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Without a King/Conversations

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Jill: Um, General? Thank you.
Ike: Hm?
Jill: The people of Talrega were the enemy, yet you treated them with kindness. I don't know how to thank you.
Ike: Oh, the provisions? It wasn't enough, but I wanted to do whatever I could. It's nothing for you to worry about, though.
Jill: General Ike...
Unknown: My, my lady! Is that you? Lady Fizzart? Jill: Huh?
Woman: Oh, it is you! Lord Shiharam's lovely daughter! Thank heavens you're still alive!
Jill: You're...from Talrega.
Woman: That's right. I'm Sophie, from the village of Luma! I can't live there anymore, so I brought my two sisters here to the capital. After that battle, I was sure that you'd been claimed by the Dark Angel, just like Lord Shiharam. But here you are!
Jill: ...
Ike: ...
Woman: Is this your bodyguard? Ooo, so strong! You watch out for milady, you hear? She's Lord Shiharam's precious little girl! You keep an eye on her, and don't let those nasty Crimeans get near her!
Ike: Um...
Jill: Actually... We're...
Woman: Please listen to me, milady! We understand all about those floodgates! Lord Shiharam would've never done such a thing if he had any other choice! We know it was those Crimeans that did it! Why, when he wasn't on duty, Lord Shiharam and his men used to help us with the plowing and the planting. And once when my sister got sick, he loaded her up onto his own wyvern and brought her to the capital to see a doctor. He's the only one who ever cared about us country folk. He opened his heart to each and every one of us.
Jill: He... He was a good man...
Woman: Those dirty Crimeans are to blame! If they'd never come to Daein, that battle wouldn't have happened. And Lord Shiharam would still be with us.
Girl: Sister... I'm hungry...
Woman: You're going to be all right. I'll find you something to eat in a little while. Just be patient.
Girl: That soldier over there gave me this. Can I eat it?
Woman: Don't be stupid! Throw that away right now! We'll starve to death before we take charity from Crimean killers!
Girl: Waaaaaa... Waaaaaaaaaaaa!
(Girl leaves)
Woman: Milady! The Crimean army is nearby! Run! You must escape and survive. We're gonna live. Even if we have to eat mud and weeds, we'll do it. And one day we'll have our revenge on those bloodthirsty Crimeans. If I can't do it, my children will... And if they can't, then my grandchildren will! We'll get them someday! I swear it! I have to go. Promise me, milady. You must go on for Lord Shiharam's sake. You mustn't get yourself killed!
(Woman leaves)
Jill: Um...
Ike: ...
Jill: ... S-sorry. ...Oh, I'm so sorry...
Ike: Don't be...


Ike: Mist.
Mist: ...Ike.
Ike: ... Are you all right?
Mist: ...We've come a long way, haven't we? Do you think we can beat King Ashnard?
Ike: Of course we can! We have to. If we lose, Crimea may never be rebuilt.
Mist: ...What are we going to do, Brother? I'm...frightened... The medallion was my protection. Now that it's gone, my confidence has vanished.
Ike: Mist...
Mist: For as long as I can remember, I would talk to the medallion like I was talking to Mother. After Father died, I felt like I was talking to them both... Where could it have gone?
Ike: We'll find it. And even though it's gone, Father and Mother are looking down on us and protecting us.
Mist: ... You're right... I'm sorry.
Ike: Father and Mother are in my heart, and I've got you and everyone else at my side.
Mist: So even without the medallion, I'm all right. Everything's going to turn out fine. I know it.
Ike: That's the spirit.
Nasir: Ike, Mist, if you're going to chat, why not go inside? Even if the snows are beginning to melt, it's still cold out here.
Mist: Oh, hi, Nasir.
Ike: You're right. I do feel a bit cold. Shall we go back to the tent?
Mist: Uh-huh! Let's go, Ike! You, too, Nasir!
Nasir: [Ike and Mist leave] ... Forgive me.
Mist: Nasir? What's wrong? Hurry up!
Nasir: Oh... Of course.
(Mist leaves)
Nasir: ...