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Wind and Thunder/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


Khadein, the city of magic...
Once ruled by the Dark Pontifex Gharnef, these lands were liberated by Marth during the War of Shadows.
However, rumors say the Dark Pontifex still holds mysterious rituals in the ruins that litter the surrounding desert.
Following the orders of his teacher Wendell, Merric, wind mage of Khadein, leaves to investigate those ruins...

— DLC Episode 1 intro


Merric: So here we are... I can feel an ominous presence inside. Arlen...
Arlen: Hmph. You didn't even need to mention it. I already noticed it long ago. However, what is the meaning of this? Didn't Gharnef die in the previous war?
Merric: True. But according to Master Wendell, Gharnef's subordinates – the heretic bishops – are on the prowl.
Linde: Gharnef... Even after his death, he still tries to bring disaster to this world.
Merric: Linde... Are you fine with coming here? It's dangerous inside. Maybe you'd better return to Princess Nyna...
Linde: We've already talked over this. I'm an experienced mage just like you. And besides... We're friends, right? And friends always help each other.
Merric: Alright. Then I'll borrow your strength. Thank you, Linde.
Etzel: This is most unusual though. An all-mage party... Will we be alright? I'm lending you my strength because I owe Khadein, but...this is going to be a difficult battle.
Merric: You speak truly, Sir Etzel. None of us can withstand many enemy attacks. We must proceed with caution.

Michalis and Phina arrive on the map (Turn 3)

Phina: Hey, where are we? I don't know why, but this place gives me the creeps...
Michalis: ...
Phina: Hey, don't ignore me!
Michalis: Woman... I have no time to waste with you. I have to go and save my sister. Dig yourself a hole and hide or whatever takes your fancy.
Phina: W-wait, you don't have to be so mean! Well, I'm grateful because you saved me when those barbarians tried to kidnap me. But, how am I supposed to get back to town if you just leave me here? You're a man, so you have to take responsibility until the very end. If you do, then I'll...
Michalis leaves the scene
Phina: Ah, wait, waaait! Don't leave me behind! Meanie. I bet you've got a terrible relationship with your sister!
Michalis comes back
Michalis: ...
Phina: Oh...bull's eye?
Michalis:...As if. More like you missed the mark completely. But, what gave you the idea?
Phina: Oh, that's easy. You may be pretty handsome, but you don't understand a girl's heart at all.
Michalis leaves again
Phina: Understand? You know, girls are... Hey, w-wait!
(Phina and Michalis join)

First combat phase quotes


Merric: ...


Etzel: Fighting doesn't fit my personality, but... I'll lend you my strength, for Khadein.


Linde: I won't lose. I'm fighting for my friends.


Arlen: Look well, Merric. This is the power of my magic!


Michalis: ...Scram. You are not my enemy.


Phina: Eee-eeek! I-I can't fight!

Death quotes


Merric: I'm sorry...everyone...
(Game Over)


Etzel: Sorry, they got me... I'll fall back while I'm still alive...


Linde: I'm sorry... Merric... I'm...just a burden... I'll fall back...


Arlen: Damn... How humiliating... Do I have no choice but to retreat in disgrace...?


Michalis: This can't be... I... Guh... I can't afford to die in a place like this...


Phina: I-I'm dying... Sorry... I need to hide...quickly...

Arlen and Merric talk (available starting turn 4)

Merric: Arlen, are you well?
Arlen: ...Is it not obvious? These foes are hardly a match for me.
Merric: That's Arlen for you. This is your first real battle, yet you're as cool as a cucumber. I'm amazed.
Arlen: Naturally.
Merric leaves the scene
Arlen: As if I would falter and commit a mistake in front of you...
Merric comes back
Merric: Huh? Did you say something?
Arlen: ...No, I did not. It's time we got back to the battle.

Merric and Michalis talk

Merric: You're... Prince Michalis...! So you survived...
Michalis: The wind mage, is it?
Merric: Why did you come to these ruins...?
Michalis: I don't need to answer.
Merric: Ah, please wait. If you aren't our enemy, then I wonder if you could help us? If we could fight together...
Michalis: I refuse. I'm not like Prince Marth. I don't intend to rely on others. But indeed... If you don't get in my way, then I suppose I could lend you my strength.


Merric: Arlen, it seems we've vanquished all the enemies in the ruins.
Arlen: Merric, look.
Merric: Hmm? This magic circle... Apparently, the heretic bishops were planning to hold some sort of ritual here. Not only that, but this is Gharnef's...forbidden magic...
Arlen: Bah. Is that all you've noticed? Look at this offering and the pattern of the circle... I'm sure Master Wendell has taught you what they mean.
Merric: Ah! I see. This is... Dark magic to raise a dead body to life... Were the heretic bishops trying to resurrect Gharnef's body?
Arlen: What fools. There's no point in resurrecting the body if the soul is no longer here. Although, had they succeeded in this ritual, they might have given birth to a monster taking Gharnef's appearance...
Merric: Indeed. But it seems we managed to avoid that. That's because we worked together. You too, Arlen.
Arlen: ...Hmph. Don't misunderstand. I didn't fight for your sakes or anything.
Merric: I still want to thank you. Because you're helping me. Right now.
Arlen: ...Bah. You've always been a nutter. But ever since the War of Shadows ended... You've been acting nuttier than usual. Is it because of Prince Marth?
Merric: You're correct. Ever since I was a child... I wanted to protect those precious to me. I studied hard, here in Khadein, because I really desired that power. However, being together with Prince Marth, and fighting that war by his side... I learned something. That the key to success, more than pursuing power to join forces with your comrades.
Arlen: ...
Merric: Arlen, you always rejected me when I asked you to be my friend... But, I hope we'll be able to fight side-by-side again, like we did this time. If we join forces, even Gharnef would be no match for us. That's what I believe.
Arlen: Merric... ...Hmph. I'll think about it. There might still be enemies hiding. Merric, let's split up and search around.
Merric: Got it!
Scene changes
Arlen: Gah, that damn Merric... ...Comrades, huh...?
Gharnef appears
Gharnef: ...Comrades...? Mere fiction...
Arlen: Wha!? Who's there...!?
Gharnef: ...Don't let yourself be deceived. Everyone else is an enemy trying to trick you... Envy, hatred... That's the source of your power... Just as it is mine...
Arlen: You... Don't tell me you're...
Gharnef: Heh heh heh...
Gharnef disappears
Arlen: Disappeared... huh...? Damn... Is it because of the battle...? My vision feels hazy... Was illusion? Or was it... Envy... Hatred... That' Merric... I...