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Wind (tome)

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FESK Wind.png
Artwork of Wind from Genealogy of the Holy War.

Standard wind magic.

  • Wind (Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn)
  • Tome (Awakening)
  • Black magic (Three Houses)
First game

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

Wind (Japanese: ウインド Wind) is a recurring wind tome which debuted in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, appearing only in games which feature the three separate anima magic types of fire, thunder and wind. A spell which entails striking the foe with a blade-like blast of wind, it is the first "stage" in the hierarchy of wind magic, and is the wind counterpart to the Fire and Thunder tomes.

Compared to Fire and Thunder, Wind's most prominent feature is its outstanding accuracy and light weight, offset by its lack of might in most games; in post-Genealogy games it is also effective against flying units. It shares these traits with the majority of wind tomes, setting the standards for the entire wind magic family. As the first stage in its hierarchy, Wind is the weakest and lowest-ranked of the wind tomes, and is surpassed by the more powerful and advanced Elwind, Arcwind and Tornado.


In the main Fire Emblem series

Game Icon Level Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
Genealogy of the Holy War Is snes02 wind.png SNESRankWind.png C 8 2 90 0 1-2 50 3,000 -- --
Thracia 776 Is snes03 wind.png SNESRankWind.png D 6 1 90 10 1-2 20 2,200 1 Deals bonus damage to flying units.
Path of Radiance Is gcn wind.png GCNRankWind.gif E 2 1 100 0 1-2 40 520 1 Deals bonus damage to Is gcn pegasus.png flying units.
Radiant Dawn Is wii wind.png WiiRankWind.png E 4 2 95 0 1-2 40 720 1 Deals bonus damage to Is gcn pegasus.png flying units.
Awakening Is 3ds01 wind.png Tomes E 1 -- 100 0 1-2 45 450 2 Deals bonus damage to Is 3ds01 pegasus.png flying units.
Three Houses Is ns01 black magic.png Reason E 2 2 100 10 1-2 12 -- ? --

In other Fire Emblem series titles

Game Icon Level Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
Heroes Is feh skill offense.png Is feh green tome.png 1★ 4 -- -- -- 2 Infinite 0 SP -- --


Genealogy of the Holy War

Inventory Second Generation: Arthur/Amid
Vendor First Generation: Chapter 4
Second Generation: Chapter 8*

Thracia 776

Capture and steal Chapter 9, enemy BishopChapter 11x, enemy Mage×2
Treasure Chapter 19, village
Vendor Chapter 12Chapter 21

Path of Radiance

Inventory Soren
Shop Chapter 8*Chapter 9Chapter 10*Chapter 11*Chapter 12*Chapter 13*Chapter 15Chapter 16*Chapter 17Chapter 18*Chapter 19Chapter 20Chapter 22*Chapter 23*Chapter 24*Chapter 25*Chapter 26*Chapter 28Endgame*

Radiant Dawn

Shop Part 1: Chapter 8Chapter 9Endgame
Part 2: Chapter 3Endgame
Part 3: Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11Endgame
Part 4: PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Endgame


Dropped by Chapter 6, enemy Dark Mage
Armory The NorthroadBorder PassBorder WastesThe Twins' Turf

Three Houses

Skill level Innate: AnnetteHanneman
Reason D: AsheClaudeCyrilFlaynLinhardtPetraSeteth
Reason D+: Shamir


Units Azura: Young SongstressBoey: Skillful SurvivorCamilla: Spring PrincessCecilia: Etrurian GeneralDeirdre: Lady of the ForestElise: Tropical FlowerGunnthrá: Voice of DreamsHenry: Happy VampireInigo: Indigo DancerJulia: Naga's BloodLaevatein: Bonfire's BlazeL'Arachel: Harvest PrincessLeo: Extra TomatoesLewyn: Guiding BreezeLilina: Blush of YouthLugh: Anima ChildMerric: Wind MageMicaiah: Queen of DawnMist: Purest SpiritNino: Pale FlowerNino: Pious MageOlwen: Righteous KnightReinhardt: Lightning's RondoRhajat: Black MagicianRobin: Mystery TacticianSanaki: Apostle in WhiteSharena: Spring PrincessSonya: Vengeful MageSoren: Shrewd StrategistThrasir: Omnicidal WitchVeronica: Spring PrincessYune: Chaos Goddess


  • While its counterparts, Fire and Thunder, appear in every Fire Emblem game, Wind does not; indeed, its total number of appearances do not cover even half the series.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Wind --
Japanese ウインド Wind
Spanish Viento Wind
French Vent Wind
German Wind As above.
Italian Vento Wind



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