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This page contains all of Atlas's base conversations.

Conversation 1

Atlas: Priestess! H-hello! ...Hmm? I seem aloof? No! That's not... Well, I mean, can you blame me? It's're such a proper lady! I don't have a clue what to talk about. ...Talk about anything? Yeah, that doesn't really narrow it down. But okay, hmm... Oh! The other day, I was up in the mountains, right? I was sitting on a stump when this bug showed up, so I kinda start poking it. All of a sudden, a swarm of tiny SMALLER bugs burst out of its— ...Hmm? I need to stop this instant? Oh. Okay.

Conversation 2

Atlas: Say, what do you do when you're not on a holy mission or whatever? ...INTENSE praying and studying, eh? And that's fun for you, is it? ...I see. Well, it's your job, so whether you enjoy it or not doesn't matter. See, me, I just love my job. Woodcutting's a blast! The same mountain can be real different day to day. They've got moods. They've all been pretty sad lately, though. ...Wait, you think Mila's responsible? Then it's time we had a talk with her! Let's bust down those temple doors already!

Conversation 3

Atlas: You saw for yourself—my village is crammed full of a whole lot of nothing. I love it, though. All I need is a good axe, healthy trees, and some sunshine. My parents were the same way. I feel like I inherited the mountain from them. But once I started fighting and won a couple of battles, things changed. Everybody pushed me to go to war so I could get rich and famous. And sure, I want to provide a decent life for my little brothers... But my leaving home has made life harder for them, not easier. I tell ya, dreams of striking it rich can be expensive things. Soon as we're done, I'm gettin' back to the mountain and back to cuttin' wood!