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Yied Desert

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The landscape of the Yied Desert.
It's no wonder people now refer to the Yied Desert as the desert of death.
— Lewyn

The (Japanese: イード砂漠 Yied Desert) is a desert covering the center-east of Jugdral. It is bordered by Grannvale to the east, Isaach and Silesse to the north, and the Manster District and Miletos to the south. Largely inhospitable and harboring only a small few settlements, for centuries it was the primary haunt of the exiled Loptyrians, making it exceptionally dangerous to travel through.


Following the Lopt Empire's downfall, the Loptyrians and other prominent former members of the Empire retreated into hiding within the Yied Shrine, living there for centuries to avoid persecution; Lewyn theorized that this trapped experience came to corrupt their descendants who would otherwise have been normal people.[1]. For most of their existince in hiding in the Shrine, the Loptyrians kept their presence a secret.

In Grann 760, the Yied Desert experienced two prominent skirmishes. The armies of Grannvale marched on the western region of the desert and occupied the city of Phinora in their efforts to close in on Silesse to arrest the fugitive Sigurd; while the armies of Langobalt and Andorey set up in Silesse's Lubeck Castle, a Velthomer army led by Vaha occupied Phinora as a base of operations, with Meteor wielding Velthomer mages posted atop the desert's cliffs to bombard Sigurd's army as they passed. Sigurd's army successfully defeated Vaha's forces, liberated Phinora and continued on to Grannvale itself. Meanwhile, in the desert's south, Prince Quan of Leonster, his wife Ethlyn, daughter Altena and a group of Leonster's Lanceritter knights marched toward the north, seeking to reinforce Sigurd; however on their way through the desert, they were ambushed by a detachment of Thracia's army led by Travant and assaulted, an event known as the Yied Massacre. Hindered by the desert sands, Quan's group was quickly slaughtered, leaving behind only Altena, who was adopted and taken away by Travant.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Belhalla and the ascension of Arvis to the Grannvale throne, the Loptyrian inhabitants of the Yied Shrine began to emerge and unofficially had full rein of the entire desert itself. Loptyrian mages took to wandering the desert, preying on innocent travellers, leading to numerous disappearances;[2] One of their presumed victims was Lachesis of Nordion, who disappeared after departing the Manster District to find her son Delmud in Isaach; her route would have taken her through the Yied Desert, making this her most likely fate according to Delmud.[3]

In Grann 777, the Isaach liberation army led by Seliph crossed the eastern region of the Yied Desert en route to the Manster District to provide reinforcements for Seliph's cousin Leif; at the same time, Isaach's Prince Shanan and the thief Patty/Daisy were fighting at the Yied Shrine after stealing the Balmung, Shanan's birthright, back from it. Seliph's group joined up with Shanan and cleared out the Loptyrian occupation of the Yied Shrine, then moved on to fighting at Darna and Fort Melgen.

Notable locations in the Yied Desert


Main article: Darna

Darna is a fortress city, considered a sacred site to the people of Grannvale as the place where the Miracle of Darna occurred during the era of the Lopt Empire.

Yied Shrine

The Yied Shrine is a temple in the desert's north-east which has long housed the Loptyrians in hiding from the downfall of the Lopt Empire; every known Loptyrian active in Jugdral presumably grew up in the Shrine. In the aftermath of the Grannvale-Isaach war, the divine blade of Isaach, Balmung, was hidden in the treasury of the Yied Shrine as a trophy. It is theorized by August that the Yied Shrine is also used to house the petrified victims of Veld and other Loptyrians wielding the Stone spell, and that these captives may include survivors from the Battle of Belhalla.[4]


A city located in the north-west of the Yied Desert. It was used by the Velthomer army under Vaha as a staging point in their fight against Sigurd.

Characters from the Yied Desert

Character Description Appears in
Portrait ctuzof dagon fe04.png
A Loptyrian bishop administrating the Yied Desert from the Yied Shrine. Genealogy of the Holy War


The Yied Desert is present in two chapters of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War: its western half is part of Chapter 5 as Sigurd's army crosses it to return to Grannvale, and the eastern half comprises the bulk of Chapter 7, depicting Seliph's army's liberation of the Yied Shrine and quest to reach Leonster.

Genealogy of the Holy War castle data (Chapter 7)

Castle Data
Castle Initial state Units* Boss/guardian Notes
Rivough Player (Home) 16 Seliph --
Yied Shrine Enemy 20 Ctuzof --
Darna Neutral 6 -- Initially neutral; becomes enemy after Melgen has been seized.
Enemy 22* Bramsel
Melgen Enemy 0 -- The Melgen army emerges after the Yied Shrine has been seized.
22 Ishtore
Leonster Partner 0 -- Occupied by Leif, Finn and Nanna/Janne, all of whom are automatically playable.
Alster Enemy 16 Bloom Groups of eight reinforcements (6x Armored Sword, 1x Thunder Mage, 1x General) are periodically dispatched from Alster. The turn after Melgen has been seized, a group of nine reinforcement mages (including Teeny/Linda, Banba, Fotla and Eriu) will be dispatched.

Castle facilities

Vendor Arena enemies

Name Cost
Is snes02 iron sword.png
Iron Sword 1,000
Is snes02 iron sword.png
Iron Sword 1,000
Is snes02 steel sword.png
Steel Sword 3,000
Is snes02 iron blade.png
Iron Blade 2,000
Is snes02 flame sword.png
Flame Sword 10,000
Is snes02 iron lance.png
Iron Lance 1,000
Is snes02 iron lance.png
Iron Lance 1,000
Is snes02 iron lance.png
Iron Lance 1,000
Is snes02 slim lance.png
Slim Lance 3,000
Is snes02 iron axe.png
Iron Axe 1,000
Is snes02 steel axe.png
Steel Axe 3,000
Is snes02 hand axe.png
Hand Axe 3,000
Is snes02 steel bow.png
Steel Bow 3,000
Is snes02 fire.png
Fire 3,000
Is snes02 heal.png
Heal 5,000
Is snes02 heal.png
Heal 5,000
Is snes02 recover.png
Recover 15,000


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Yied Desert Used in the Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776 fan translations.
Japanese イード砂漠 Officially romanized as Yied Desert. From Aed, the Irish god of the underworld.



  1. "For ages, descendants of the Lopt Empire lived in hiding underneath the shrine. They had no choice. They would've been persecuted and burned at the stake otherwise. I doubt they differed much from you or I at first, but over time the ways of evil took root." — Lewyn, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  2. "That's right. And with the Yied Shrine falling under Loptyrian jurisdiction, the desert is crawling with dark mages who'll attack without any provocation. It's no wonder people now refer to the Yied Desert as the desert of death." — Lewyn, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  3. "Nanna: She left me when I was around 3 to meet up with you in Isaach, but she never came back. I've waited for her to come home ever since...
    Delmud: Mother came for me? But... but I never saw her!
    Nanna: Oh, no! What could've happened to her...
    Delmud: Well, first of all the Yied Desert is no place for anyone to be traveling alone.
    Nanna:Oh, no... Poor mother!
    " — Nanna and Delmud, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  4. "I have heard rumors of a secret Loptyrian temple underground in the Yied Desert. They say that the statues of various warriors are kept there. I have even heard that the statues include the captives of the fight in Belhalla from a decade ago." — August, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
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