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Whispers of Death/Script

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Surtr: ... Where... Where am I? The Rite of Flames... The Temple... Oh, yes... I recall now... I died.
???: Yes. And so you come to me.
Surtr: Who—
???: I am death itself. Now that you have died...I will bring you to my realm.
Surtr: The realm of the dead? I see... I know who you must be.
???: I am Hel. I rule over the dead. Those who are unworthy of a greater reward enter my dark realm. King Surtr, Ruler of Flame...your power is now mine.
Surtr: Grr...
???: Resign yourself to your fate. You cannot fight it. You cannot best death.
Surtr: Hrmph. I suppose so. I was killed, after all... You rule over the dead. None in this realm can hope to oppose you. But if someone would be the summoner and the whelps that killed me.
???: Let go of that fantasy, Ruler of Flame... For those who killed you will soon be dead themselves. That is my next task.

(scene change to the map screen)

Loki: And so I descend...into the realm of the dead. Surtr has been killed. Your power grows...and the nine worlds tremble. Change is in the air... And as for the King of Askr...
Anna: She's here! The reports were accurate—Loki is in the temple. Prepare for battle!
Loki: This is no time to let my emotions get in the way, now is it?


Loki: Oh my. Defeated yet again... Well, I must be on my way, my dears.
Sharena: Wait just a minute! You always get away. Not this time, Loki!
Loki: Ah, Sharena, my dear...
Sharena: What?
Loki: I'll be seeing you again soon. At least, I hope I will. Death's scythe hangs over your head... I do hope we can meet again before it strikes.