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Mounted classification

The GBA game's unit classifications are blurry in places because things like effectiveness/canto/aid/terrain cost aren't all determined by one flag. Technically, the horse/wyvern flag to display the icon on the stat screen does literally nothing except display the icon. The aid formula flag is its own flag. Canto is also its own flag.

More importantly, weapon effectiveness is determined by a list of classes irrelevant of any flags assigned to those classes, this is how Reignleif and Rapier in FE8J aren't effective against mage knights.

Also if we're determining class type purely by weakness, then infantry isn't a class type within GBA. Also I'm not sure what class type we'd classify Dark Druid as since Aureola is effective against him. There's also things like swordslayers being effective against Merc/Myrm/Hero/Swordmaster/Blade Lord in FE7.

I think it's best to take the stat screen's word for it, since Troubadours have the other gameplay aspects of mounted classes. L95 (talk) 14:33, 28 March 2021 (UTC)