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Zofia's Call/Script

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Fire Emblem Gaiden

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Ram Village

Mycen: Alm, rest. Your sword training is over. Go and play, but don't leave the village. Bandits have been about.

Gray, Tobin, and Kliff: Yo Alm! Listen to this guy!

Lukas: The infamous General Desaix has initiated a coup. Zofia's castle was captured and the king has been killed. We formed a liberation force to fight against Desaix, but it's not good enough. So, I came to ask General Mycen to help.

After talking to Lukas

Gray: We'll wait here. Ask your old man!

Tobin: Our country's people need us. Let's help 'em!

Kliff: Your old man was a General?

Mycen: What? Join the liberation forces?! I won't allow it! War brings only sorrow...

After talking to Mycen

Lukas: No good, huh?... Too bad. Sir Mycen has grown cowardly in his old age. To think he was once called Zofia's hero...
Alm: Wait-- I'll join in place of Gramps.
Lukas: Eh? You'll come in his stead? Thank you. My comrades will be pleased. Let's go to the liberation's base.
(Lukas joins)

Gray: Alm, I'm going with ya. This village is bound to get attacked, too, so let's beat up that Desaix guy first.
(Gray joins)

Tobin: Of course we're all coming, Alm, you're our leader! Let's go take back Zofia's castle!
(Tobin joins)

Kliff: Me!? ... Well... alright, I'll go with ya. But help me if I get in trouble!
(Kliff joins)

Mycen will repeat his last dialogue after Lukas is spoken to, but he will disappear once Alm leaves Ram Village.

Thieves' Shrine

Silque: I'm Silque, a priestess in the service of Mila. I was brought here by bandits. Please let me come with you.
(Silque joins)

Southern Outpost

Clair: Thanks for saving me. I'm Clair of the Knights of Zofia. My older brother Clive leads the liberation force. Let's go to the base together.
(Clair joins)

Deliverance Hideout

After recruiting Clair

Python: Stop right there. Suspicious people may not pass. Eh? You're new recruits? In that case, go on inside, but be careful! Demons may be around.

Clive: So, you're Alm? Thank you for saving my sister. Well, I've got a favor to ask of you. Starting today, will you lead our forces? That's why we sought Sir Mycen, Zofia's hero, but for some reason, he's refused us. Therefore, I'd like you to command our units in his place. So, Alm. I'm counting on you to save Zofia.
(Clive joins)

Forsyth: Desaix requested aid from Rigel, up north. If Rigel complies, we won't stand a chance!
Alm: But the 'Gods' Pact' upheld by Zofia and Rigel... It means we won't war, right? Our guardian, Lady Mila, would never allow it.
Forsyth: Yeah, well... There's a rumor that Lady Mila has disappeared. Hey, hey! Don't look so surprised! After all, it's been strange lately, hasn't it? Crops failing, odd demons emerging... Only Mila's Temple knows what's goin on, I guess.
(Forsyth joins)

After recruiting Clive

Python: What? We're finally marching on Zofia Castle? I'm coming too! Be wary of Slayde, the guards' captain. He's a pretty strong fighter.
(Python joins)

Liberation of Zofia Castle

Desaix: Rebel scum! Think you can defeat me? Slayde, use my army to scatter those swines!

Slayde initiates a battle

Slayde: Die, rebels!

Killing Slayde

Desaix: What?! Slayde's been downed?! Shit! I'll remember this. I'm leaving this to you, men!
(Desaix flees)

Killing Desaix

Slayde: Heh... Fools! What you just beat was a double. Lord Desaix left for his own lands already. I'll pay you back for this someday.
(Slayde flees)

Zofia Castle

Various unnamed NPCs:

  • Thanks to you all, Desaix's army fled to their own fort in the western forest.
  • Desaix escaped with the valuable 'Royal Sword'. It was a gift of friendship from the Kingdom of Rigel long ago. No normal person can use it.
  • The entire royal family was murdered by Desaix. Well, except the princess whom Lord Mycen was entrusted with.
  • Take this Ridersbane. Those who can use it can easily dispatch enemy knights.
  • It seems that Desaix has requested aid from Rigel. If he's not stopped before the Rigelian army comes, there'll be big trouble.
  • You're General Mycen's grandson? But he shouldn't have any kin... N-no way, that rumor was true?
  • Desaix secretly had every child born to the royal family killed. Sir Mycen tried to stop him but was charged with the crime instead and driven away.

Mycen: Alm, you came...
Alm: Gramps! Why are you at Zofia Castle?
Mycen: I can't seem to escape destiny. Alm, it's best if you follow your own path. Free this land of Valencia from its cursed fate. You and the red-haired girl who will visit this castle soon... Perhaps that is what fate has in store for you...

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Ram Village

Mycen: Well done, Alm. We'll end today's training here. Your swordsmanship has come a long way. I've always known you had talent.
Alm: You really think so? You're not just saying that, are you, Grandfather?
Mycen: Either I'm getting old or you're getting better—and we both know I'm not old.
Alm: Ha! Well, good. Then that means you're ready to let me travel outside the village.
Mycen: Hmph. Don't misconstrue my words, boy. The rule still stands.
Alm: But why?! I'm not a child anymore. You just said I can fend for myself! If I meet with any dangers, I'll have my sword and my wits.
Mycen: Alm, that's not what this is about.
Alm: Then what IS it about?
Mycen: Alm...
Alm: Look, I've heard from the others. I know the drought's made Zofia a scary place. People are starving, and many have turned to thievery and plunder. Brigands loot villages for a mere sack of grain, and soon they'll be at OUR door! And don't think I haven't heard what the Rigelian army has been up to. They've been crossing the border for years in violation of the Divine Accord. And with that sacred bond broken, now the Terrors have resurfaced as well...
Mycen: ...All true.
Alm: Zofia is full of innocent people who are looking for help. Please, Grandfather. I want to make a difference in a world bigger than a handful of houses. I want to see all the amazing places you've told me about— that Celica told me about!
Mycen: Suppose you do set forth with your sword and your wits. So what?
Alm: ......
Mycen: Will the grand story of your life be how you met the end of a brigand's axe? Before you dream of changing the world, learn your damned place in it. And no more talk of leaving.
(Mycen leaves, enters the house, and closes the door behind him)
Alm: ...What's his problem?! Why teach me to use a sword if you're not going to let me fight? Every day in this place is exactly the same as the next. I know I'm meant for more than this! But you have to let me find it!
(There is a commotion in the distance)
Alm: Huh? What's all the commotion? It's coming from the gates. Hmm...

(Alm examines the house)
Alm: This is the house where Grandfather and I live. Our home lies on a little patch of land near the edge of the village. It's nice.
(Alm examines firewood)
Alm: This is where we chop wood. ...I know. Thrilling. Chopping firewood is tough, although Grandfather makes it look easy.
(Alm examines orange tree)
Alm: Heh, I remember climbing this orange tree as a kid. Even fell out of it once. Grandfather used to get so mad when Celica and I would climb this...
(Alm examines scorch marks)
Alm: Kliff scorched the wall here while practicing some fire spell. ...Oops.
(Alm examines sheep)
Alm: Grandfather raises sheep. They're cute and all, but also kind of jerks. Celica used to enjoy cuddling with this ewe. It hated me, but looooved her.

(Alm moves to the square)
(Alm examines the square)
Alm: This is the village square. Folks come here at all hours, so it's a good place to chat. ...Well, and gossip.
(Alm examines the well)
Alm: The village lives or dies by this well. The water level in this well is very low as of late. Hope it rains soon!

Young Woman: *sigh* What I wouldn't give for some food. It's been years since we've had a proper harvest. Can't grow much without rain... Why has Mila forsaken us? What's happened to the Earth Mother? She's killing us by withholding her blessings. The Rigelian Empire will seize our lands and we'll be too weak to resist... You've heard how well trained their soldiers are, haven't you? We've never toiled or fought for a thing, and we're about to pay for it...

Woman: Well, if it isn't Alm! You all finished with today's training? I still remember when you were only THIS tall, and now look at you. Sir Mycen has certainly made a strong young man out of you. I say "Sir" Mycen, but the story is your grandfather was once a famous general. General Mycen! Ha! I always wondered why such a fellow would end up here. Then again, the woods around Ram have become dangerous as of late. Perhaps it's for the best that we have him—and YOU—to keep us safe!

Young Man: It's good to know our plight has the nobility so grief-stricken. King Lima dances at the end of Chancellor Desaix's puppet strings. The king would rather eat grapes and frolic in a seraglio than actually rule. It's no wonder the kingdom's being torn apart by rebellion after rebellion. I wish someone would come along and save us from ourselves already. ...What's that? The Mother Mila? Pah! Like I'd waste my prayers on a goddess as useless as her.

(Alm moves to the entrance of Ram Village)
Tobin: Alm! Hey. This fellow's here to see Sir Mycen. He was just about to tell us more.

(Alm examines the entrance)
Alm: This is the way out of the village. The road leads straight on to Zofia Castle.
(Alm examines the barricade)
Alm: This isn't much of a fence, but it still keeps mounted bandits away. Honestly, this doesn't see much use, but it's better than no defense at all.
(Alm examines the watchtower)
Alm: This tower is so guards can look out for anything suspicious coming our way. Any brigands that tried to get close would have to answer to Grandfather.
(Alm examines the arrow)
Alm: Tobin must have been using this place for archery practice.
(Alm examines the slashed fence)
Alm: Gray and I might have gotten a liiiiittle carried away during sword practice...

(Alm talks to Gray)
Gray: Sorry, pal, but I still can't trust a man in full armor. Keep one hand on your hilt while you talk to this guy, yeah?
(Alm talks to Tobin)
Tobin: A knight—can you believe it? What's he doing in OUR village? You'd have to practically ride off the edge of the map to find this place!
(Alm talks to Faye)
Faye: Alm! How was sword practice? Everything go okay? Sir Mycen is far too hard on you... I hope you don't have any new bruises!
(Alm talks to Kliff)
Kliff: He's sure come a long way just to find a whole lot of nothing... Whatever he's here for, I hope he hasn't brought any trouble with him.

(Alm talks to Lukas)
Lukas: Good day. You must be Sir Mycen's grandson. Alm, was it? My name is Lukas. I fight for the Deliverance.
Alm: The "Deliverance"? What's that? Aren't you one of the Knights of Zofia? The king's knights?
Lukas: Oh, I see. I suppose that means word hasn't yet reached your village. In that case, please forgive me for heralding such dark news, but... King Lima IV is dead. He met his end some days ago at the hands of Chancellor Desaix.
Alm: What? You're saying it was regicide?!
Lukas: I fear so. It seems Desaix sold Zofia to the Rigelian Empire along with his soul. No doubt they promised him lands. Perhaps even a title. Upon Lima's death, the chancellor and the Rigelian army seized Zofia Castle and began to visit unspeakable injustices upon the king's people. Sir Clive—of the Knights of Zofia you mentioned—would have none of it. He formed an army to free us from Rigel and named it the Deliverance. However, we are outmatched and fast losing this war. We need a hero's aid. And so I have come to the home of one of Zofia's greatest heroes: Sir Mycen. Do you see, Alm? Sir Clive would not have sent me were it not urgent. Will you take me to see your grandfather?
Alm: Y-yes, of course.
(Alm takes Lukas with him)
Gray: Good goblets... I knew Zofia was in hot water, but is this guy serious?
Tobin: So there's going to be a war?
Kliff: There already is one, from the sound of things.
Faye: But that's... that's awful! If Sir Mycen rides off to war, what'll happen to Alm?
Kliff: You got me.

(In front of Sir Mycen's house; Lukas exits the house)
Lukas: *sigh*
Alm: Lukas! Were you able to speak with my grandfather? What did he say?
Lukas: He said no. Sir Mycen made it clear he has no intention of joining the Deliverance.
Alm: What? But he's ridiculously strong! He could defeat some stuffy chancellor with his eyes closed! Why would he refuse when so many people are suffering?
Lukas: I cannot speak to Sir Mycen's thinking, but it seems we misplaced our hopes. I'll have to return to our hideout and bring Sir Clive the ill news. Perhaps Mycen has simply grown too old for the battlefield.
Alm: ......!
Lukas: It was good meeting you, Alm. I must be on my way. Thank you again for your assistance.
(Lukas walks away)
Alm: He's not old... He's tougher than men half his age!

(Alm chases Lukas and catches him at the entrance)
Alm: Lukas, wait!
Lukas: Alm? What is it?
Alm: I'll go. I'll join the Deliverance.
Lukas: You?
Tobin: Alm, what the hell?! You can't do that! ...Wait. CAN he do that?
Gray: I'll admit, you fight like a beast and they'd be lucky to have your sword, but this isn't sparring with your gramps, Alm. You're volunteering to go to war!
Alm: I know what it is. And if Grandfather won't do it, then I'll do it for him. Consider my sword as his.
Lukas: Alm, I understand how you feel, but—
Alm: Sir Mycen has been teaching me to use a blade since I was a boy. I've received tutelage in military tactics, medicine, weather, terrain... I know as much about war as any man who has never seen one can. Let me fight for you with my grandfather's gifts. I'll prove he's no cowardly old man. He's a warrior who trains warriors.
Lukas: Hmm... That might just work.
Alm: Huh? Then you mean...!
Kliff: Oh, come ON! You can't be serious!
Lukas: Why not? Alm presents a good case. He has a hero's blood in him. ...And clearly a hero's fire. His presence is sure to raise the troops' morale. And for my part, I'm curious to see what a self-proclaimed warrior can do. Especially now that he'll be doing it for the Deliverance.
Alm: Thank you, Lukas... You won't regret this!
Gray: I've seen a lot of cake-taking in my day, but this REALLY takes the cake!
Faye: Alm, you should back out of this. It's far too dangerous! If anything were to happen to you, I'd... I mean... Just don't do it, okay?!
Alm: I'm sorry, Faye, but I've made up my mind. But... maybe all of you could come with me?
Faye: Er, what?
Kliff: Splendid idea. Maybe we could all get impaled on the same lance.
Alm: I'm just saying we could do it together. ...Fighting, I mean. Not the lance. Grandfather trained all of us, right? Not just me. You already know how to use a sword and a bow. So what's the problem?
Tobin: Alm, are you insane? We were sparring with wooden fences and tree trunks! They don't hit back!
Gray: Oh, sod it all. I'm not as bright as I'd like to think I am, so, uh... count me in!
Tobin: Gray! Not you too?!
Gray: Me too, Tobi-poo. It's better than waiting for Rigel to reach Ram and kill/enslave us. Might as well bring the fight to them.
Tobin: But you're gonna— I mean, once they— ...Ugggh!
Lukas: You have my thanks, Gray. And the Deliverance welcomes you. In the end, we need every able fighter we can get. There will be much to learn, but I can teach you a great deal in battle. And you'll be given a proper wage, of course.
Tobin: Wait. You mean we get paid? As in, actual money?
Lukas: Of course. Our soldiers work hard and sacrifice much. We would be remiss not to offer compensation.
Tobin: I've got little brothers and sisters who could use that gold... Ma and Pa struggle to make ends meet, but if there's a way to help... Hmm...
Alm: Tobin, you don't have to go if you don't want to. Why don't you all take a little time to think about it? Let's split up for now and meet back here later. I need to go thank my grandfather and say good-bye.

(Alm talks to Lukas)
Lukas: Take all the time you need, Alm. You should pay your respects to Sir Mycen.

(Alm enters the square)
Man: Alm, is it true you're leaving the village? You'll be sorely missed. Just be careful, hear? The woods outside Ram are dangerous enough... but once you're through them, you'll hit Fleecer's Forest. The place is crawling with brigands. No one gets through that wood alive...

Woman: My word. Can you believe it? The king—murdered! What do you suppose happens now? He has no heirs, you know. Not anymore, I mean. They say Chancellor Desaix himself murdered all of 'em in cold blood! Anyway, hope this "Deliverance" knows who they'll be delivering to that throne.

Young Man: I heard what the knight said, but it sounds like a load of horse plop to me. Everyone knows it's Zofia's fault that Rigel invaded in the first place. King Lima refused to help the Rigelian Empire during their famine, remember? And we all know the emperor didn't take too kindly to THAT little slight. Such a shame. The kingdom and the empire had been getting along so well. The king may be dead, but his choices live on. Ain't that always the way of it?

(Alm returns to Mycen's house and enters it)
Alm: Grandfather, I'm home! Do you have a minute? There's something I need to speak with you about... ...Grandfather? Hmm, where is he? Grandfather...? Grandfather!

(Alm returns to the entrance of Ram Village)
Tobin: ...Ah! There he is. Alm, over here!
Alm: Tobin! Does this mean you're coming with us?
Tobin: Sure am! I could tell Ma and Pa were worried, but I think they'll understand. Listen, everyone, try not to be amazed when I show Alm up on the battlefield.
Gray: You know they don't pay extra for that, right, moneybags?
Lukas: There's nothing wrong with fighting for coin. Many people do. We don't have any rules stating one's reasons must be noble. Now then, Alm. Were you able to say good-bye to your grandfather?
Alm: I tried, but... I couldn't find him.
Lukas: Well, that IS vexing. I suppose we could tarry here a bit longer if you-
Alm: It's all right. Let's go.
Lukas: Oh? Are you certain?
Alm: I can write him a letter. Come on, we can't wait forever.
Lukas: So be it. I'll defer to your judgment.

(Gray, Lukas, and Tobin join the army)
(Alm talks to Kliff)
Kliff: You know, I guess I don't mind going along. The Deliverance is fighting all across Zofia, right? Well, I've always wanted to see the world, and now's my chance. ...All I have to do is not get killed. Easy, right?
(Kliff joins the army)

(If Alm refuses Kliff)
Kliff: Fine. Have it your way. Not like I was itching to leave anyway.

(If Alm talks to Kliff again after refusing him)
Kliff: Huh? Now you want me to come with you after all? Make up your mind!

(Alm talks to Faye)
Faye: I'm coming too! I'm staying with you no matter what! End! Of! Discussion!
(Faye joins the army)

(If Alm refuses Faye)
Faye: You... don't want me? Oh. I... I see. Then I guess I'll stay here and just be... sad... forever... But you'd better come back safe, you hear me?!

(If Alm talks to Faye again after refusing her)
Faye: Oh! Yes? Does this mean I can come with you? Pleeeeeease?

(Alm leaves the village)
Tobin: Alm, are you sure about this?
Alm: Am I sure about what?
Tobin: Not saying good-bye to your grandfather. My ma and pa have all my brothers and sisters to look after them. I mean, sure, they'll miss me—or I hope they will, at any rate—but family will help them get by, you know? But all Sir Mycen has for kin is you, and all you have is him.
Alm: I know. But considering he's never let me take one step outside the village, I doubt I could have talked him into letting me join an army. Not that it would have changed things either way—I HAVE to go. Not just to prove him as a teacher, but to prove myself to me.
Gray: Well, you've always wanted to put Ram behind you, right? This is your big chance! Your first adventure writ large! We'll call it Alm's Epoch! Or maybe... The Tale of Gray! ...Plus That One Guy.
Alm: Heh. I don't think so. Although I admit there might be a little something to what you're saying. It's almost as if I feel someone calling out to me.
Gray: ...So you really have gone crazy then. Welp, it's been nice knowin' ya!
Alm: Heh. Look, I know how it sounds. But it's the truth.
Tobin: Do you think it's Celica?
Alm: What? Celica? Where the heck did THAT come from?
Tobin: Oh, please. You two were inseparable while she was here. You barely made any time for us!
Alm: I guess that's true... Maybe it is her. Celica, are you the one who's been calling me? I know that you're out there... I just don't know where. But I can feel it. I hope this journey will bring us together again...

Lukas: First, we should make for the Southern Outpost. Desaix's men hold it for now, but my fellows in the Deliverance have been fighting to reclaim it. The Deliverance hideout lies beyond the outpost. We'd best prepare ourselves for a long journey.

(Alm proceeds to Ram Woods)

Ram Woods Battle

Brigand: Oy, travelers! 'Fraid I'm gonna have to ask ya to stop right there. These here woods belong to me and my boys, see? So if ya wanna be passin' through, yer gonna have to pay the toll. Ha ha!
Lukas: Well. That didn't take long.
Alm: Brigands already? But it's only been minutes—we're still within sight of the gates!
Lukas: Worse surprises than this await us, Alm. Is everyone ready?
Alm: Yes. Come on, let's clear this rabble out!

(The battle begins)
Alm: Follow me. I'll clear us a path!
Lukas: Alm, if I may? You mustn't rush headlong into battles on your own. Without experience, your friends will never grow into accomplished fighters. Trust them. Give them something to do. ...At least let them deal the final blow.
Alm: Right. That's good advice. I'll give it a try!

(Once all enemies are eliminated, the battle ends)

Alm: Yes! We won!
Lukas: That was some fine swordsmanship, Alm. I can see you have more than a bit of your grandfather in you.
Alm: You think so?

(Alm proceeds to Fleecer's Forest)

Fleecer's Forest Battle

Lukas: Hm? Hold, everyone.
Alm: What is it, Lukas?
Brigand: Hrrm...
Alm: More brigands? It seems the rumors were no exaggeration.
Lukas: Based on their numbers, I surmise they must have a hideout nearby. But we can ill afford to pick fights with every cutpurse and rogue we encounter. Let's sit back and lay low until they depart.
Brigand: Didja get a look at the wench we nabbed this morning? Hoo-ee!
Brigand: She'll certainly add some color to that run-down old shrine! Gar har har!
Brigand: Gar har har! She's prettier'n the boss, that's for sure!
Alm: What? They've taken a prisoner?!
Lukas: Alm? Let's just be calm and... Alm?! Alm, wait, don't—
(Alm rushes in)
Alm: Hold it, you lecherous pigs!
Brigand: Huh? Who the hell are you?
Alm: Release the woman you're holding at once, or else!
Brigand: Bwa ha ha! Or else WHAT?
Brigand: Ya must really want a knife in the belly if yer slingin' taunts at the likes of us.
Lukas: So much for laying low... To arms, everyone!

(The battle begins)
Lukas: Look over there. They have an archer. He can strike from a distance, so we must plan our approach carefully. Whoever goes after him needs to finish him quickly or be ready for a reprisal. If you're not strong enough to take an arrow or two, stay well away.

(Once all enemies are eliminated, the battle ends)
Lukas: *sigh* Well, I suppose that counts as our good deed for the day.
Alm: Sorry, Lukas. My legs were moving before I had a chance to even think.
Lukas: Valor is nothing to be sorry for. Now come. Let's find this prisoner they spoke of. They mentioned a shrine, yes? It must be nearby.

(On the world map)
Alm: What's that shrine?
Gray: Oh yeah, guess you wouldn't know since you've been stuck in the village. Shrines like this were built by folks so they had a place to worship Mila, but famine and other problems kinda put a damper on most Zofians' piety. Now they're mostly just home to brigands and the like.
Alm: Then the woman who was taken captive must be inside...

(Alm goes to the Thieves' Shrine)

Thieves' Shrine

Brigand: Eek! Stay away from me! I'm only the stupid watchman! I just WATCH things! Eeeek!
(The brigand has fled...)

(If Alm enters the Thieves' Shrine again after leaving it)
Brigand: What? YOU again?! L-leave me alone! I told you, all I do is keep watch for the others!
(The brigand has fled. ...Again.)

(Alm begins exploration)
Alm: The enemy could be anywhere. We need to proceed carefully.

(Alm enters the shrine)
Alm: The dank smell of mold permeates the shrine. It's foul, like the rogues who crawl about the place. How could this house to the Mother have become such a welcome haven for brigands?

(Alm reaches the end of the shrine)
Brigand Boss: Huh? What do you scrawny little rats want? You got nerve bargin' in here just as I was gettin' to the main event. Kill 'em, boys! ...And be creative about it.
(Brigand Boss is defeated)
Brigand Boss: Argh! Damn... you...

(Alm examines the shrine)
Alm: There's a strange air hanging over this place.
(Alm examines the Mila Idol)
Alm: It's a statue of Mother Mila.

(Alm talks to the captive woman)
Alm: Miss, are you all right? Say something!
Silque: Nnngh... Wh-who are you? How did I get here?
Alm: You're in a shrine. Some brigands kidnapped you and took you here. Don't worry, they're gone. We dealt with them before they could do you any harm.
Silque: I see. Thank you, sir. After those ruffians seized me, I passed out... Ugh... I don't want to think about it.
Alm: What's your name?
Silque: I am Silque. I hail from a priory far to the east, on the island of Novis.
Gray: So, uh, Silque... What brings a woman of the cloth like you so far from home?
Silque: *gasp* My mission! I nearly forgot! I must find a man named Sir Mycen. Are we far from Ram Village?
Alm: Are you serious? Ram's our home! Sir Mycen is my grandfather.
Silque: What? You're Sir Mycen's... grandson? ......! May I see that mark on your left hand?
Alm: What, this? Sure. Pretty strange for a birthmark, huh? And that's not even the weirdest part. A long time ago, a girl in my village had the same mark on her hand.
Silque: So you're the one sh-
Alm: Huh? What is it, Silque?
Silque: Sir Alm, I have something for you. Here. Please take this.
Alm: All right, but... what is it?
Silque: It's called Mila's Turnwheel. It's a relic that contains some of the Earth Mother's power. I believe it will be of great use to you.
Alm: Are you sure? You were supposed to give this to my grandfather, right?
Silque: No. This is definitely for you. Now that you have left your village and embarked upon an auspicious journey, the Turnwheel will become a vital tool during the trials ahead.
Alm: Okay... Well, thank you. I promise to take good care of it. By the way, how do you use it?
Silque: You don't use it. It uses you. When the time is right, the Turnwheel will give you a sign.
Alm: O... kay? I'm not sure I understand, but I'll take your wor—
(The Turnwheel glows)
Silque: Ah! It appears that Mother Mila already wishes to show you something.
Alm: The Turnwheel... It's glowing... What's happening?!

(Alm is shown a vision of a massive graveyard)
Alm: Where am I...? That's Zofia Castle! This is our kingdom? What happened here? Is the Deliverance too late?!
(The vision ends)

Silque: Sir Alm, what did you see?
Alm: It was... It was so clear! Silque, it was horrible!
Silque: Be calm. What you saw in the vision is not the present. The Mother is either telling you what could be... or what once was. Her power is sight.
Alm: So the vision is something that's going to happen?
Silque: Something that COULD happen. If the vision was ill-boding, perhaps it was a sign— a sign that the Mother wishes for you to take action in order to prevent it.
Alm: ......
(Alm receives Mila's Turnwheel)
Silque: Ah, Sir Alm. In my travels, I have witnessed the sorry state of our kingdom. With no goddess to bless them and no king to rule, most Zofians are at a loss. And I, for one, refuse to stand by and watch them suffer. I would ask for permission to accompany you on your quest.
(Silque joins the army)

(If Alm refuses Silque)
Silque: Very well. That was not the answer I was hoping for, but I shall respect your decision.

(If Alm talks to Silque again after refusing her)
Silque: Yes? Do you require my assistance?

(Alm approaches the Mila Statue)
Mila's Servant: Welcome, child of fate. I am a servant of Mila. Present to me those who are worthy. By my master's will shall I bestow upon them new power.

Storming of Ram Valley

Lukas: Hmm? Alm. Look up there.
Alm: Huh? That uniform...!
Enemy Soldier: ......
Alm: That looks like a Zofian soldier. Is he one of Desaix's men?
Lukas: Yes. We'll see more of them, now that we're nearing the Southern Outpost. It seems Desaix's men have hired brigands to hold the valley for them. This will be a tricky fight.
Alm: ...I'm ready.

(Once the battle begins)
Lukas: Take a closer look at that soldier. He's armed with a leather shield. It'll be difficult to land blows on him. We could take the shield for ourselves... IF we manage to defeat him.

(Once the battle ends)
Alm: The valley's clear... Still, that wasn't easy.
Lukas: You have my thanks. We'll soon reach the Southern Outpost, which is under Deliverance control. Once we've rejoined our comrades, the fights ahead will become easier.
Alm: Comrades, huh? I wonder what they're like? I'm excited to meet them!
(An ally soldier rushes in)
Ally Soldier: Ngh... S-Sir Lukas? It's good to see you made it back safely.
Lukas: I recognize you. You were stationed at the outpost. Has something happened? Why are you here?
Ally Soldier: Forgive us, Sir Lukas, but... The tides turned after you left, and we were forced to abandon the outpost. I'm afraid Lady Clair was taken captive. Desaix's men hold her there even now.
Lukas: What? Clair! Gods, how could this happen?!
Alm: Lukas...
Lukas: This is my fault. Lady Clair is new to military command. I should have left her in more experienced hands.
Alm: Don't blame yourself, Lukas. Sir Clive sent you to Ram Village, right? You didn't have a choice. If blame lies with anyone, it's him.
Lukas: ......
Alm: Regardless, standing here accomplishes nothing. We need a plan. I assume this Clair person is still alive, right? In that case, we just have to take back the Southern Outpost and save her!
Tobin: Oh hey, that's a great id— Wait, WHAT?! No! How are WE supposed to reclaim a fortress from trained royal soldiers?!
Alm: I don't know, but we have to find a way. Otherwise, our journey is already over. Here and now, we make our decision. Will we live our lives as simple villagers? ...Or will we fight on as soldiers of the Deliverance?!
Tobin: But Alm...
Gray: Okay, good speech! Hear, hear. ...What've we got to lose? Let's do it.
Tobin: Gray!
Gray: Tobin! ...Listen, just stop and think about this. I know it's hard, but try. Clair is a GIRL. And if we save a GIRL... Eh? You follow?
Tobin: I can't believe you're the same man who mocks the fact that I fight for gold.
Gray: Yes, because it's gold. This is GIRLS. Don't you like girls?
Tobin: I mean, I admit they're... not bad?
Gray: You see? We speak the same language. So you're in, right?
Lukas: I don't know what to say... except "thank you." You're very brave to do this. The Deliverance is lucky to have you.
Alm: Same goes for you, Lukas.
Lukas: One thing, Alm... You may be right that some of the blame lies with Sir Clive... But please, tread soft with him regardless. Lady Clair is his younger sister. I'm sure no one's head is hanging lower than his own right now.
Alm: Oh. Lukas, I... I'm sorry. You're right.

(Alm moves to the Southern Outpost)

Attack on the Southern Outpost

(The battle begins)
Enemy Soldier: Who goes there? ...More rebels? Ha! Haven't you dogs learned your lesson yet?
Alm: We're not rebels... We're the Deliverance! Everyone! With me!

Lukas: Watch out. That archer is carrying a powerful bow. We should only send in capable—and cautious—units to deal with him.

(Once the battle ends)
Alm: We did it! The outpost is ours!
Lukas: Thank you, my brave friends. Thank you for everything. I know that my fallen comrades would say the same.
Alm: Oh, Lukas. I'm so sorry. But we'll have time to mourn later. Right now, we must find Lady Clair. She must be somewhere inside the outpost.

(Alm enters the Southern Outpost Interior)

Southern Outpost Interior

(Alm examines the area)
Alm: I'm told this place was built 200 years ago as a defense against pirates.
(Alm examines the weapons)
Alm: I bet you'd fight better if you didn't leave your weapons lying around. Maybe they hid a big sack of gold here! ...Rats. Nothing.
(Alm examines the corridor)
Alm: This hall leads further into the outpost.

(Alm goes to the war room)
(Alm examines the area)
Alm: This looks like the war room. Pretty impressive stuff. I might find something useful here.
(Alm examines the weapons)
Alm: Lots of weapons scattered around... Somebody left in a big hurry. Yeah, there's nothing useful here.
(Alm examines the supplies)
Alm: This is mostly just junk.
(Alm examines the table)
Alm: Guess no one had time to clean up before they took off.

(Alm goes to the dungeon)
Lukas: Clair!
Clair: Lukas! You came to rescue me! Why, how simply gallant of you... Now extricate me from this filthy and unseemly cage at once!
(Alm tries to leave)
Clair: Um, pardon me? And just where exactly do you think you're going? You simply must remove me from this rat-infested hellhole at once!

(Alm examines the area)
Alm: Ugh. Glad I don't have to spend any time in here. I wonder if any prisoners ever banged a tin cup on the bars...
(Alm examines the table)
Alm: A table and chairs for the guards. Those do NOT look comfortable.
(Alm examines the pile of weapons)
Alm: Rigel must have taken these weapons from their prisoners.

(Alm picks up the cell key and opens the door to Clair's cell)
Alm: That should do it.
Clair: You there! The boy will offer a lady his hand.
Alm: Who, me? ...Oh, uh, sorry.
Clair: Very good. I say, it DOES feel good to move about again! I thought I might never emerge from that disgusting pigsty. You have my thanks, er...
Lukas: This is Alm. He recently joined us in the Deliverance.
Clair: Oh! Well, how simply lovely. Welcome! I am Clair. The young man may address me as "Lady Clair," or "milady."
Alm: Um... It's a pleasure to meet you, milady.
Clair: So! From where do you hail, Alm?
Alm: Uh... I "hail" from a little place called Ram Village.
Clair: A village? You don't say! That's one of those places with all the cows and the barns and the fields, yes?
Alm: Um... yeah. Something like that.
Clair: My word! I hardly ever speak with villagers! What is it like to chase cows every day? I wager they bite, the nasty creatures. Hmm... And yet, you aren't smothered in manure. This is not what I pictured.
Alm: Right. Um...
Lukas: Clair, perhaps you should consider Alm's feelings in regards to his home.
Clair: His... Huh? Oh dear, have I done it again? It's as Clive constantly reminds me: "The Deliverance is not like the Knights of Zofia." "Not every soldier in our ranks is noble, but we must treat them all as equals." The peasant must forgive his lady for this gauche breach of etiquette.
Alm: It's all right. The peasant—whose name is Alm—will get over it.
Clair: Oh, Alm! I can see you are truly kind. Might I ask you more about your village later? I'm ever so curious!
Alm: Of course.
Clair: Splendid! I've always wanted to know more about cows and pigs and such.
Alm: Yes, they're... they're amazing creatures...
(Clair joins the army)

Tobin: Woof! She's going to be a handful.
Gray: Yeah, I uh... *cough* That's what I'm hoping.
Tobin: Hmm...
Gray: Hey, what are you schemin'?
Tobin: Wh-what? Nothing!
Gray: Uh-huh...

Ally Soldier: Thank you for freeing us. I thought my time had come. You're new to the Deliverance, right? Then you'll want to hear this. They say Mother Mila has disappeared from her temple. That's why Rigel was able to break the Divine Accord, which was supposed to prevent them from ever invading Zofia. I don't know how much of it's true, but it's disturbing nonetheless.

(Alm leaves the Southern Outpost Interior and moves to Southern Zofia 1)

First Battle of Southern Zofia

(The battle begins)

(Once the battle ends, Fernand approaches)
Fernand: Clair! You're safe!
Clair: Oh! Good day, Fernand. And what brings you here?
Fernand: Need you even ask? When I heard you had been taken prisoner, I mounted my finest destrier and sped here at once. Sir Clive couldn't leave the hideout without its commander, of course. But I see I am a step behind regardless. Who is this rabble?
Alm: Um, are you talking about me?
Clair: They are not "rabble," Fernand. This boy is Alm. He is the grandson of Sir Mycen himself.
Fernand: Mycen's... grandson? Lukas, I demand to know the meaning of this! You were ordered to find the general himself, not some mewling child!
Lukas: Sadly, Sir Mycen was not so easily convinced. However, Alm and his friends have joined our cause in his stead.
Fernand: Is this some manner of folly to you, Lukas? Am I to be amused? Such baseborn curs cannot possibly aid our cause. The Deliverance has no place for brats with pitchforks.
Lukas: Fernand, you must listen to reason. These "curs" you so easily disparage fought valiantly for us. In fact, without Alm, we might not have retaken the Southern Outpost. I can vouch for their strength.
Fernand: Hah! As if the word of a backwater noble carries weight with me. Your entire house should be kissing the Knights of Zofia's feet!
Lukas: Ngh...
Alm: I think that's enough. You can say whatever nasty things about me you like. I'll get over it. But Lukas deserves your respect.
Fernand: I beg your pardon? Do I look like a man who listens to the opinions of peasants?
Clair: Then you can listen to me, because I happen to agree with him. Fernand, my brother already explained this to you, did he not?
Fernand: Sir Clive? What exactly did he explain?
Clair: A soldier's worth is not determined by the station of his birth. If we do not all fight together as one, then we will never defeat Desaix. Those are wise words. Unforgettable words! Desaix's forces already have us at heel, yet you would splinter us further?
Fernand: Rrr... You there! Boy!
Alm: ...That's me, I take it?
Fernand: Out of respect for Sir Clive, I will permit you to join the Deliverance. But you WILL learn your place! Now, Clair. Seeing as you are safe, you have no need for these people. Come, let us return. We must report this matter to Sir Clive at once.
Clair: I will do no such thing! I'm going with Alm.
Fernand: ...Very well. Do as you please.
(Fernand rides off)
Tobin: ...Wow, what a jerk! I've never met someone so rude!
Gray: I guess we've been spoiled by Lukas. He'd nearly convinced me that swinish knights are the exception, not the rule. But... that was a swine, all right. *snort*
Clair: You poor dears must be so upset. I apologize for the way he treated you.
Gray: Don't be silly. You don't have to lower yourself for a miserable human being like that.
Clair: Oh my...
Tobin: Oh, great. Here we go...
Gray: What? I have no idea what you're talkin' about.
Clair: Well, regardless... please don't think ill of Fernand. He wasn't always like this. The world... changed him.
Gray: Did... something happen to him?
Clair: ......
Lukas: We live in trying times. And some things that transpire are... difficult to put into words. In any case, we should be on our way.

(Alm goes to Southern Zofia 2)

Second Battle of Southern Zofia

(Once the battle ends)
Lukas: Well fought, everyone. The Deliverance's hideout is just a stone's throw away now. I'll send a messenger ahead to inform Sir Clive of our arrival. Let us make haste. I'm sure he'll be quite eager to meet you.

(If Alm tries to go toward Zofia Castle instead of heading to the Deliverance Hideout)
Clair: Alm, where are you going? My brother will be most eager to meet you at the hideout. I insist we go!

Deliverance Hideout

(At the entrance)
Python: Not so fast. Where do ya think yer goin'? Don't y'know whose halls these is?
Alm: Huh? But I thought this was the—
Lukas: That's enough, Python. There's no call to play at trickery with our new recruits.
Python: Ha ha ha! Heh, Lukas, you ginger stud. You still draw breath. I was worried Desaix's dogs might have punched your ticket to the boneyard. So this sack of guts here must be Sir Grandson.
Lukas: Yes, he's the one. Is Sir Clive about?
Python: Yup. Better shake your tail feathers—he's been waiting for you. Oh hey, kid! I almost forgot.
Alm: Hm? What is it?
Python: Terrors roam these halls. You'd best tread carefully.
Alm: Terrors?! What are monsters like those doing in your hideout?
Python: Well, to be fair, they technically got here first. We're just sort of... borrowing their catacombs. Plus, Terrors spawn in greater numbers the closer you get to Mila's power. Cutting 'em down only makes room for new ones, so we just let 'em be. Why the long face, stud? Don't think you can handle a few creepie-crawlies? 'Cause if not, I dunno how you're planning to fight for the Deliverance. Aw, I'm just japin' ya. Get going, yeah? Oh, and hold your nose—Terrors stink.
Alm: Great... Their hideout is guarded by an army of the dead...

(Alm talks to Python again)
Python: Go on. Sir Clive's in the chamber waaay in the back.

(Alm examines the area)
Alm: They really built these places to last back in the old days. So much dust... Aaaah... Aaaaah... Okay, I think I'm good—WAAA-CHOO!
(Alm examines the floor)
Alm: I see lots of footprints, as well as signs of heavy objects being slid around.
(Alm examines the corridor)
Alm: I can't see what's ahead, but the corridor seems to go on for a while.

(Alm proceeds into the dungeon)
Alm: These sprawling catacombs were built as a resting place for Zofia's most distinguished families. But now their halls are clogged with the stench of the dead—rotten corpses who have risen again as Terrors.

(Alm reaches the end of the hideout)
Clive: Clair!
Clair: Brother!
Clive: It gladdens me to see you safe! I couldn't bear to lose you on top of everything else we have sacrificed.
Clair: You look so pale, Clive. Forgive me. You must have been worried sick. But I'm all right. Alm and the others arrived before true ill could befall me.
Clive: And you must be Alm. I've been looking forward to this meeting.
Alm: Y-yes, sir.
Clive: Ha ha ha. Please, be at ease. Such formalities are not required here. You saved the life of my dear sister. This makes you a friend. My name is Clive. And as you must already know, I lead the Deliverance. It's good to meet you, Alm.
Alm: L-likewise, Clive.
Gray: I can't believe it. That's THE Clive! In the flesh and everything!
Tobin: What, is he famous or something?
Gray: Tobin! I am sorely disappointed in you. Sir Clive captains the Knights of Zofia! He's the finest knight in all the realm! Seriously, man. Read a book.
Tobin: Okay, okay. He's clearly a big deal. But then why is the "finest knight in all the realm" LOSING the war?
Gray: Well, he's obviously... I mean, he... Shut up, Tobin.
Lukas: How have we been faring, Clive?
Clive: Not well, I fear. We lost many good men when the outpost fell. ...Too many. The morale of our troops has taken an ill turn in kind. I was hoping to present Sir Mycen to them to re-ignite their courage, but...
Alm: Please don't judge my grandfather. I know he had his reasons. Even if I don't know what they are. But I promise you that I'll fight every bit as hard as he would have. ...Or harder! I just don't want you to think that... I mean, he's not—
Clive: Peace, Alm. I understand. None here would dare think your grandfather craven. That being said, I would beg a boon of you. The same one I was hoping to ask of Sir Mycen, in fact.
Alm: Please, go on. If it's within my power, I'll do it.
Clive: Then I shall state it plain. I would like you to become the new leader of the Deliverance.
Alm: WHAAAT?! I mean... um... what? I'm not a leader!
Fernand: Clive! Have you taken leave of your senses?
Clive: This needs to happen, Fernand. You know it as well as I. It's true the Deliverance began as a group of like-minded Zofian knights, but it's grown into an army where most of our volunteers are of common birth. We share a cause, but little else. I know not how to speak to their hearts. Sir Mycen began as a common soldier before rising to a knight and a count. His story resonates with these people. Do you not agree that his grandson is just the banner they would rally to?
Fernand: What fool would agree with that?! If some ungrateful peasant won't heed your command, you sweep him aside!
Clive: Think, Fernand! Are we so flush with soldiers that we can afford to drive able men away?
Fernand: Ngh...
Lukas: I, for one, think it's a fine idea.
Fernand: You too...?!
Lukas: Knights don't have a monopoly on skill, and Alm is as able a fighter as any. Clive has done all he can to hold the Deliverance together thus far, but if our ship is astray, then we must chart a new course. Alm is that course.
Fernand: I'll rip that traitorous tongue from your throat!
Lukas: Then you'll finally have the truth in your grasp! I lost friends at the Southern Outpost. Veteran men, yet dead all the same. We MUST adapt so we might end this war as quickly as possible.
Alm: Please, just... hold on a second. I know I said I would do anything in my power, but I can't—
Clive: I understand what you can and cannot do, Alm. My lieutenants and I would continue to handle day-to-day affairs. We only need you to do one thing: lead. You would be inspiring the troops and revitalizing the army. You are Sir Mycen's grandson. I know you to be capable of such.
Alm: I'm not so sure...
Clair: Please, Alm. For me. For all of us. My brother tries to hide it, but I know the anxiety takes a toll on him. You can relieve him of at least a portion of that burden.
Alm: I want to, but... ...... All right. If you think me worthy, then I won't let you down.
Clive: Are you certain? Then thank you, Alm. Thank you.
Alm: Just... please, keep your expectations low.
Clive: Ha! As you wish.
Clair: This could change everything... The boy will make a splendid leader! Simply splendid!
Lukas: Without a doubt.
(Fernand grabs Clive)
Fernand: I've had enough of this idiocy!
Clive: Fernand, what—
Fernand: I only joined this damned army because YOU were leading it! And now you want me to take orders from some wretched farmchild?
Clive: This is no mere farmchild, Fernand! He has Sir Mycen's blood!
Fernand: Mycen? Pah! Damn him AND his blood! They may sing of him as a hero, but no one even knows what wench the man sprang from! His entire story is a disgrace to the Zofian nobility! You need to invoke the name of that old man to control your men? Pathetic.
Clive: Enough!
Fernand: I lost my taste for this long ago. We were supposed to be a band of noble knights. United in purpose! Upholding a tradition! Restoring the old order to Zofia! Now the Deliverance is full of baseborn serfs trying to lord over us. Like your lieutenant Forsyth. Or that Python—true to his name, he is!
Clive: Both of them have proven themselves on the battlefield time and again! Are you suggesting I deny my men fair reward for their achievements? What incentive would they have then?! The damned army wouldn't function! Hear me, Fernand. Hear me well. I know you have your reasons for closing your heart to the common folk. But please, for the sake or our ideals, you MUST think beyond them.
Fernand: No, Clive. I will not. I would rather die than kneel to some whelp who was birthed in the hay. Today we part ways for good and all. I am finished with you and your "Deliverance." Farewell.
Clive: Fernand, wait—
(Fernand leaves)
Alm: Clive, shouldn't you go after him?
Clive: ...No. I knew this was coming—we've had no shortage of clashes lately. I cannot force him to see things as I do, so... Well, perhaps it's better this way.
Alm: Clive... I know it's not much in the way of comfort, but... I'll do my best.
Clive: Thank you, Alm. We shall march on Zofia Castle just as soon as you feel we are prepared. I suppose you must still have many questions about the Deliverance. Feel free to ask around to any of the soldiers here.
(Clive joins the army)

(Alm examines the area)
Alm: You know, it's a little bit creepy in here. ...Wait, is that blasphemy?
(Alm examines the Mila Idol)
Alm: It's a statue of the Mother. You find them in places like this.

Ally Soldier: We've received word that Emperor Rudolf's nephew is visiting Zofia Castle. Not only is the lad a general, but he's also first in line to the Rigelian throne. That's due to the Emperor not having children of his own, you see. Anyway, he's said to be tough as nails. I sure hope I don't have to face him!

Ally Soldier: Sir Clive's lover, Lady Mathilda, used to fight by his side in the Knights of Zofia. She was every inch as strong as him, and clever as an old cat, to boot. But Desaix took her captive, and now keeps her locked up in his fortress. He's made many attempts to use her as leverage to force our surrender. But still, Sir Clive refuses to submit. One day Desaix will tire of these games, and then she'll be in peril most dire... Knowing this, Sir Clive grows less bold as the days pass. Who can blame him?

Ally Soldier: Fernand's hatred for commoners is understandable. The peasants living on his lands were starving 'cause of the drought. They blamed Fernand for not providing for them and stormed his manor. His family died during the attack. ...Truly, a terrible thing.

(Alm talks to Forsyth)
Forsyth: Greetings, friends. The Deliverance welcomes you. I am Forsyth, Sir Clive's lieutenant and advisor. Together, let us take back the castle and return Zofia to her people.
(Forsyth joins the army)

(If Alm refuses Forsyth)
Forsyth: Sorry? Did you say "no"? Ah. I... I see. Well then... S-so be it. I shall stay here and stand watch over the hideout with honor and... um...

(If Alm talks to Forsyth again after refusing him)
Forsyth: Yes? Have you reconsidered? It would gladden me to join you.

(Alm talks to Python at the entrance)
Python: Heading off, are we? Well, take care! Don't let the Terrors bite! ...Eh? Am I coming with you? Well, I COULD... but I don't HAVE to. Howzabout I just let you decide?
(Python joins the army)

(If Alm refuses Python)
Python: Hey, it's your deal, pal. Good luck... 'cause you'll need it!

(If Alm talks to Python again after refusing him)
Python: What? Whaaaaaat. If you want me to come, just say so. You're making this so awkward.

(Alm leaves the Deliverance Hideout)
Clive: Onward to Zofia Castle. We must wrest the castle from the chancellor's grasp. Lead us well, Alm.
Alm: I'll do my best.

(Alm heads to Zofia Castle)

Liberation of Zofia Castle

Desaix: Ah hah hah! I wonder who built this throne? It is marvelously comfortable! Why did I let it be wasted on that incompetent fool Lima for so long? Soon, the Rigelian Empire will finish its conquest of Valentia. And then I will rule from this throne as king of Zofia! But first, I must crush those worms in the rebel army. And worms they are... You squash the blasted things into the muck, yet still more take their place! And now they dare march on the castle? They will pay for this insult in blood! I must know what—or who—gave them this second wind...
(An enemy soldier walks in)
Enemy Soldier: Forgive me, Chancellor Desaix. We've captured a rebel in the forest. It's Lor... It's Fernand, sir.
Desaix: What?! But Fernand is Clive's right-hand man. Why would he be wandering the woods without a detachment?
Enemy Soldier: March, prisoner!
(Fernand appears)
Fernand: Unhand me! I have cleansed myself of those rebel scum!
Desaix: What's this? Am I to believe you have left your precious "Deliverance"?
Fernand: Deliverance... Pah!
Desaix: Yes, well. It seems you have a story to tell. My ears are yours, Sir Fernand.

Desaix: ...What? Mycen's grandson?!
Fernand: Indeed. Clive has thrown all of our ideals at the feet of the unworthy. He's made the boy a figurehead just to leverage some decrepit hero's name. Well, I say damn them all! There. You have my story. Now kill me and be done with it.
Desaix: But this doesn't make sense. Mycen didn't have any... Ah... Now I see this for what it is. Rudolf, you villainous dastard...
Fernand: Huh?
Desaix: Silence! When I address you, you'll know it. ...I have decided your fate, Fernand. Killing you would be... wasteful. Come with me. I will introduce you to your new master. A master more... befitting of your ideals.
(Desaix leaves)
Fernand: New master? Wait—explain yourself!
(Fernand meets Berkut and Rinea)

(Back at Alm's army)
Alm: Zofia Castle... We're finally here.
Clive: Thanks to you, Alm. You should hold your head high as you command us on this great day.
Alm: It will be a great day, won't it? Fellow soldiers! Fight with me! Today, Zofia's people reclaim her castle and her pride!

Berkut: So this is the so-called Deliverance. What a disheveled herd of clodhoppers!
Desaix: I couldn't agree more. Find a comfortable seat, Lord Berkut. The Empire's finest general need not trouble himself with such rabble. You may watch from on high as my finest troops cut them down like wheat.
Berkut: I may just take you up on that offer. Shall we, Rinea?
Rinea: I have no desire to see such bloodshed. War is horrible, and I will make no spectacle of it.
Berkut: Heh heh. I jest, my dear.
Desaix: Forgive me. I must take my leave.
Berkut: Yes, of course. I trust the dracoshield I lent will add to your already considerable strength?
Desaix: It is a fine gift, my lord. You honor me.
(Desaix leaves)
Berkut: *sigh* You. Knight. Fernand, was it?
Fernand: Yes, my lord.
Berkut: You said the name of the Deliverance's new leader is "Alm," correct? And that he is of common birth? There is no mistake in this?
Fernand: None, my lord. Clive and the other fools believe he is Mycen's grandson...
Berkut: Hmph. What nonsense. One is born either noble or common. This destiny cannot be changed. Has a sheep any hope of leading wolves? No!
Fernand: *gasp* Yes! Yes, exactly! Truer words were never spoken, Lord Berkut!
Berkut: Still, I am surprised at Sir Clive. Tales of his exploits have spread as far as Rigel... How could so celebrated a leader make so amateur a mistake? The Deliverance has no future now. All of Zofia will soon belong to the Empire... Rinea!
Rinea: Yes, Lord Berkut?
Berkut: I have a promise to make you, my dear. I will succeed His Majesty Rudolf and become the next emperor. I shall rule over the Valentian continent as I was meant to. And you shall be my empress. Does this please you?
Rinea: I... do not have words...
Berkut: ...It has begun. I pray this Alm fellow makes the battle at least halfway entertaining.

(The battle begins)
Desaix: Hear me, worms of the rebel army! You have done well to make it this far... but you have no hope of defeating me! ...Now, Slayde! Take the cavalry and run down every last one of those wretches!

Desaix enters combat

Desaix: Rebel scum... You can't hope to touch me. So long as I have the dracoshield Lord Berkut gave me, I am invincible!

Desaix is defeated

Desaix: Urgh! N-no... W-wait... You have the wrong...

Slayde enters combat

Slayde: I recognize you... You're those bumpkin brats from the village in Ram Woods.
Alm: Huh? ...This is the knight who tried to kidnap Celica!
Slayde: You whelps deprived me of a prize I most desperately needed. Hear me well, runts! My name is Slayde... and today, I in turn shall deprive you of your lives!

Slayde is defeated

Slayde: I-impossible! This is neither the time nor place for me to die...

If Desaix is still on the battlefield when Slayde is defeated

Desaix: What's this? Slayde has been defeated? Damned rebels will rue this day. I must withdraw! The rest of you are ordered to hold the castle at all costs!
(Desaix leaves the battlefield)

If Desaix is not on the battlefield when Slayde is defeated

Slayde: D-don't think you can gloat yet... You thought you defeated Desaix? Ha! That was just a double. The true chancellor has retreated to his fortress. And now it's my turn. I've no intention of dying here with you maggots!

(Once all enemies are defeated, the battle ends)

Berkut: Pathetic. The chancellor is all talk.
Fernand: What shall we do now, my lord?
Berkut: We cannot hold the castle with my detachment alone. We must retreat. Fernand, you stay with me. We'll join up with our main force in the forest.
Fernand: Yes, my lord!
Berkut: ...You have made an impression, Alm. Yes you have.

Clive: Desaix's forces are retreating...
Alm: You mean... we won?
Clive: Yes, Alm. We won. Zofia Castle can finally return to the hands of her own people!
Alm: We really did it... We did it! We freed Zofia!
Clair: Hee hee! The boy from Ram shall kiss my hand and thank me for securing this victory. Ha ha ha! A jest only, I assure you. You were wonderful, Alm. This victory proves you have what it takes to lead us.
Alm: This victory wasn't mine alone. I share this glory with all of you.
Tobin: Sure, but hold on a second before we start throwing roses around. Desaix and Slayde both got away, remember?
Gray: Tobin, you sure know how to take a squat on someone's big moment. Forget who got away! There's still plenty of reason to celebrate.
Lukas: Gray is correct. True, it is deeply regrettable those two snakes managed to elude us. But regardless, we have retaken the castle—the symbol of her kingdom. Was this not the Deliverance's primary goal?
Clive: Indeed, it was. I know this war will continue as long as the empire desires Zofia... but this victory is a sweet chalice, and right now, we should drink deep!
Alm: Clive couldn't have said it better. We fought for this. We earned it. Now let's take a moment to enjoy it.
Clive: So then! Shall we go inside? Our friends in the castle will be most eager to meet their deliverer.
Alm: Deliverer?! Come on, you make me sound like some kind of hero or someth— Hey, wait!

Zofia Castle

(Alm examines the area)
Alm: Welp, this is impressive. The decorating budget for this place must be unreal...
(Alm examines the banners)
Alm: Zofian banners still adorn the hall.
(Alm examines the carpet)
Alm: I kind of want to take my boots off and feel this carpet. ...But I won't.
(Alm examines the doors)
Alm: Imposing doors for an imposing castle.

Young Man: The chancellor retreated to his fortress west of the northern forest. He'll be beggin' Rigel for help now, so he will! What a piece of filth, leavin' his men behind to die in his stead...

Zofian Soldier: Huzzah for the Deliverance! Thanks to you, the castle is finally rid of those imperial dastards. Oh, what a joy to watch them run... We're finally free! You have my heartfelt thanks. Truly.

(Alm goes to the treasure vault)

(Alm examines the area)
Alm: The treasure vault, I presume. Not much left, unfortunately. It's been nearly picked clean... Desaix worked fast.
(Alm examines the supplies)
Alm: That is one extremely random pile of junk right there.
(Alm examines the other supplies)
Alm: There's nothing here that's worth lugging around.
(Alm examines the first treasure chest)
Alm: Hey, a chest! I bet it has gold and jewels and... Ah, nuts. Empty.
(Alm examines the second treasure chest)
Alm: I was hoping this had something great inside, but it's empty.
(Alm examines the sunset)
Alm: Hello, Mr. Sun. Glad I lived to see you another day...

Zofian Soldier: That mongrel Desaix stole the royal sword when he turned tail and ran. The Rigelian imperial household gave us that sword as a sign of friendship. I don't know what use Desaix has for it. Oh, it's a powerful sword, and no lie... but only in the hands of the right wielder. And that wielder isn't him!

Zofian Soldier: The ridersbane here in the vault makes short work of mounted soldiers. But as it's a lance, only knights and similar classes can wield it.

(Alm moves to the central hall)
Clive: Friends, may I have your attention? It's true we have made great strides by recapturing the castle... but Chancellor Desaix—the man who started all this—remains at large, and the Rigelian Army yet lingers outside our kingdom's borders. To free Zofia, we must find Desaix, slay him, and drive Rigel back for good. Alm...
Alm: Yes?
Clive: You are our commander now. We would hear your opinion on this.
Alm: Oh, right. My opinion. Um... Well, what are our options?
Lukas: We could be defensive—garrison the castle and wait for Rigel to come to us. Or... we could take the fight to them. The choice is yours.
Alm: I see. ...... You know, until recently, I'd never set foot outside of Ram Village. This war has been my first glimpse of the kingdom I live in. Unfortunately, I've also seen what it's been reduced to. Needless to say, it's far worse than I'd heard. People are suffering. Even dying. But this war, no matter how terrible, has also taught me something. It taught me that when we stand up and fight... we help those people. I don't want to stop helping them now. I want to press on and make as much of a difference as I can. I know this probably sounds empty. Maybe even mad. But I think we should keep fighting until we've taken back all of Zofia. So then... will you stand with me? Will you stand and fight?
Lukas: Heh...
Clair: What kind of question is that? Of course we will, silly boy!
Clive: Then it seems the matter is settled. The Deliverance shall march! We will put Desaix down and scatter the Rigelian Army to the four winds!
(Everyone cheers)
Tobin: Wow... That gave me goosebumps. Not bad, Alm. Not bad.
Gray: Were you even listening to a thing he said? Your goosebump-giver just declared war on the whole damned empire!
Tobin: I know, but I think it was a nice spee— WAIT, HE DID WHAT?! No, no. Come on, this isn't WAR, Gray. He's just going to kick them out.
Gray: Riiiight. And then Emperor Rudolf will just send a fruit basket to apologize! C'mon, Tobin. You can't be so thick that you don't see what's coming.
Tobin: Hmm...
Gray: What? Stop staring at me. It's creepy.
Tobin: You knew it would come to this, didn't you? When you agreed to join the Deliverance, I mean.
Gray: Oh, come now.
Tobin: You're the one who said all those years ago that Alm was different from us. You knew he was going to do something like this one day.
Gray: Ha! I'm not a prophet, Tobin. All I meant was that he's different.
Tobin: Well, you were on to something no matter what you meant. Because now we're starting to see that he's much bigger than we are. I'm proud of him, but... I'm also going to miss him.
Gray: Oh, brother. You poor kid, Tobin.

(Alm examines the central hall)
Alm: This is the castle's great hall. Whooooooa... That might be the tallest ceiling I've ever seen!
(Alm examines the armor)
Alm: Hey, a suit of armor! Anyone in there? Hellooooo? ...Nope. Empty.
(Alm examines the doors)
Alm: Big doors at the top of a staircase usually lead to a throne room.

Man: General Mycen was a magnificent man, but King Lima never did like him. Of course, he never liked much of anything besides his wine and women. I wager Desaix looked upon the general as an obstacle of sorts, too, because after he murdered the king's children, he pinned it on Sir Mycen. You'd have been daft to believe such a thing, of course... which is precisely what the king did. Or perhaps he just saw it as an excuse. Regardless, Mycen was found guilty and banished. He's lucky he wasn't hanged.

Woman: They say all of King Lima's children are dead now, so they do. Oh, but I've heard tale that one of 'em still lives... Her name was Anthiese. PRINCESS Anthiese! Juicy bit'a gossip that, eh? Story goes, the villa she lived in was set to blaze some ten or so years back. Folks thought she burned to cinders, but you know how tongues like to wag. Could be some brave soul up and saved her. Wonder where she ended up if so?

Young Woman: Princess Anthiese had a brother from a different mum, but they were still close. After that fire at the villa, however, neither body was found. I often dream that at least the princess managed to escape somehow...

(Alm moves to the throne room)
Old Timer: Well, if it isn't the good men and women of the Deliverance! I was hoping I'd run into you. Please, allow me to welcome you into the castle. I served Zofia's king for many years, you know. If you need anything, just ask!
Alm: Thank you. That's very kind. This is my first time here, so I'll admit to feeling a bit lost. My grandfather, Sir Mycen, spoke of it on occasion, but—
Old Timer: Sir Mycen the Zofian general?
Alm: Er, yes, that's the one. I'm his grandson, Alm. He lived in this castle long ago, didn't he?
Old Timer: Well, yes, but... how very odd. I knew the general quite well, and he had neither wife nor child.
Alm: Huh?
Clive: I beg your pardon, good sir, but that simply cannot be the case. Alm is most certainly related to-
Old Timer: No, I assure you, General Mycen told me himself. "I have no family," he said. Clear as day it was.
Alm: But wait... If I'm not...
Clive: Pay him no mind, Alm. The old man's probably just confused, is all. It was a long time ago.
Alm: Y-yes... That must be it...
Clive: ......

(Alm examines the area)
Alm: This is the audience chamber where the king would see people. I bet this is the most luxurious room in the entire castle.
(Alm examines the central wall relief)
Alm: Hmm... It's a relief depicting the history of Valentia. I've seen that before, in a picture book Celica and I read when we were little.
(Alm examines the right wall relief)
Alm: That relief depicts a bit of the history of Valentia. I remember that from when Celica and I were kids. It's from a picture book.
(Alm examines the throne)
Alm: Wonder if they'd mind if I sat here juuust for a... No, that's a terrible idea.

(Alm talks to the Old Timer again)
Old Timer: Hmm... Very odd indeed...

(Alm moves to the staircase)
Zofian Soldier: Commander Alm! You're just in time. Please proceed up these steps. A visitor is waiting for you up on the balcony.
Alm: A visitor? Who is it?
Zofian Soldier: I'm afraid I cannot say. Go on and see for yourself.
Alm: All right, then...

(Alm examines the staircase area)
Alm: Bet it took a long time to build this sucker. This corner of the castle is more poorly lit than the rest.
(Alm examines the floor)
Alm: This floor is clean enough to eat from! ...Er, not that I would.
(Alm examines the right urn)
Alm: This urn looks valuable. ...Better not break it.
(Alm examines the left urn)
Alm: I bet you could "urn" a lot of gold if you sold this. ...Get it? Urn?
(Alm examines the staircase)
Alm: These steps lead up to the balcony.

(Alm talks to the Zofian Soldier again)
Zofian Soldier: Please proceed up these steps. A visitor is waiting for you up on the balcony.

(Alm goes to the balcony)

(Alm examines the area)
Alm: Oh wow... You can see all of Zofia from here! Heights never bothered me. Although that IS a long way down...
(Alm examines the first supplies)
Alm: Think you have enough supplies there, guys?
(Alm examines the second supplies)
Alm: Stuff... Junk... Trash... Yeah, this is all useless.
(Alm examines the third supplies)
Alm: Someone around here is a real pack rat.
(Alm examines the sunset)
Alm: It's so bright today... OW! Oh gods, I looked right at the sun!

(Alm talks to Mycen)
Mycen: It's good to see you, boy.
Alm: Grandfather?! What are you doing here?
Mycen: Heh. I have my reasons. Look how far you've come, Alm. You're a man grown now. You've been through quite a bit since leaving the village, haven't you?
Alm: I suppose. But Grandfather... I'm sorry I never said good-bye or thanked you for all you did for me. I still feel guilty about that. But I think I made the right choice. I'm the commander of the Deliverance now. And together, we've already liberated the Southern Outpost AND this castle. So you see—
Mycen: I didn't come here to pick apart your actions, Alm. I came here to ask you a single question: Are you ready?
Alm: Am I... ready?
Mycen: Indeed. For once you march on Rigel, you place yourself in the hands of destiny. You won't be able to stop the events that unfold. No one will wish you well. Many will even try to stop you; unexpected tragedy is sure to follow. That is the price of what you are about to undertake.
Alm: ......
Mycen: So I ask again: Are you ready to take the lives of others into your hands? Are you ready to shoulder all of their burdens? Their desires? And are you ready to fight and bleed until Zofia and all of Valentia is saved?
Alm: I am. I know I may be in over my head, and I still have much to learn. But when I say I will fight for my kingdom, I will fight for my kingdom. No one will stop me. Nothing will break me. I'll see it through to the very end.
Mycen: ...Very well. I've seen that look before. Must run in the blood...
Alm: Huh? What do you mean?
Mycen: You'll understand in time, boy.
Alm: Say, that reminds me... This old man downstairs was saying some strange things. He told me— Huh? What's that noise?
Mycen: Well, well... The people have gathered to get a look at their new hero. You should go greet them.
Alm: Whoa...
Mycen: Burn this memory into your heart, boy. These are the people whose burdens you will carry the rest of the way. Remember what lies upon your shoulders.

And so it was that Zofia Castle was liberated from Desaix's clutches, causing the Zofian people to greet their new hero with raucous cheers. However, what Alm did not and could not know, was that his victory here was but the prelude to a longer—and far more bitter—conflict.

(In Castle Rigel)
Rigelian Soldier: I bear ill tidings, Emperor. The rebel army has taken back Zofia Castle!
Rudolf: ...... And what of Berkut?
Rigelian Soldier: Sire, Lord Berkut withdrew and rejoined with the main force.
Jedah: Pathetic... Pathetic! A Rigelian Knight, the emperor's sworn defender, scurrying away like a rat? My arcanists would never have painted so sorry a picture...
Massena: Hold your tongue, Master Jedah.
Jedah: Why should I? I merely speak the truth.
Rudolf: You said the leader of this "Deliverance" is named Alm, correct?
Rigelian Soldier: Yes, Emperor. He assumed command after Sir Clive of the Knights of Zofia stepped down.
Rudolf: Did he now...

Quest dialogue

Ram Village

Greedy Old Man: Ram Village used to be known across the kingdom for its magnificent wine, but alas, it's been ages since anyone made a new batch. Valentia's fanciest nobles would send orders for Ram wine from far and wide. If there are any bottles left, they're like to be aged to perfection by now. A wine that mature would taste absolutely incredible! I'd give anything for one more glass before Mother Mila calls me home...

Greedy Old Man: What I wouldn't give for a bottle—no, even just a GLASS of Ram wine!

Greedy Old Man: This aroma! Berry... Leather... Straw... This is Ram wine for true! Thank you. You've made an old man very happy this day, so you have. ...Here. I was saving this to go with the wine, but I want you to have it.
(Blue Cheese + Renown increase)

(If Alm brings him Ram Wine, but refuses to hand it over)
Greedy Old Man: Oh, the callow rudeness of youth! You whippersnappers have no manners!

Indignant Woman: I was ACCOSTED on the way back from the capital the other day! I ran from those brigands until my sides were ready to split. So undignified! And while I'm happy to be alive, those thugs stole everything I bought. Oh, I never should have gone at all! You MUST go teach those ruffians some manners. I'll make it worth your while! They should really feel it, so make sure to give 20 of them a sound thrashing! That will teach them to mess with the likes of me. Hmph! They're holed up in the awful Thieves' Shrine. As if they'd be anywhere else!

Indignant Woman: Get going already! Those 20 brigands aren't going to thrash themselves!

Indignant Woman: Ooo! You look like someone who has just made 20 brigands' lives miserable. I feel so much better already. Who knew revenge was so great?! Well, I told you I would make it worth your while, so here you go.
(Fruit of Life + Renown increase)

(If Alm talks to her again after completing her quest)
Indignant Woman: I hope I can call on you again if MORE brigands decide to mug me.