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The original Wii console model.

The Wii (Japanese: ウィー Wii) is Nintendo's seventh-generation home video game console, and the successor of the Nintendo GameCube. Styling itself as appealing to a broader audience than its competitors and predecessors, particularly seeking to introduce new people to video games, the Wii's most prominent trait is the Wii Remote: a wand-shaped controller with motion sensors, allowing for a variety of implementations of more physical play in games for the system. The Wii also supports more conventional controllers for its non-motion-controlled games, with its native Classic Controller as well as allowing the continued use of GameCube controllers.

Only one Fire Emblem series game was released as a native Wii title: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. However, the Wii introduced the Virtual Console game emulation service, through which Nintendo's vast back catalog of older games is available for purchase and download; the first five games in the series are all available in Japan only through the Virtual Console. Additionally, the Wii is backward-compatible with GameCube games, such as Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

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