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Day Breaks/Conversations

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Tanith: Commander Ike! A priest from Duke Tanas's villa insists on speaking with you.
(Tanith leaves)
Ike: Yes? What is it?
Official: Um... Master mercenary. It is my understanding that pursue Duke Tanas. I hear that you're searching Serenes Forest in hopes of capturing him.
Ike: And if I am?
Official: Duke Tanas's property borders the forest, and he knows much about its layout. For quite some time now, he's been sending men into the forest to look for any herons who may still live there.
Ike: I see... So you're saying that his troops know the forest well.
Official: I, too, have been taken into the forest.
Ike: You? Why take a priest?
Official: He thought that herons would make themselves known if a priest called to them. He's also taken dozens of chaste maidens and tried having them call to the herons as well.
Ike: But he didn't find any, did he?
Official: No. And yet, this time... The joy he expressed after paying such an exorbitant price for the Serenes royal was aberrant. It was...not natural. The duke has gone mad. To think that he would dare to defy the apostle... He is damned.
Ike: And here you stand. You're going to tell me what you remember about the forest, even though it means you're betraying Tanas...right?
Official: Hmm... You read me well. To begin with, the heart of the forest was divided into three large sections. Maybe more. It was nearly colorless, and difficult to see far. The muddy floor pulled at our feet, and progress was slow. Many of the soldiers around me were afraid that they didn't bring enough supplies. They said a person would need them if he got lost, because getting out again would be no easy task.
Ike: What can you tell me about Duke Tanas's forces?
Official: There were a lot of them... He had soldiers of every type. It was said that his mounted units and magic users were especially powerful. So at the very least, you should be prepared to deal with those two groups.
Ike: Thank you.
Official: ...My parents... They both participated in the Serenes massacre. They're nearing the ends of their lives, but even now they lie awake at night and beg the goddess for forgiveness. I became a priest in order to help my parents, but then I was assigned to work at Duke Tanas's villa... I knew of his terrible deeds, but his position as an imperial senator frightened me. I have been silent for far too long. Master mercenary... You must rescue that Serenes youth. I beg of you. May the goddess guide your hand.
Ike: Don't worry. I have no intention of letting that villain steal him from before my very eyes.


Ike: Here you are.
Jill: ...
Ike: We've been in Begnion for a while now. So tell me something... Why are you still here? Are you pretending to be our friend so you can lance us in the back?
Jill: ...You have to understand... I...I didn't know anything. I was born and raised in the Talrega region of Daein. It's a very remote area. My father was a soldier, and I grew up thinking that I, too, would one day be a soldier. A soldier to make my father proud. My life was simple...I questioned nothing. Doubted nothing.
Ike: ...
Jill: Do you know the first thing we're taught in Daein schools? Sub-humans are evil. Sub-humans are the enemy. Sub-humans must be eradicated. The army stages periodic sub-human hunts. We'd find refugees from Begnion hiding in our mountains and forests...
Ike: You participated?
Jill: You don't get it! That's just how things are in Daein! No one taught me the word laguz! No one taught me that sub-humans could be...could be like this. No one cared.
Ike: ...
Jill: When I saw the bird tribes at sea, I was convinced that the teachings were true. They were inhuman monsters. But later, I saw the dragons push your ship off of the reef, and it confused me. What if I had been raised to believe a lie? My heart pounded at the thought of it. And my doubts only grew with time.
Ike: So you decided to remain aboard in order to ascertain the truth. That's your true motive, isn't it?
Jill: How did you know?
Ike: I've known a lot of soldiers, and none would ever accept charity from an enemy. It would wound their pride. You obviously have pride to spare, so I knew there was some other factor at play.
Jill: Oh...
Ike: Well, have you reached a conclusion? What will you do?
Jill: I...want to stay here. At first, I thought I could protect my old life, that I could prove the sub-humans were monsters. But I was wrong. And now things are different. The sub-hu-- I'm sorry, the laguz... I want to know the truth about them, and I need to base that on what I see, not what I am told by others.
Ike: In that case, you can stay as long as you like.
Jill: I appreciate it. I think meeting all of you...was a very good thing.


Devdan: La la la! La la laaaaaa! Hmmmm... La laaaa hmmmmmlaaaaaa! La de di da de laaaaaa...
(Ike appears)
Ike: ...Um... Hey there, you. Have a minute?
Devdan: Oh, Captain! How are you today?
Ike: It's commander. Not captain. seem to be enjoying yourself.
Devdan: That's because this garden is so pretty. Devdan loves all plants and flowers. How about you, Commander?
Ike: They're all right, I suppose.
Devdan: That makes Devdan rather sad. All right is not a very strong feeling. It is boring. You should be a more emotional commander. Even things you're used to will show you something new if you look hard enough. And discoveries are exciting! That's what life is all about! At least, that's what Devdan thinks. Some disagree...and that makes Devdan upset!
Ike: ...You may be on to something. In Crimea, when my father was still alive, I think I was more open to such things. But now...I just don't have the time. Honestly, all I can think about is defeating Daein. I've no energy left to spend on flowers.
Devdan: ...If you talk like that, you will never defeat Daein.
Ike: What did you say?
Devdan: The war is new. If you are already so focused on preparations, you'll wear out before the fighting begins.
(Devdan leaves)
Ike: Hold on a minute! ...