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If only I can think of a good quote for this page...
— Henrai

Greetings, I am Henrai - Prince of Nohr. I've only made this page just because I was getting annoyed by a red name on the top of my screen, and I like Fire Emblem so, I made myself a page!

Due to my age, I will try and upload as much as possible, but I need to do stuff like revision. I will mainly focus on the recent games for the 3DS, such as Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates, with tying up loose ends. I'll mainly upload missing portraits, map sprites and DLC images, but I'll also be able to make my own pages, like for example the Curse of Valla from Fates. It's worth noting that I have played the other games as well, like I am currently re-playing The Sacred Stones and on Chapter 9 - just before I choose who to accompany.

Not sure what else to put... So go check out my channel on YouTube -