times... You must not show your face here. Until the Grannvale throne is mine, I cannot allow you or your brethren to appear in public. Do you not understand?
Manfroy: Oh, we understand. We understand how you indulge the greed of men as vile as Reptor and Lombard. We understand how even then, you still will not concede the very fact of our existence. The plan was to use those two buffoons until they could be used no further, then cast them aside and use their sons in their stead... Was it not?
Arvis: Mm, but... Hear me well, Manfroy. I refuse to have any part in the revival of your Loptrian Empire. I've no desire to oppress your cult, but I've even less of a desire to consign the world to your dark lord's rule. Remember this well. Yes, the blood of Loptous's scions flows in my veins, but there is so much more to me than that. My Loptrian heritage is that of Saint Maera, a man who fought for the rights of the people. And more importantly, I am the one true heir to the Crusader Fjalar, Loptous's sworn enemy. I will change this world for the better. Under my rule, humanity shall be free from the pain of prejudice, tyranny and oppression! What a pity it is, that Sigurd must die, but alas, all things require sacrifice.
Manfroy: Ohohoho... A sacrifice for the sake of the Lady Deirdre, you mean. You are terrified, Lord Arvis. You fear her memory may someday return...
Arvis: Don't you dare bring her into this! Need I remind you? We. Are. In. LOVE! Nothing will ever come between us!
Manfroy: Heh heh heh... I suppose you two need to hasten and make proof of this love of yours. Proof that will one day grow up and rise to be a most magnificent king! Heh heh heh...


Vaja: The rebels are finally headed this way? Heh, excellent. Let them walk right into the range of my welcoming gift: Meteor spells! The desert will gladly claim their bodies!

(The Phinora and Velthomer armies emerge)

Upon Ethlyn dying

Travant: What's this? The woman was fool enough to have a child with her? Ah, I see... Quan's daughter. Interesting... You there! Tell Quan this: If he doesn't surrender Gáe Bolg, his daughter will meet an untimely end. Heh heh heh... Your move, Quan. Your move.

If Quan is alive

Quan: N-no! Altena... Ethlyn... So this is where it ends... Travant! You can have Gáe Bolg, but don't you DARE so much as scratch Altena!

Upon Leonster being routed

Travant: And so ends Quan... Magorn! You're in charge now. Head north and give Sigurd's army a fair share of grief. Let none of them escape. There's a fine bounty on each traitorous head, after all.
Magorn: Yes, Sir! Er, that said, what are we supposed to do with this child? She's just crying and crying. We don't know how to handle this. Shall I put her out of her misery, sir?
Travant: Certainly not. Hand her over to me. She and Gáe Bolg are coming with me back to Thracia.
Magorn: Can't say I expected this, sir. If I may, why exactly are you taking her home with you?
Travant: Moron! You've no need to know! Keep that mouth of yours out of business that isn't yours.
Magorn: Y-yes, sir. I beg your forgiveness, sir. By your leave, sir, we will pursue Sigurd's rebels.
Travant: Good. Don't fail me.

(Travant leaves, Thracia becomes an enemy)

Seizing Phinora

Sigurd: Good. We've finally claimed Phinora. The fatherland is finally within our reach. Oifey and Shannan... I pray they and Seliph are faring well...
Old man: Lord Sigurd, I presume? Welcome to Phinora.
Sigurd: Ah, you must be the local elder. My apologies for dragging even an oasis town like Phinora into this godforsaken war.
Old man: Mm, at this point it was unavoidable. Actually, we've just received word of yet another skirmish in the desert's southern depths. Alas, we find ourselves in dangerous times...
Sigurd: In the south, you say... What happened there?
Old man: As we understand it, the lance knights of Leonster were on a march north. They were savaged by Thracian wyvern knights en route. There were no survivors, it seems.
Sigurd: W-what?! You can't be serious!
Old man: I'm sorry to say I am. By the sound of it, there was a young girl in the Leonster party. Our hearts all break for the poor dear...
Sigurd: That's... that was Ethlyn and Quan... Forgive... forgive me...

Phinora seized!
If Leonster was not yet defeated

Travant: And so ends Quan... Magorn! You're in charge now. Head north and give Sigurd's army a fair share of grief. Let none of them escape. There's a fine bounty on each traitorous head, after all.
Magorn: Yes, Sir! Er, that said, what are we supposed to do with this child? She's just crying and crying. We don't know how to handle this. Shall I put her out of her misery, sir?
Travant: Certainly not. Hand her over to me. She and Gáe Bolg are coming with me back to Thracia.
Magorn: Can't say I expected this, sir. If I may, why exactly are you taking her home with you?
Travant: Moron! You've no need to know! Keep that mouth of yours out of business that isn't yours.
Magorn: Y-yes, sir. I beg your forgiveness, sir. By your leave, sir, we will pursue Sigurd's rebels.
Travant: Good. Don't fail me.

(Travant leaves, Thracia becomes an enemy)

Aida: Lord Reptor, we're depending upon you.
Reptor: Of course. Even so... I cannot help but wonder if Arvis will honor his word. Perhaps... Perhaps we are nothing more than sacrifices to him.
Aida: Lord Arvis is hard at work making the final adjustments to the Velthomer battle plan. You've no need to worry, sire.
Reptor: Very well. I'll take you at your word, then.
Aida: Now, if you'll excuse me, sire. I must return to the helm of the Velthomer barricades.

(Aida enters Velthomer Castle)

Aida: Heh... He hasn't a clue, has he? Wretched fool...

Reptor: This is it. Until Arvis is ready to move out, this battle is ours and ours alone. Hold to your positions until the enemy stumbles into our range. Do not move otherwise!

Passing the rampart

Reptor: This is it. The time to strike is upon us! With the fire mages of Velthomer at our side, we shall crush the rebels in one fell swoop!

Aida: Execute the plan. Concentrate all of your fire on Reptor and his army. There will be no survivors under any circumstance. Am I clear?

Friege phase after passing the rampart

Reptor: W-what? Velthomer has turned on us?! Argh... So this is what Arvis planned all along...


Aida: Ah, Lord Sigurd. I'm glad to see you're safe.
Sigurd: What's going on? What's caused Velthomer's change of loyalties?
Aida: Lord Arvis has long been aware of your innocence, and was on your side all along. This affair in its entirety was dictated by the whims of Reptor and Lombard, architects of the conspiracy against you. Lord Arvis was unable to act until now, as the dukes' control of the royal court was simply too powerful to contravene.
Sigurd: Is that so... All's well that ends well, then. I can restore my father's good name in the court, and that'll be the end of it.
Aida: Indeed. Lord Arvis and His Majesty await your return in Belhalla, Lord Sigurd. Please, make your way to the royal city as soon as possible.
Sigurd: Really? Very well. I'll be going, then.
Aida: I hear that Lord Arvis arranged a ceremonial reception for you with the entirety of the Belhalla royal guard. Quite the magnificent celebration of your glorious return is in order today, it seems.
Sigurd: Thank you. After all that's happened the past few years, this ought to be a fitting conclusion. Once we're done I should look into getting my allies some compensation for their help. They certainly deserve it after all this!
Aida: Indeed, sir...

(Belhalla army appears, leading to Belhalla Castle; Sigurd and his army approach Arvis)

Arvis: Ah, Lord Sigurd. Truly this is quite the auspicious day. Congratulations on your triumphant return to the fatherland!
Sigurd: It's good to see you too, Lord Arvis, and thank you for such a lavish greeting! If I may ask, where is His Majesty?
Arvis: Alas, His Majesty is taken severely ill. He has become permanently bedridden. As such, I am administering all affairs of state on his behalf for the time being.
Sigurd: Is that so? I'm sorry to hear that. I bet my misadventures didn't help His Majesty feel any better! Once we're finished here, I should visit the palace and give him my sincerest apologies.
Arvis: ...I think not.
Sigurd: Hm?
Arvis: Sigurd of Chalphy, I hereby sentence you to death for your crimes of treason. His Majesty will not be seeing you, today or ever.
Sigurd: W-what?! What are you talking about, Lord Arvis?!
Arvis: Heh... You are only realizing now? You are far too naïve, Sigurd. Need I remind you that you and your father still sought to usurp the throne and plotted against the crown? Nothing has changed. It is my duty to exact justice upon you, in the name of my wife, Princess Deirdre. I trust you understand, Sigurd.
Sigurd: P-Princess Deirdre?! That... No, it can't be...
Arvis: Ah, of course. You've never met, correct? Very well. I suppose an introduction would be a fair parting gift before your demise. Come, Deirdre! Greet our guests!

(Deirdre exits the castle)

Arvis: Deirdre, allow me to introduce you to Sigurd: the spawn of your father's murderer, Byron. I trust you have some choice words for him?
Deirdre: So... So this is... Sir Sigurd?
Sigurd: Deirdre?! No... This can't be happening...
Deirdre: Why... Why are you speaking like this...?
Sigurd: Deirdre! It really is you! No... No, no, no...
Deirdre: Do... Do you know me, sir?
Arvis: Enough! Deirdre, stand clear. This is an extremely dangerous man. Rest assured: this traitor will be punished.
Deirdre: But... He... He's... Can't we have even a little more time?
Arvis: Unacceptable. Guards! Escort the princess to the castle!
Deirdre: Wait! Arvis, please! ...Just a little more time...

(Deirdre is returned to the castle)

Sigurd: W-wait! DEIRDRE! Arvis, please! I beg of you! She... She's my...
Arvis: Enough! I grow weary of your ravings. Attention, men! We no longer have any use for keeping the traitors alive. Move in on Sigurd and his party! The time to serve them their punishment has come!
Sigurd: ...D... DAMN YOU, ARVIS!!

(Belhalla units become enemies, fire mages cast Meteor on the army; Arvis casts Valflame on Sigurd)

And thus comes the end of an era.
The path of Grannvale's great unrest, arising from the conflict with Isaach, has led one young man to his grim fate. His sorrowful tale, and those of countless other valiants, are not lost to the world.
Many heroes lost their lives on this path...
Quan, the prince of Leonster...
Ethlyn, his wife...
<Any units lost prior>
And Sigurd, the young heir of Chalphy...
And the names of those heroes who fought alongside Sigurd to the bitter end at Belhalla, whose fates remain unknown...
<Any units still alive>
These brave youths fought to change the world for the better, yet now their unfulfilled dreams lie dead with them on the battlefield...
Was their sacrifice in vain? What were they fighting for all along?
And what of the light...?

— Chapter 5 Epilogue

Ending unit titles and order

Naoise, a knight of Chalphy...
Alec, a knight of Chalphy...
Arden, a knight of Chalphy...
Lex, a nobleman of Dozel...
Azelle, a nobleman of Velthomer...
Ayra, the princess of Isaach...
Edain, a noblewoman of Yngvi...
Midir, a knight of Yngvi...
Jamke, the prince of Verdane...
Lachesis, a noblewoman of Nordion...
Beowolf, a free-roaming knight...
Chulainn, a gladiator...
Dew, a thief...
Lewyn, the prince of Silesse...
Erinys, a pegasus knight of Silesse...
Silvia, a wandering dancer...
Claud, a priest of Edda...
Tailtiu, a noblewoman of Friege...
Brigid, a noblewoman of Yngvi...


Westernmost village

Woman: Heard the news? Grannvale's army just swept in and seized Lubeck Castle! Oh... I fear for Silesse's future...

Southwest of Zaxon

Young man: To think, Silesse remained such a peaceful place for generations and generations! Argh, how did this world turn into such a savage place...

Northwest of Zaxon

Old man: It seems that strengths and abilities are passed down from parents to children. You'll often find that boys'll take up their father's traits more dominantly, while girls'll be more strongly influenced by their mother's.

Northeast of Zaxon

Woman: That Lombard's got his thugs going around and clearing out every village they can find! Good thing we somehow kept a little bit of gold hidden away from those brutes! Go on, take it. We know you need it more than us.

Northwest of Phinora

Young woman: Did ya know? The famous Lord Eldigan of Nordion and his wife had themselves a little son before he died a while back. His name's, er... Ares? Something'[sic] like that. I feel pretty bad for the poor boy... He's gotta be just three or four years old...

Northeast of Lubeck

Young man: 'S been a while since Grannvale beat Isaach in the war, but they're strugglin' to put down resistance out in its farthest corners. But the people of Isaach ain't givin' up hope. Prince Shannan's still out there, an' they know someday he'll lead 'em to freedom!

Southeast of Lubeck

Man: It's terrifying just how far Grannvale has fallen from the peaceful nation it used to be! All they ever do these days is set their army on every country they can get their hands on. Prince Kurth'd be utterly ashamed to know what's become of his beloved Grannvale... You have to do something! I'm begging you... Go to Grannvale! Take the country back from the wicked folk who are perverting all it holds dear!


Sigurd and Byron

Sigurd: It can't be... F-Father?! Thank the gods! You're alive!
Byron: Sigurd... What a splendid young man you've become... Cough! C-cough...
Sigurd: Father! Come on, you mustn't give in now!
Byron: No... There's no hope left for me now... Listen well, my son. Lombard was Prince Kurth's true killer. And Reptor is the one holding his leash... His Majesty must know the truth! I... Death holds no fear for me. But I cannot die in peace not knowing if our honor shall be cleansed of these lies.
Sigurd: It's just as I thought all along... Rest assured, Father. Our good name will be cleared. I promise.
Byron: Sigurd, I... I beg your forgiveness... 'Tis my negligence which condemned you to these torments... Sigurd... Take this. It is Tyrfing... Our exalted blade...
Sigurd: Tyrfing... But, Father! Surely you'll still need this...
Byron: Take it, Sigurd. Use it to... restore our... honor...
(Byron dies)
Sigurd: F-Father! Hold on... Please! Father...
Oifey: Sire...
Sigurd: Why... Why in the world did he have to... Gah... Reptor! Lombard! Mark my words! You will pay dearly for all you've done!

Broken Sword obtained!

Edain and Brigid

Edain: Is something wrong, Brigid?
Brigid: Oh, Edain. You heard about what Andrey's been up to lately, right?
Edain: I did. I've heard of how he murdered our father, and later Annand died in Silesse as well... I can barely imagine the evil which would have possessed him to do such monstrous things.
Brigid: ...I'm going to kill Andrey. There's no other way. Whatever the evil is, he has to be stopped. Right here, right now. You get what I'm saying, right, Edain?
Edain: Brigid...
Brigid: Andrey's crimes are House Yngvi's crimes. They're our crimes, too. They reflect badly on us, even though they really shouldn't. I know I'll have his blood on my hands for the rest of my life, but... Edain, I want you to understand.
Edain: Of course I do, Brigid...

Claud and Edain

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022

Claud: This is the end, Edain. Our final battle.
Edain: Indeed.
Claud: I have a little gift for you. Here. Use this to aid our young comrades.
Edain: This is a Rescue staff, is it not? Thank you, but... why me?
Claud: Well... I've yet to speak a word of this to anyone, but as my wife... You should know. Listen well, Edain. We cannot prevail. This war today will end with our defeat. Everything we hold dear will be lost.
Edain: ...I beg your pardon?!
Claud: Such is the decree of the gods that I received at the Tower of Bragi. I, too, struggled to accept it at first. However, this is our fate. It is inevitable. I know I am destined to die in this battle. Thus, I entrust you with this staff.
Edain: That... You must be lying! I cannot believe any of it! I cannot! Please... Please! Tell me this is just a cruel joke...
Claud: Edain, there is no need to grieve. Our deaths are not the end, but rather a new beginning for us all. Life is fated to fade into death, and with it, so too does mortal form die. And yet, never shall life fade into total nothingness. Death is but the herald for the next step to a perfect state of being. It holds no fear for mankind.
Edain: But... But, Claud...
Claud: Even as I greet death, a rebirth awaits... Why, look no further than yourself for proof! Within you grows a new life waiting to be born, and I too am a part of it. This, Edain, is why you must live on.
Edain: Do... Do you realize what you're saying, Claud?! Asking me to live on while I accept your death... It isn't fair...
Claud: Edain... I am richly blessed to have known you and been your husband, even so briefly. Please, forgive me...
Edain: Claud...

Rescue obtained!

Arden waits on the Peninsula

Arden: Heh, who knew? Even I've got myself a wife and kids! Certainly can't go dying now, not without leaving anything behind for them... Hm? What's this tatty little book doing here? That's odd... Nothing in this thing but complete gibberish. Wh- Ack! ...mnnnurraaaaagh! Whoa! What's this feeling?! Everything's looking, feeling and sounding so much clearer now!

Skl +2 for Arden

Sigurd and Ayra

Sigurd: Hold on... Ayra?! Why are you still here? Didn't I task you with accompanying Shannan and Oifey to Isaach?
Ayra: You did, but I feel I'd always regret abandoning your army at such a crucial hour. I'm with you until the end, Sigurd.
Sigurd: I don't believe this... If you're not going, how are you supposed to protect Shannan?
Ayra: Ah, of course. My pledge to my late brother... Shannan has grown into a strong young man, capable of leading his own life. My work is done. He no longer needs my protection.
Sigurd: But-
Ayra: Once I've seen this war through, I'll return to his side in Isaach. Until then, Sigurd, I won't run away. For better or worse, I'm with you.

Lex and Azelle

Lex: Geez, Azelle, you look awful! What's going on?
Azelle: Oh, Lex... Why are you looking so happy?
Lex: Huh? Oh, right. My dad...
Azelle: Mm...
Lex: Yeah... I'm gonna be honest, Azelle. It's not that I feel nothing at all about what happened. Can't be helped, right? But after all the pain and suffering Dad caused... Well, he deserved to go down.
Azelle: Oh... You know, I've always admired you for your resilience, Lex. Just thinking about my brother is enough to make me tremble.
Lex: Yeah, Arvis has always struck me as quite an odd one, but he's always been a decent fellow. I still can't see him as our enemy...
Azelle: I know... Arvis has always been like a father to me, and I never knew my real father. The problem is, sometimes he just... He just changes! It's as if he becomes a whole different man. That's why I...
Lex: That's why you up and left him behind at home, right? There's nothing wrong with that, Azelle. He's got his life, and you've got yours. Don't beat yourself up about it, okay?
Azelle: I suppose you're right...

Dew and Jamke

Dew: Hey... Jamke?
Jamke: Dew? Still here, are you? Look, didn't you hear us the first time? You're just in the way now. Go on, get outta here!
Dew: Ugh, why's everyone sayin' that?! What is WITH you lot lately? We're so close to winnin' this thing, but you wouldn't know it from how you're all actin'! What's goin' on here?
Jamke: Oh, er, sorry... You're right. I guess I am a bit tense at the moment. Not sure why, though...
Dew: ...Look, Jamke. You're a neat guy and I like you. I know I've kinda been a pain in the neck right from the start and... Er, sorry.
Jamke: Huh? Why're you so sappy all of a sudden? If anyone's being weird now, it's you!
Dew: Er, well, I kinda... Never mind. I guess I'll see ya later.
(Dew leaves)
Jamke: Huh... Even Dew can tell something's not right here...

Ayra and Arden

Ayra: You holding up okay here, Arden?
Arden: Phew... I think the weight of this armor's finally starting to catch up with me.
Ayra: Hah! But I do love how manly you look in it.
Arden: Oh, thanks! It's nice to hear you say that. Just as nice as how womanly you are, Ayra!
Ayra: Womanly? Hah! Good one.
Arden: No, really! That's how I see you, Ayra. You're the loveliest lass I've ever know.
Ayra: ...Are you sure you're feeling okay, Arden?
Arden: I can't just not say this, can I? After all, Ayra, I really do love you.
Ayra: W-wh... Arden, you silly man...

Ayra and Lex

Ayra: I guess we're nearing the end here, Lex.
Lex: Yeah... Y'know, Ayra, your stubbornness never ceases to amaze. Why didn't you just leave for Isaach?
Ayra: Why should I have? Because I'm a woman?! Why didn't you leave? You're every bit as responsible for the children as I am!
Lex: Yeah, you're right... Sorry about that. But I dunno... I'm still not sure we should've abandoned the kids like that.
Ayra: That's why, the instant this war is over, we'll go back to Isaach for them. Together.
Lex: Fair enough. C'mon, let's get this over with!
Ayra: Lex... I'm sorry about all that. I've always been a fighter. This is the only life I have.
Lex: Hah! It's fine, Aura. I know. That's what I love about you, isn't it? I have no idea how this thing'll play out, but we're in it together, no matter what.
Ayra: Heh... Thank you, Lex.

Ayra and Chulainn

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022

Ayra: I guess we're nearing the end here, Chulainn.
Chulainn: Mm...
Ayra: There's just one thing I'd like to ask you, Chulainn. Is that alright?
Chulainn: Sure. What is it?
Ayra: You've always talked about wanting to protect me. What's the reason behind that?
Chulainn: I've known you since we were kids, Ayra. Nothing's more important to me than making sure you're safe.
Ayra: What?! It can't be... Chulainn, are you...
Chulainn: The Lord of Sophara's kid? Yeah, I am. And right from the start, Ayra, you stole my stupid little heart...

Lachesis and Naoise

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022

Lachesis: Hold it, Naoise!
Naoise: Lachesis?! You shouldn't still be here! I thought we agreed you'd go to Leonster!
Lachesis: I've sent the children there already, but I can't leave. I won't leave! I'll fight at your side till the bitter end!
Naoise: You promised you would, Lachesis! The children need their mother to survive all of this, and they're not even the only ones! What about Lord Eldigan's son?
Lachesis: Ares... I don't even know what happened to Ares after Agustria fell.
Naoise: Lord Sigurd is gravely worried about Ares. After all, the boy lost his father at such a young age. Do you not care for Ares' safety as well?
Lachesis: Of course I do! But... Oh, never mind. For the gods' sakes, Naoise, I am your wife! I'll never sit back while you risk your life!
Naoise: I know, Lachesis. I know, and I love you dearly. Never forget that.
Lachesis: Of course I won't, dear. ...Sorry.

Lachesis and Dew

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022

Lachesis: And what exactly do you think you're still doing here, Dew?!
Dew: Oh, come on! I'm a lot stronger than all of ya seem to think!
Lachesis: Look, Dew, I know you are. I know. The problem is, this battle is far beyond anything we've ever seen before. You simply won't be able to cope, Dew.
Dew: Ugh, this isn't even the first time you've said that all day! I'm not just a kid anymore!
Lachesis: I know, Dew. After all, I know more than most about how you're not just a kid anymore! Heh heh!
Dew: Aw, look, Lachesis! You're blushing!
Lachesis: Oh, Dew! Stop teasing!
Dew: Well... Guess it was nice knowin' ya, Lachesis. Thanks for all the fun we've had.
Lachesis: Dew... Take care of yourself, too.

Lachesis and Beowolf

Lachesis: Beowolf...
Beowolf: Look, Lachesis. If somethin' happens t'me, I want ya to go to Leonster fer me. Quan's kids're there with Finn. Help 'em out where I can't, yeah?
Lachesis: No! You mustn't say such things! If I go to Leonster, you will come with me!
Beowolf: Lachesis... I don't think I've done right by ya.
Lachesis: W-what? Why...?
Beowolf: I knew how ya really felt all along...
Lachesis: ...Oh!
Beowolf: Look after yerself, Lachesis. This was fun while it lasted.
Lachesis: Wait! Beowolf!!

Silvia and Alec

Silvia: Oh, there y'are, Alec!
Alec: Silvia? Aw, geez! You shouldn't still be out here! Just go back to the castle! Please?
Silvia: But I'm really worried 'bout ya, Alec...
Alec: Listen, Silvia. You've gotta act a bit less like a child. C'mon, you're a mother now!
Silvia: Not like you're one to talk on that one! That part's your fault too, remember?
Alec: Y-yeah, I guess...
Silvia: Look, Alec, you've gotta come back from this thing, okay? Without ya, I don't think Lene and me'll last... Promise? Please?
Alec: Silvia... Yeah, I promise. I'm coming home from this one...

Silvia and Lewyn

Silvia: Say, Lewyn...
Lewyn: Hm? What is it, Silvia?
Silvia: Do ya still like me, Lewyn?
Lewyn: What? Where'd THAT come from?!
Silvia: Well, do ya?
Lewyn: Of course I still love you! That's why we're married, remember?
Silvia: Oh... 'Course. Whew. Be... Because I love you too, Lewyn... I'll never forget ya... And I don't want ya to forget me...
Lewyn: Silvia...

Silvia and Claud

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022

Silvia: Hey, Claud, you doin' okay?
Claud: Yes, I'm fine. But you shouldn't still be here, Silvia. There's nothing you can do, and you are only endangering yourself.
Silvia: But...
Claud: Please, Silvia. You cannot stay with me this time.
Silvia: But Claud... I love ya...
Claud: And I, you. That is why I ask...
Silvia: No! I'm with ya 'til death parts us!
Claud: Silvia, please... I can't allow that... Please understand...

Erinys and Naoise

Erinys: Oh, Naoise! There you are!
Naoise: Is everything alright, Erinys?
Erinys: Yes, I'm fine.
Naoise: That's a relief. Erinys, please... Do be careful out here. There are others depending on your health and safety now.
Erinys: I hope the children are okay back in Silesse. The sooner we can see them again, the better.
Naoise: Mm... For their sake, Erinys, lets see if we can finish up this fight as quickly as possible.
Erinys: Certainly! But Naoise... Please, be careful as well...

Erinys and Arden

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022

Erinys: How are you feeling, Arden?
Arden: I'm getting real tired of this bloody desert!
Erinys: Heh. It's a shame you can't ride my pegasus with me, isn't it?
Arden: Mm. Maybe if I lost some of this 200-ish pounds of armor, I could.
Erinys: Say, Arden... Try not to die. Please.
Arden: Of course! I can't exactly go dying now that I've got a lass as lovely as you to support, can I? Maybe once this war's done, when we go back to Silesse we could quit fighting for a change and start ourselves a little shop!
Erinys: Heh... That isn't a bad idea.

Erinys and Lewyn

Erinys: We've nearly reached the end, Lewyn.
Lewyn: Mm. But don't go forgetting that promise you made, Erinys.
Erinys: Of course. I'm to return to Silesse, no matter what happens.
Lewyn: Trust me, I'm not planning on dying out here. You're not going to die any time soon, either!
Erinys: Of course! I promise... Being with you... It's as if all my childhood dreams have come true! I'm not going to just die and waste that. I'll always be with you, Lewyn. Always. No matter what.
Lewyn: Mother's still waiting for us back in Silesse... Hell, she's probably waiting for YOU more than anything else!
Erinys: Heh... I hope that Queen Lahna... Wait, no. That Mother will be proud of me!

Brigid and Alec

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022

Brigid: Not too far to Belhalla, isn't it, Alec?
Alec: Yeah. This is going to be quite the little homecoming, eh?
Brigid: This'll be the first time I can remember that I'm at home. What's Yngvi like?
Alec: It's a lovely place. Just lovely! Heh... Plenty of lovely ladies there, too.
Brigid: Ugh... Am I going to find you in bed with another woman one day, Alec?
Alec: Heh, I'm kidding, I'm kidding! If I'm to die it won't be over some other lady!
Brigid: Good. You're not gonna do me much good if you're dead, are you? After all, we've still got to finish up here first! And I guess I can't just let you die if it means the kids won't have a dad...
Alec: Don't worry! Luck's on my side, just like always. How else do you explain me getting married to someone like you?
Brigid: Oh, Alec...

Brigid and Midir

Brigid: You holding up okay, Midir?
Midir: Mm, I'm fine. And how about you?
Brigid: Yeah. I'm okay. I know I'll be okay if I'm right here with you.
Midir: I'm so glad we met, Brigid, and I'll always be grateful for our time together.
Brigid: Excuse me? This had better not be some clumsy attempt to end this marriage, Midir!
Midir: Er, sorry about that. I just wanted to make sure you knew.
Brigid: Midir, listen. I know about how you mooned after Edain all those years. You sure you're happy with just me?
Midir: Of course! Yes, I liked Lady Edain... But it was never real love. You're the only one I've ever really loved!
Brigid: Thanks, Midir... I'm here for you until the end...

Brigid and Jamke

Brigid: You holding up okay, Jamke? Bet you're getting tired.
Jamke: Yeah, I'm doing fine. And you?
Brigid: Yeah, 'cause I've got you at my side...
Jamke: Are you sure I can't persuade you to escape, Brigid? I'm still not comfortable with you fighting in this mess of a battle.
Brigid: Oh, yeah. Dead sure, Jamke. Do you really still have to ask? You'd think I'd have made my point by now.
Jamke: Right...
Brigid: Jamke... You sure you're happy with me?
Jamke: Hm?
Brigid: Are you happy with me? I sorta know what you were like about Edain...
Jamke: Oh, come on. This again? You're the one I love, Brigid. You're the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.
Brigid: S-sorry about that... Still glad I asked, though...

Tailtiu and Azelle

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022

Tailtiu: Don't go, Azelle!
Azelle: Tailtiu, you promised you would be headed for Silesse by now! I swear I'll follow you as soon as I possibly can.
Tailtiu: But...
Azelle: You cannot fight the Friege army! Do you really plan on attempting to kill your own father, Tailtiu?
Tailtiu: Er... No, I don't think I can...
Azelle: Good. I don't think I could stomach the idea of you, or anyone else, being willing to kill their father. Look after the children for me, Tailtiu.
Tailtiu: Azelle? Azelle!!

Tailtiu and Lex

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022

Tailtiu: You've still gotta fight, don't you, Lex?
Lex: Yeah, I do. Tailtiu, just go ahead to Silesse already. I know you'll be safe there.
Tailtiu: How can you be so cruel, leaving me alone?
Lex: Look, all of House Friege is out here doing their damnedest to take you back, whether you want to or not. And I don't think I could live with myself if you or the kids were taken by them or the Dozels. You’ve gotta understand!
Tailtiu: But...
Lex: Look, right from the start, fate seriously screwed us both over. I wish we'd had longer together, but what little time we did have'll always mean so much to me, right till the end.
Tailtiu: Oh, Lex...

Tailtiu and Claud

Tailtiu: Claud, what do you think I should do?
Claud: Fighting the Friege army is out of the question. I don't believe engaging your own father in battle is at all advisable. Please, go to Silesse. There is still a safe, peaceful life awaiting you there.
Tailtiu: But what about you, Claud?
Claud: I have an obligation, Tailtiu. My fate is to stay here and see this war through till its very end.
Tailtiu: How can you be so cruel? Wh... What about our children?!
Claud: I understand how difficult this fate will be for you, but please... Please understand.
Tailtiu: Claud!!

Battle Quotes

Byron fights

Byron: Gah... Is this as far as I'll go?

Byron dies

Byron: Oh, Sigurd... I've failed you...

Fighting Slayder

Slayder: What's this? You rebels have already come this far? How could you have breached our front lines so quickly?

Killing Slayder

Slayder: Unnh... We've been breached, too...?

Fighting Andrey

Andrey: Heh heh... Welcome, fools. Allow me to give you a fool's death!

With Edain

Andrey: Oho, look what we have here! My dear sister, the traitor, turning up in a place like this. Your sins have soiled the honor of my House Yngvi, and now, you must make your amends with your very life.
Edain: Andrey... What a pitiful man you've become...

With Brigid

Andrey: What? Could it be... Brigid?! So, not only do I hear that you sunk as low as piracy, but now you are party to treasonous deeds... No matter what it takes, you - the shame of my house - must be put to a timely death.
Brigid: Enough! You murdered your own father! You, Andrey, are the disgrace to Yngvi's honor, and to the good name of the Crusader Ullr!

Killing Andrey

Andrey: Th-this can't be... Scipio... Avenge me!

Fighting Lombard

Lombard: Bwahahaha! It matters not how many of you worms confront me. So long as I wield the great axe, Helswath, the same fate awaits every last one of you! Stay clear, if you still value your lives!

With Sigurd

Lombard: Bwahaha... Would you look at that. The little brat's made it, as well! How perfect! I'll reunite you with your dearly departed father. He ought to be lonely now!
Sigurd: Lombard... LOMBARD!! You will pay for what you did to my father!

With Lex

Lombard: L-Lex... Vile traitor! You would turn your axe on your own father? Shame on you!
Lex: That's right... Shame on me. Just like you've always said... This is fate, Father. Forgive me...

Killing Lombard

Lombard: I-impossible... How could I fall like this...? Dannan... Don't fail me...

Ethlyn fights

If Quan is alive

Ethlyn: Hold tight, Altena! I'll protect you no matter what!

Ethlyn dies

Ethlyn: Ahh! Altena... Quan... I'm so sorry...

Quan fights

If Ethlyn is alive

Quan: Away, Thracian beasts! So long as I hold Gáe Bolg, only one of us will live this day!

If Ethlyn is dead

Quan: Blast! Can I go no further...?

Quan dies

Quan: Oh, Ethlyn... Forgive me... Finn... I entrust Leif... to you...

Fighting Magorn

Magorn: Don't take this personally. We've all got to make a living somehow...

Killing Magorn

Magorn: Gah... Glory be to Thracia!

Fighting Vaja

Vaja: Take this! Feel the fiery wrath of the heavens!

Killing Vaja

Vaja: Urgh... Oh, Lord Arvis... Forgive my failure...

Fighting Reptor

If Velthomer is an enemy

Reptor: Hm hm hm... It's time you had a lesson in obedience. Your teacher will be the supreme thunder magic Mjölnir!

If Velthomer is neutral

Reptor: Die! If I'm to burn, you will ALL burn with me!

With Sigurd

Reptor: Sigurd! So you've come to spread your evil ways in our holy fatherland, traitor scum!
Sigurd: You're the only traitor here, Reptor! For your fiendish crimes against both my father and the late Prince Kurth, I've come to exact justice upon you!
Reptor: Pah! Don't make me laugh, you naïve twit! Consider this a lesson in politics and power! Your father had no power, and hence he is dead! Even a common knight such as yourself can surely appreciate this fundamental truth!
Sigurd: A knight appreciates honor and justice. I see neither of those in your actions! For too long you've soiled Grannvale's honor. I've come to set the fatherland to rights!
Reptor: Such a pity your hard work is all for naught! Byron died a sad, pitiful traitor, and you will meet his very same fate at my hands! In the face of the supreme power of thunder, Mjölnir, you are but a candle to be snuffed! Sigurd, your dying thought will lament your complete and utter lack of power Ahahaha...

With Tailtiu

Reptor: T-Tailtiu... I can hardly believe it... No matter how traitorous you became... Not once did I expect to face you like this.
Tailtiu: Father... I'm sorry...
Reptor: Curse that Claude! How dare he fill my daughter's head with lies... No, it's too late. I have no choice... I must protect the honor of House Friege. Tailtiu, for your treachery, you must die.
Tailtiu: Oh! Father...

With Aida

Reptor: Aida... How dare you! You treacherous wretch...
Aida: Hah! You're as sore a loser as I expected, Reptor. You'd do well to surrender now.

Killing Reptor

Reptor: Guhhh... Arvis... What in the blazes are you... scheming?