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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

This page contains all of Yuliya's paired base conversations.

Kris and Yuliya

First conversation

Yuliya: ...
Kris: Hm?
Yuliya: ...
Kris: It feels like I'm being watched...
Yuliya: ...
Kris: Princess Yuliya?
Yuliya: Kya... Kris! What are you doing!? Such display of rudeness, before the princess of Grust no less!
(If Kris is male)
Kris: Please forgive me, Princess Yuliya. Is there anything you wish me to do?
(If Kris is female)
Kris: Forgive me, Princess Yuliya. Is there anything you wish me to do?

Yuliya: Er, w-well... Uhh...
Kris: Yes?
Yuliya: ...No. Nothing!
Kris: ... ...What was that all about?

Second conversation

Yuliya: ...
(If Kris is male)
Kris: She's staring at me again...
(If Kris is female)
Kris: I-it feels like I'm being watched again...

Yuliya: ...
(If Kris is male)
Kris: But if I say something to her, she'll just get mad again... I should probably just leave her be.
(If Kris is female)
Kris: If I say something to her, she might get mad again... I should probably just leave her be.

Yuliya: ...
Kris: All right then, time for training...
Yuliya: ...H-hey, wait!
Kris: Princess Yuliya. What were you doing?
Yuliya: Huh? Did you notice I was watching you?
Kris: Err, kind of.
Yuliya: S-since when?
(If Kris is male)
Kris: Since before I started training.
(If Kris is female)
Kris: Since before I started training...

Yuliya: What!? You noticed me, but you were ignoring me the whole time! Very well then, I care nothing for you!
Kris: ... ...What does she want from me?

Third conversation

Yuliya: ...
Kris: ...Er. Princess, will you grace me with your time today?
Yuliya: Kris...
Kris: Hm?
Yuliya: Pay attention, and do not laugh. I have something I must say. I want to thank you...
Kris: Thank me? For what?
(If Kris is male)
Yuliya: Don't you remember? When Lang was about to take us from Grust... you tried to save us. You said this to Prince Marth: "Sire! I can still save them! Please, just give me the word!!"
(If Kris is female)
Yuliya: Don't you remember? When Lang was about to take us from Grust... you tried to save us. You said this to Prince Marth: "Sire! Give me the order, and I'll get them safely back at once!"

Kris: Yes, I did...
Yuliya: After Lorenz died... we had no allies. There was no one we could turn to. It felt like the whole world was against us. But, when I heard your words... I knew there were still people who would fight for us... Thanks to your words I was able to stay strong, even when Lang kept us imprisoned... Kris: Princess Yuliya...
Yuliya: So, um... Thank you. T-that is all. Go now.
Kris: Don't tell me... You were watching me all this time because you wanted to thank me?
Yuliya: Nngh...! S-silence! That's not it at all! It is unbecoming of royalty to speak to peasants. S-so...
Kris: Oh, forgive me for causing you indignity. But Princess, I think it'll be fine for us to talk normally from now on.
Yuliya: From now on...? You are willing to continue speaking with me?
Kris: Of course. Unless you don't want to, Princess.
Yuliya: H-hmm... If that is your wish... If you desire to speak to me in the future, I shall allow it.

Jubelo and Yuliya

First conversation

Yuliya: Jubelo, listen.
Jubelo: Yes? What is it, Yuliya?
Yuliya: As you know, you and I are the last of the Grustian royal family. You do understand what that entails, don't you?
Jubelo: Yes... Yes, I do.
Yuliya: The nobility have a very special task: they have to be both strong and wise... That means you too, Jubelo.
Jubelo: Mmm-hmm.
Yuliya: So... I was thinking that we should use our free time to study together.
Jubelo: Huh...?
Yuliya: What's the matter? Don't you want to?
Jubelo: No, not really, I guess...?
Yuliya: Prince Jubelo! This is your duty, so no whining! In any event, I have to make preparations today, so we'll continue next time. We'll meet again at this very place. Got it?
Jubelo: Oh, okay. I'll come.
Yuliya: Good answer. Until then, fare you well, Brother!
Jubelo: You too, Yuliya...

Second conversation

Jubelo: Waah, wh-what's this? These books are up to my eyes...
Yuliya: I see you've come, Jubelo.
Jubelo: Did you... really get all these books, Yuliya?
Yuliya: Yes, you are absolutely correct. Naturally, we of the nobility require this sort of rigor in our studies.
Jubelo: Huh? Wasn't it a lot of trouble...? Are you well, Yuliya...?
Yuliya: Oh... Of course I am. You need not worry so much.
Jubelo: Mmm... O-okay...
Yuliya: Very well then, Jubelo. Shall we begin? Today, we'll study Grustian history.
Jubelo: Okay.
Yuliya: Jubelo, do you know who was the first King of Grust?
Jubelo: It was King Ordwin, right? He used to be an Archanean general. He was kind to the Manaketes too.
Yuliya: That's right. I see you remember. Well done, Jubelo.
Jubelo: Uh huh. Grust's the way it is now thanks to King Ordwin...
Yuliya: Indeed. He rebuilt a desolated land together with its people... And to protect the kingdom from evildoers, he founded the Sable Order.
Jubelo: He was amazing. I really admire him. He was so strong and cool...
Yuliya: ......Yes. He was... great, huh...
Jubelo: ...Yuliya?
Yuliya: Oh, sorry. I was a little... distracted. Let us resume our studies. Err... What... was next...?
Jubelo: ...Yu-Yuliya, I'm sorry. I, er, I'm feeling sleepy already.
Yuliya: I-is that so? That's a pity, but I suppose we can't do anything about it. Alright then, we'll continue next time. Good night, Jubelo.
Jubelo: 'Night, Yuliya.
Yuliya: ......

Third conversation

Yuliya: ...And then, with the help of Archanea's people... King Ordwin...
Jubelo: ...Yuliya.
Yuliya: ...... Oh dear, the book... I'm sorry.
Jubelo: Yuliya!
Yuliya: W-what is it... Jubelo? You don't... need to shout.
Jubelo: Yuliya...! Stop it! You don't have to force yourself!
Yuliya: Huh...?
Jubelo: I can read by myself, you know? Besides, Master Wendell's taught me lots of magic!
Yuliya: Jubelo...
Jubelo: Sure, right now... I'm still a kid, and I can't be a super-royal or anything. But... I'll do my best. Just watch! I'll grow up to be the most reliable man ever, so you won't ever need to worry!
Yuliya: ...Haha, I see. I'm sorry, Jubelo. I've always worried about you, but... It looks like that's had the opposite effect of what I intended.
Jubelo: Don't say that. It's not your fault, Yuliya.
Yuliya: But... Jubelo...
Jubelo: What?
Yuliya: You're still a baby. You've got a long way to go!
Jubelo: Aww...
Yuliya: "Most reliable man ever," you say? Haven't you been listening? You need to set clear goals!
Jubelo: Oh, yeah. Sorry...
Yuliya: That's good Jubelo! You know, for you, I can do anything. I'm... going to help you all the way. It made me really happy that you were worried. Thank you. But... I'm fine. Jubelo, let's do our best okay? The both of us.
Jubelo: Yup!