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Who Am I

Greetings. I am Ampera, currently a founding member of System Theta, and one of its representatives to The OpenWiki Project. System Theta works to find, create, and support projects in the world of technology, and is presently contracted to support The OpenWiki Project by handling the servers and software which runs wikis such as Fire Emblem Wiki.

One of the possible reasons you may be viewing my user page is to find out why I may have certain administrative roles, such as sysop, bureaucrat, or interface-admin. I hold these roles purely to assist in technological matters that can't easily be done on the backend. While I tend to keep these roles on for convenience, they can be added or removed at any time, and I should not be considered a member of site staff unless otherwise noted.

System Theta presently has no homepage, but we currently operate a gitea instance where the open source components for The OpenWiki Projects are hosted:

System Theta is also the home of the work in progress Sourcemageddon. Sourcemageddon is an inter-wiki project intended to operate as a reference library for video game source material old and new.

I am a former systems administrator for Grifkuba. In the past, I dedicated my time freely towards the backend maintenance and support of all of Grifkuba's wikis, but no longer hold this position or serve this function.

How to contact me

I do not monitor my talk pages, as such contacting me on Fire Emblem Wiki will likely not produce a (timely) response. In the event of a service outage, you can typically get my attention on Fire Emblem Wiki's Discord server (link on the sidebar), as well as the attention of Soveia, another member of System Theta who is able to solve issues as well.

In addition, I can be found through the following messaging services:

  • Discord Username: Ampera#0538
  • IRC: I am Ampera on,,,