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In Summary

I'm an Australian, an aspiring essayist and journalist, devout Nintendork, and a longtime fan of Fire Emblem, EarthBound and Pokémon. Indeed, Fire Emblem VII was the first Nintendo game I ever played, and considering that six years later I'm quite the Nintendork (prior to then, Sony had ensnared me first), I feel that says something about just how amazing it is. My favourite Fire Emblem title is Radiant Dawn, which also houses some of my favourite characters from the series, Soren and Mia.

For a while I myself have been bouncing around the idea of founding a Fire Emblem wiki because the Wikia one is awful and inconsistent. Of course, I don't have the means to actually do that, so I was quite glad to find that this one existed and that it actually looked really nice to boot. I did devise several ideas for organisation of Fire Emblem data for the purposes of a wiki as part of this interest; I'd love to share them with this site, but at the same time I certainly don't want to impose my will upon a site that isn't even close to mine.