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Where the Goddess Dwells/Script (Black Eagles)

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

White Clouds
Guardian Moon

Where the Goddess Dwells

Opening Narration FETH Black Eagles symbol.png

Ss fe16 chapter 10 mural.png
Long ago, the guardian Seiros made an appearance during this moon. She had been summoned by the goddess, whose soul was suffering as the flames of war raged across Fódlan. Some believe that high in the sky above Seiros, the Immaculate One's mighty wings are what powered the strong winds carrying the guardian and her forces into battle.
— Chapter 10 introductory narration

Event - A Form of Grief

Date: 1/2
Captain's Quarters

(Edelgard enters the room.)
Edelgard: You're here again...
(Byleth had been grieving in their father's room...)
Edelgard: Professor... You've been crying.
Edelgard: So even you cry sometimes. Oh... I suppose that was thoughtless of me to say.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Yes, it was. It's fine.
Edelgard: Long ago, someone said the same to me. (Support points with Edelgard go up.)
Edelgard: My teacher. You're so blinded by grief that you can't see what's going on right in front of you.

Edelgard: Are you waiting for time to heal your wounds? Or have you curled up in a corner and lost the will to carry on?
(Byleth looks at Edelgard confused...)

Choice 1 Choice 2
Does it matter? How could you ask me something like that?
Edelgard: It does. You've lost yourself. Edelgard: It's not like you to speak to me like that. You know I'd never ask you a question without purpose.

Edelgard: Only you can truly understand your own sadness. Others can sympathize or even empathize, but all anyone else can offer are the tears of an outsider looking in.
Edelgard: So I have no intention of crying for you, or of standing still with you. All I can do is promise to reach out my hand when the time comes for me to move forward.

What do you mean?

Edelgard: The mysterious organization that was carrying out experiments in Remire Village and the chapel... They're up to something near Garreg Mach.
Edelgard: The archbishop has sent the knights to undertake a large-scale investigation. No information has surfaced yet, but our enemies will soon be discovered.
Edelgard: When they are, will you lead us into battle? Or will you just sit here with no thought for the future that is fast approaching?
Edelgard: My teacher... There is a choice to be made. I hope you make the right one.
(Edelgard leaves.)
Sothis: My, my. She really is quite arrogant. She spoke her mind without an ounce of reservation!
Sothis: But she is right. The time has come to stand again. You already know what your answer is.

Outer City Wall

(Somewhere near Garreg Mach, Monica, the Flame Emperor and the pale dark mage are reunited...)
Monica: Oh, thank you. You saved me!
Thales: If you were to die, then the mystery of our bodies would be revealed. Preventing that was my only aim.
Thales: I'm afraid you must remain, Kronya. There is something I need you to do.
Monica: Oh, of course. I am always happy to cooperate with Solon. Leave it to me.
Flame Emperor: How annoying.
(The Flame Emperor doesn't sound comfortable...)
Thales: Flame Emperor... Is she offending you? Unfortunately, we cannot take our eyes off her, so there is nothing to be done.
Thales: You are our greatest creation. We used the defiled beast's blood as the fuel to your flame, that you may burn even the gods. Now is the time to cleanse Fódlan of that power, and bring forth our salvation.
Flame Emperor: There will be no salvation for you and your kind. Those responsible for such gruesome deeds in Duscur and Enbarr.
Thales: All so that you may acquire the strength you need. All for a purpose...

Exploration: Where the Goddess Dwells

Potential Dates: 1/4, 1/11, 1/18 and 1/25

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Event: Forest Invitation

Date: 1/30
Entrance Hall

(Edelgard finds Byleth on the Entrance Hall.)
Edelgard: Professor! I know where the enemy is... Where Solon is. They're in a place called the Sealed Forest, close to the monastery. The archbishop is gathering the knights to begin a search. She's doing so in secret, behind our backs.

Why in secret?

Edelgard: She must be afraid that a thirst for revenge will compel you to seek them out. Now that you know, will you give us the order?
(Rhea, Seteth and a Church Swordsmaster interrupt the scene.)
Rhea: No. I will not allow it.
Seteth: This discovery comes just when the knights are at their busiest. It is all too likely that our foes revealed themselves to lure you out there.
Seteth: They are the ones who took Jeralt from you... I know how you must despise them, but I must ask you to rein in your personal feelings for now.

You can't stop me.

Rhea: Please, Professor. Do not act carelessly. I ask that you leave this to us. Losing you so soon after losing Jeralt would be unbearable.
Edelgard: Lady Rhea, our professor is not acting out of revenge.
(Edelgard begins speaking in favor of Byleth.)
Edelgard: Sending us out there is the most strategic move we can make. You can't deny it. Most of the knights are still far away. Not only does our professor wield a Hero's Relic, but there is no one here who is more powerful. Seteth and the few remaining knights can't leave the monastery unattended.
Edelgard: We have fought under our teacher's command countless times. We are the most effective army here, and we are already prepared for battle. We have no idea what the enemy is plotting. We must act now.
(Rhea then looks at Byleth.)
Rhea: Professor... Do you agree with this strategy?
(Byleth nods.)
Rhea: Understood. I will give you the order.
Rhea: Destroy the enemy that is hiding in the Sealed Forest... You have the protection of the goddess on your side. Whatever happens, you shall overcome.
Edelgard: Let's go, my teacher. Whatever happens, do not lose your conviction out there.

Event - The Sealed Forest

Date: 1/31
The Sealed Forest

(Byleth, the Black Eagles and Flayn have arrived at the forest.)
Hubert: We are now within the Sealed Forest. We must not let our guard down.
Bernadetta: Professor... We'll avenge Jeralt for you, no matter what!
Ferdinand: Remember—it is a bad idea to get distracted by revenge.
Petra: I have readiness. Our enemies will be taking...we will take our enemies down!
Linhardt: Well, it's not like we have any other missions this month. I suppose this is as good a way as any to spend our energy.
Caspar: Linhardt spending energy? We had better finish this fast before the pigs start flying everywhere.
Dorothea: Lower your voice. The enemy could be close!
Flayn: It is time to repay the kindness of the professor who saved my life!
Edelgard: Professor, I know I'm the one who insisted we come here, but don't doubt for a moment that the enemy is waiting for you.
(Hubert begins to look nervious.)
Hubert: Lady Edelgard! What are you saying?
Edelgard: What other objective could they possibly have? We have no clue what kind of trap is waiting for us.
(Edelgard looks at Byleth.)
Edelgard: Please be careful, my teacher. We can't afford to lose you...
(Hubert then looks at Byleth as well).
Hubert: The enemy is strong, but you will prevail. You must.

Battle: The Sealed Forest Snare

Before Battle

Edelgard: Look there! Demonic Beasts! I suppose they aren't holding back.
(The camera then focuses on the Demonic Beasts lying around Monica's soldiers...?)

Player Phase 1

Monica: Hello! You're here! Welcome to the forest of death!
Monica: My name is Kronya. This weakling girl was just a borrowed look for me.

(Monica does a backflip in the air as she seamlessly discards her disguise.)
(Her true skin is ghastly white just like Solon and Thales's, one of her eyes is covered by her short hair, and she wearing a black leotard containing three sharp tails...?)

Kronya: This is what I really look like! Now, you vermin... I'll take down every last one of you!

Enemy Phase 1

Kronya: If this takes too long, I might be forced to escape. Oh, or do you simply intend to let me go? How accommodating of you!
Kronya: As for me, I intend to kill you all.
(Kronya laughts smugly.)

Boss - Kronya

Vs Anyone:

How cute, you're trying so hard! But now it's time to die!
— Kronya Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

You're a fool to be so brazen. You'll never avenge your father at this rate. I'll have to kill you too! With my own hands!
— Kronya Vs Byleth

Vs Edelgard:

Kronya: Huh? What are you— Are you here to kill me?
Edelgard: I am. Prepare yourself for death while you still can.

— Kronya Vs Edelgard

Vs Leonie:

Leonie: Monica. You'll pay for what you've done.
Kronya: I told you! I am not Monica, I am Kronya! Do not call me by that fake name!
Leonie: I don't care what you're called. I don't care if it takes my last breath. I'll kill you.
Kronya: Please! My powers are beyond your comprehension. You're just a filthy worm!

— Kronya Vs Leonie

Movie - A Trap

Ss fe16 a trap icon.png

Byleth is seen chasing the recently bested Kronya through the woods. Eventually, the latter trips down and rolls over the ground before briefly assuming a combat posture in the middle of some ruins.

Kronya: But how? How could I really a lowly creature like you?

Kronya is shocked over her defeat. Just then...
Solon: Well.

Kronya notices Solon is standing behind her.
Kronya: Solon! Don't just stand there and stare! I need your help!
Solon: Yes. You most certainly do.

Solon complies and slowly advances, but towards Kronya instead...?
Kronya: Huh?

Solon quickly grabs Kronya's neck and slowly drags her body to the middle of the ruins as she struggles.
While this happens, Solon is methodically inserting his hand inside her chest, looking to rip out something...?

Solon: Have no fear, Kronya.
Solon: Your sacrifice will help to rid of this world of the filthy vermin that have long infested it.

As he says this, crunching sounds can be heard from Kronya's body as she recoils in agony.
Dark magic begins oozing out of the ruins. Byleth, who had been on the defensive during this time is caught off guard and is quickly incapacitated by shadowy tentacles coming from the ruins.

Kronya: Solon... Stop this!
Solon ignores his ally's pleas. Just then, he seems to have found what he was looking for...

Solon: The time has finally come...

Solon rips out a spheric object from Kronya's body, which he raises into the sky.

Solon: to unleash the Forbidden Spell of Zahras upon our enemies!

Solon crushes the sphere, summoning a vortex of dark magic just as he lets Kronya fall into the ground.

Barely able to move, Kronya attempts to reach for Byleth.
Kronya: me...

The dark vortex of dark magic engulfs Kronya. Then, it eventually reaches Byleth as well.
The darkness then disappears, Solon is seen standing alone. Smirking.

Solon: Begone with you...Fell Star.

Event - The Missing Professor

(Byleth's students reach to confront Solon.)
Edelgard: That could only have been magic! What happened to our professor?
Solon: They were swallowed by the mystical darkness of the forbidden spell. An eternity wandering in a void of darkness, never to return to this world...
Solon: To think we almost had the Sword of the Creator...
Caspar: You're lying! Our professor is alive, I know it!
Flayn: That's right! Our professor is no ordinary human!
Hubert: It is hard to fathom that our professor would die in a place like this.
Solon: It is possible that death has yet to find your friend. But there are worse things than death. Drifting through the darkness with no chance to escape... Overwhelmed with hopelessness... It must be torturous.
Edelgard: You're already boasting a victory, but know this—if you did use such devious tricks to stop our professor...
Edelgard: I swear that you will regret it.
Ferdinand: I cannot help but agree with her this once. Even if our professor is trapped in darkness, that is not the end of their story.
Solon: I will not forgive such arrogance. If you prefer it so, you shall also be added to the ranks of the dead!

Event - Sothis: The Beginning


Byleth: ...
(Byleth finds themselves surrounded in nothing but darkness.)
(Just then, someone teleports in front of them, throne and all...)
Sothis: You fool!
Sothis: What were you thinking, charging right into an enemy's trap? Are you just a boulder that rolls down whatever hill it's on? No, even a boulder has more sense!

Choice 1 Choice 2
I'm sorry. I can explain...
Sothis: Apologizing won't make things right! This darkness is terrifying! Sothis: Excuses won't help us! This darkness is terrifying!

Sothis: As you and I are one... I, too, am trapped within this void. But please consider this...
Sothis: This realm of darkness we are in is separate from the world from which you came. I mean that it would take a god to leave this place. In time, our hearts and minds will cease to be. Are you prepared to die?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I am. I am not.
Sothis: How very brave of you, to joke at times like these... Sothis: I thought as much. I also do not wish to die. And yet...

Sothis: There is no other choice...

What choice?

Sothis: Do you recall your father's diary? He said you were a child who never cried nor laughed. I think I am the one to blame. I must have been asleep, but even then, I feel I was a part of you.
Sothis: I do not know how Rhea managed it, but she allowed me to exist inside of you. The truth is I have always been with you. It is within you that I found my power yet again.
Sothis: The power of a goddess. The power of the progenitor god.
Byleth: ...
(Byleth is shaken by Sothis' words.)
Sothis: My name is Sothis. By now you must be well aware of what that means. I am the one who watches over Fódlan and the creatures dwelling there. I am Sothis, she who died then returned.

Choice 1 Choice 2
I can't believe it. Somehow, I know it to be true.

Sothis: There is only one thing left to do to save us from this darkness of eternity. I must now use the power of a god. However, I lack a body of my own. And so, I must relinquish all the power that I you.
Sothis: The time has come for you and I to join as one. And when that comes to pass…then I shall disappear.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Disappear?! I won't allow it.

Sothis: When I say disappear, I do not mean that all I am will be no more.
Sothis: My soul will join with yours, and you and I will never be apart. But...I will no longer have a chance to speak with you. I shall miss it. So long have I been on this path with you. Through you, I got to see and hear this world. I even got to chastise you from time to time. I may not have acted like a goddess, was certainly fun.
Sothis: For all that you have done... Thank you. I'm glad that it was you to whom my fate was bound.

Thank you...for everything.

Sothis: Now... We must pray. For if we share this wish, our spirits two will join as one...
Sothis: Your to return to the forest, stop the enemy, and rescue the little ones. No need for words. I know your heart as though it were my own...

Movie - Awakening

Ss fe16 awakening mbyleth icon.png

Sothis stands up from her throne, and slowly waks down the stairs towards Byleth.

Sothis: Your will and mine are now as one. Both sides of time are revealed to you, and you alone.

Sothis has reached Byleth, now standing in front of them.

Sothis: You know I am the beginning. What shall you do?

The throne behind Sothis turns into golden lights that come down and surround her and Byleth.
As the light makes both float, Byleth reaches out their hand as Sothis extends her own.
Once their hands touch, Sothis vanishes into Byleth with the golden light.
A moment of silence happens.

Then, magical energy surges through Byleth's body, making their hair and eyes change color to light green. Their sword's hole begins glowing red.
Byleth takes the sword, yells, and thrusts the sword into the void as they cut it.
Menwhile, in the Sealed Forest, a glowing fissue appears in the air...
Solon watches, fearful...

Solon: So the Fell Star consumes even the darkness itself...

Byleth jumps through the fissure and stands up on the ruins once more. It's the sunset.

Byleth has Returned from the Darkness

Edelgard: Professor... It is you, right? I knew that you would always come back to us. I'd like to ask about your appearance, but for now, let's dispose of our enemies.

(From afar, Solon can be seen visibly shaken and terrified.)
Solon: What did you see in the darkness of Zahras? This should be impossible. The only being that can withstand that darkness is...
Solon: Unless I dispose of you myself, I may never have the chance to send you back there!
(Multiple enemy reinforcements teleport near Byleth and their class.)

Boss - Solon

Vs Anyone:

I have no time to waste on the likes of you...
— Solon Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

I am terrified by you... Even though an emotion like fear has no place inside me. That means you must be eliminated.
— Solon Vs Byleth

Vs Edelgard:

Solon: So, this is how it is... I cannot let you live!
Edelgard: You stole the words from my mouth. You lost the moment you failed to kill the professor.

— Solon Vs Edelgard

Defeat Quote:

To think...that I would lose to mere beasts.
— Solon's defeat quote

Solon has been Vanquished

Solon: But this is not the end... Thales will carry out our mission, somehow...
(Solon collapses. He has drawn his last breath.)

Edelgard: It's over. Now, Professor. About your appearance...

Event - Transformation

Edelgard: That hair...and those eyes... You remind me of someone. What happened to you?

The goddess gifted me her power.

Edelgard: The goddess? I see...
Edelgard: Well, I'm happy for you. Your weapon is called the Sword of the Creator, after all. It's no wonder she looks favorably upon you. Just as it was with saint Seiros, no doubt...
Edelgard: And just how will you use this new power, Professor?

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
For the people of the world. For my students. For myself.
Edelgard: Heh, that is so like you to say that. Edelgard: For us? I see... Edelgard: That is no answer. You must use your power for something greater than yourself.

Edelgard: Tell me... If the world, and your students included, were to divide and go to war with each other, what would you do? In that scenario, each side would represent both the world and your students.
Edelgard: Who would you—
(Just then, Byleth faints.)

Cg fe16 byleth lying in the grass m.png

Edelgard: Professor? Have you...fallen asleep?! This must be a side effect of your recent...changes. I can't just leave you here...

If Byleth is Male. If Byleth is Female.

Edelgard: I could try carrying you, but... No, I had better call for Hubert.

Event - Report: Guardian Moon

(Byleth rests. the screen is black.)
(Rhea's singing voice can be heard...)

Rhea: ♪ In time's flow...see the glow of flames ever burning bright... ♪

Rhea: ♪ On the swift river's drift, broken memories alight... ♪

(Byleth opens their eyes. Their head is sitting over Rhea's lap.)

Cg fe16 rhea sings to byleth.png

Rhea: Professor. You must remain still.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Where am I? What happened?

Rhea: Everything is all right. There is no need to worry. Those who are trying to harm you are far away.
Rhea: ♪ Mmm... Mmm... Mmm... ♪
Rhea: ...How would be for this moment to last forever...
Rhea: I wish I could hold on to this time we have stolen... that you and I could create a world without end...
Rhea: I have heard whispers of what happened to you. Your appearance... You have received power from the goddess. From the moment you took hold of the Sword of the Creator... I prayed that one day the radiant power of Sothis, which bathes Fódlan in its celestial light, might reside within you.
Rhea: But you are so much more than the light. You are my...
(Suddenly, Rhea goes silent for a few moments.)

Rhea: Close your eyes, dear one. Sleep, just a while longer. I will be watching over you, always.
Rhea: Always and forever...